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America1) Mobile wallet is here where is America s cheapest real estate.
2) America has had prison libraries since 1790.
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Central America1) A major coffee crisis is brewing in Central America .
2) I have been looking at Central America .
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Latin America1) This system is common throughout Latin America .
2) Latin America is definitely a great place to visit!
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North America1) North America has been on the lost highway authority.
2) North America largely followed a similar process.
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South America1) South America saw various states returning progressively to democracy.
2) A world tour including South America followed.
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United States of America1) The Power of the United States of America !
2) The United States of America needs your help Kerry .
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discover America1) He discovered America and then conquered Mars.
2) Every region in America was discovered in its own separate time.
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visit America1) Jenkins has visited Latin America more than sixty times.
2) I asked Junchao why they chose to visit America .
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