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amiable1) The science and engineering master was always amiable .
2) His character is equally singular and amiable .
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amiable enough1) He was amiable enough over the port.
2) Joseph Heath is amiable enough , for a Vulcan.
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amiable man1) He thinks I require an amiable man .
2) He is described as a plump, amiable young man .
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amiable tone1) But that's all right, because the amiable tone of the movie holds even as the plot flies off the rails.
2) 'You don't take notes here unless I request it,' he had informed Buchanan in an amiable tone .
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be amiable1) He was amiable enough over the port.
2) The staff speak good english and are amiable and helpful.
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extremely amiable1) The prior received us with the utmost kindness: he is a good-looking man, extremely amiable and well-informed, and still young.
2) Thornburgh appears extremely amiable throughout the interview and never talks condescendingly towards Ali (as is often the case with Ali's guests).
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fairly amiable1) My ex and I had a fairly amiable divorce and we have managed to move out of each other's lives albeit for the children.
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look amiable1) Hilary didn't think he looked amiable at all.
2) Sidney looked amiable , a little stupid, and very much out of his element.
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perfectly amiable1) So one pays one's bill at Da Lino's, and thanks the perfectly amiable couple who run it, and sets off in search of something less depressing.
2) And the man is rude: in the same debate, he was questioned by John Townend, a Tory MP who, while not exactly Socrates in a suit, is a perfectly amiable cove.
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very amiable1) Some of the objects of his curiosity spoke very amiable feelings.
2) This is not a very amiable or edifying spectacle.
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