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again amend1) The schedule was amended again on July 1, 2005.
2) The BEA was once again amended in 1988.
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amend1) The statute has been amended several times.
2) A similar scheme is undertaken whenever statutes are amended .
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amend Code1) They will not amend the Status Code .
2) The Capital Movements Code was amended in 1984 to include right of establishment.
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amend accordingly1) Any inconsistencies are discussed and notes amended accordingly .
2) This clause has to be amended accordingly .
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amend act1) The act was then amended in 1960 and 1962.
2) Lastly in 1980 West Bengal Government amended this act .
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amend bill1) The introduced repayment ceiling under the amended bill was rather complicated.
2) The bill was eventually amended and passed.
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amend charter1) Recent efforts to amend the charter have not been successful.
2) There was no parliamentary time to amend the company's charter .
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amend clause1) By amending clause ib thereof to read in its entirety as follows.
2) There is a good argument for amending clause 28 on Report to enable institutions such as those in Croydon to bid direct.
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amend constitution1) The government began further amending the constitution .
2) This was reflected in the amended constitution .
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amend law1) These laws were later amended or replaced altogether.
2) The court allowed three years to amend the law .
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amend legislation1) It can for instance suggest amending existing legislation .
2) There is no requirement to amend domestic Irish legislation .
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amend regulation1) The regulations were most recently amended in May 2008.
2) The Minister intends to bring forward amending regulations in the autumn.
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amend section1) Instead, we amended that section through an instruction.
2) It is like an amending section of the Act.
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amend statute1) A similar scheme is undertaken whenever statutes are amended .
2) The legislature amended the statute in 2007 and 2010.
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amend treaty1) The amending treaty on European Union can become law only if there is unanimous agreement to this effect.
2) The ordinary revision procedure for amending treaties requires proposals from an institution to be lodged with the European Council.
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amendatory1) McDonnell also issued amendatory vetoes on non-budget legislation.
2) The amendatory provisions of section 188 of this act expire by limitation on November 30, 1999.
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amended1) The statute has been amended several times.
2) A similar scheme is undertaken whenever statutes are amended .
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amending1) Laws that require amending restrict both agencies.
2) A supplemental paper correctly amending the reissue application is required.
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amends1) Each public act amends or creates a statute.
2) Take action by making amends directly to your partner.
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as amend1) Algeria is governed under the constitution of 1976 as amended .
2) Mr. Sherman supported the resolution as amended .
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hereby amend1) The Shared Committed Amount is hereby amended to be $23,125,000.
2) ADSC hereby amends and restates the SERP in its entirety, effective January 1, 2003.
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last amend1) This Privacy Statement was last amended on 23 June 2009.
2) The will was written in 2004 and was last amended in 2008.
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newly amend1) China's newly amended trade mark laws: what has changed?
2) The Management of Animals is responsible for administering the newly amended law.
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significantly amend1) The Act was significantly amended in 2007.
2) The bill wording was significantly amended on January 7, 2008.
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slightly amend1) However, another slightly amended Bill was soon prepared.
2) And they were slightly amended in March 2010.
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subsequently amend1) This agreement was subsequently amended in July 2006 .
2) It was subsequently amended in 2012 in E AKTION .
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substantially amend1) substantially amended soil is commonly referred to as growing medium.
2) The enabling statutes were substantially amended in 1982 and continue to undergo modification.
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