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Act amendment1) The Taft-Hartley Act amendments do not alter this conclusion.
2) So , will be the case with Land Acquisition Act amendment .
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Fifth Amendment1) It is the Fifth Amendment that protects against self incrimination.
2) Also, the Fifth Amendment protects against self incrimination.
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First Amendment1) Your First Amendment claim is extremely weak .
2) Does the First Amendment cover posting such banter?
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Fourteenth Amendment1) He filed a lawsuit claiming fourth and Fourteenth Amendment violations.
2) The Fourteenth Amendment was ratified in 1868.
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Lords amendment1) Two days later, the Commons accepted the Lords amendments .
2) The Lords' amendment requiring a National Audit Office report was rejected.
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Thirteenth Amendment1) Mississippi rejected the Thirteenth Amendment on December 5.
2) Slavery was not abolished even after the Thirteenth Amendment .
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accept amendment1) I cannot, therefore, accept amendment No. 72.
2) I know that the Minister believes that, and I hope that he will accept amendment No. 3.
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add amendment1) If you add amendments , incorporate at least 18 inches of compost and sand into the soil.
2) YOU are using this issue to find a way to add amendments to this challenge and minimize it .
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adopt amendment1) The amendments were adopted on February 17 .
2) Finally the amendment was adopted , 38 to 6.
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amendment1) He supports constitutional amendments towards direct democracy.
2) The state constitutional amendment failed rational basis review.
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amendment act1) The poor law amendment act was passed in June 1847.
2) Since 1996, the Constitution has been amended by seventeen amendment acts .
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amendment ban1) New Jersey at first refused to ratify the Constitutional amendment banning slavery.
2) In the 2010 elections, Florida voters passed constitutional amendments banning gerrymandering of congressional and legislative districts.
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amendment bill1) An electoral amendment bill increased Māori representation.
2) A new criminal law amendment bill had been drawn up in 1909.
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amendment guarantee1) The First amendment guarantees freedoms that are both individual and collective.
2) Remember the sixth amendment guarantees you a speedy and public trial.
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amendment necessary1) To improve plant health, soil amendments are often necessary .
2) Reviewing plan documents to determine whether amendments are necessary or desirable.
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amendment number1) Government amendments Nos. 26, 27, 48 and 49.
2) Can you match the amendment number to the rights they guarantee?
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amendment outlaw1) His platform included passage of the 13th amendment outlawing slavery (ratified 1865).
2) He said that the Union States were about to pass the Thirteenth amendment outlawing slavery.
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amendment pass1) The amendment passed with 70% voter approval.
2) The amendment was eventually passed by 11 votes.
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amendment procedure1) The Constitution stipulates two different amendment procedures for different purposes.
2) Different amendment procedures apply to different parts of the Constitution.
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amendment process1) There are two steps in the amendment process .
2) The President has no formal role in the constitutional amendment process .
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amendment prohibit1) The amendment prohibited inhumane treatment of prisoners.
2) And the Fourth amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.
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amendment proposal1) The amendment proposal will be discussed at the next organization meeting.
2) The amendment proposal will appear on Florida's November 2014 general election ballot.
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amendment protect1) Does the 4th amendment protect you from being watched?
2) The Third amendment protects our private property rights .
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amendment protection1) Many democrats are gun owners and support 2 nd amendment protection .
2) The first amendment protections for freedom of speech or association are not applied paternalistically.
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amendment right1) They are denying my 2 nd amendment rights .
2) amendment right of freedom of speech & freedom of religion.
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amendment standing1) Call upon Councillor to move amendment G standing in his name.
2) Call upon Councillor to move amendment K standing in his name.
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amendment to1) Further amendments to include land mobile services are awaiting ratification.
2) Other amendments to this rule are stylistic.
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amendments1) He supports constitutional amendments towards direct democracy.
2) Use of soil amendments was another popular seminar topic.
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approve amendment1) In 1898, another minor constitutional amendment was approved .
2) The amendment was then approved by voice vote.
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back the amendment1) President Bush backs the amendment .
2) Interestingly, the Maha Nayake Thera of Asgiriya has backed the amendment to the hilt.
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balanced amendment1) A balanced budget amendment with a tax limitation provision.
2) He has also voted against the balanced budget amendment .
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balanced budget amendment1) A balanced budget amendment with a tax limitation provision.
2) He has also voted against the balanced budget amendment .
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budget amendment1) A balanced budget amendment with a tax limitation provision.
2) He has also voted against the balanced budget amendment .
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charter amendment1) Rescue Muni strongly opposes both of these charter amendments .
2) Malacañang has already said the President will not push charter amendments during his term.
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congressional amendment1) In 1876, another congressional amendment gave preference for RIF retention to veterans, their widows, and their orphans.
2) However, Bell's lawyers argued strenuously for an exception to be made in their case, likely on the basis of the congressional amendment to the patent law.
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constitutional amendment1) He supports constitutional amendments towards direct democracy.
2) The state constitutional amendment failed rational basis review.
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defeat amendment1) They were not afraid to defeat amendments .
2) It defeated amendments that proposed continuing milk quotas - which many EU members want to continue until at least 2017 .
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draft amendment1) A similar draft amendment introduced by the government in 1979 had been narrowly defeated.
2) The publication of draft constitutional amendments in October 1988 led to widespread public protests.
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enact amendment1) In 1972 two important sets of amendments were enacted .
2) This amendment was also never enacted .
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endorse the amendment1) Campaigners such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton refused to endorse the amendment , as it did not give the vote to women.
2) Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others refused to endorse the amendment because it did not give women the ballot.
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equal rights amendment1) An equal rights amendment was ratified in 1981.
2) The politics of contingency and the equal rights amendment .
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federal amendment1) They call for a federal amendment (or perhaps just a law) mandating ideological diversity in universities.
2) Stevenson opposed almost every effort to expand blacks' rights beyond the minimums assured by federal amendments and legislation.
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important amendment1) This is probably the most important amendment .
2) FIFRA has undergone several important amendments since its inception.
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introduce amendment1) Five amendments were introduced between 1999 and 2010.
2) Another is the inability of Senators to introduce bill amendments .
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introduce an amendment1) Senator Griffin then introduced an amendment to SB1480.
2) Aaron Burr both supported this bill and introduced an amendment calling for immediate abolition.
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legislative amendment1) The Ministerial Council, however, made the membership conditional on legislative amendments .
2) The necessary legislative amendment for the aberration could be scheduled well in advance.
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major amendment1) Minor amendment is frequent; major amendment not uncommon.
2) The Belfast Agreement led to major amendments in 1998.
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make amendment1) Committees consider bills in detail, and may make amendments .
2) The ability to make amendments exists for a reason .
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marriage amendment1) None of those states have marriage amendments .
2) This of course, is why the marriage amendment has been proposed.
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minor amendment1) The report has been produced, minor amendments might occur.
2) The itinerary may be subject to minor amendment .
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move the amendment1) Can I erm, er move the amendment that is in my name.
2) Call upon Councillor or Councillor then to move the amendment N standing in his name.
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offer amendment1) I've offered amendments in the judiciary committee and on the floor.
2) On the 5th, the Soviets offered amendments to the Polish offer, which Poland accepted.
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oppose amendment1) Nearly all Republicans opposed the amendments however, and neither passed.
2) Colleagues, I must oppose this rule amendment .
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parliamentary amendment1) The declaration of incompatibility in Wilson v County Trust [2003] All ER 229 had no force and there had been no parliamentary amendment .
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pass amendment1) But the voters passed amendment 64 by a clear majority.
2) He announced the government would pass amendments to reform the bill.
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pend amendment1) The issue was tabled pending the necessary constitutional amendments .
2) The reference to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 35 (c) was changed to Rule 35(a) to reflect the pending amendment of Rule 35.
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plan amendment1) This new notice provision does not involve any plan amendments .
2) Please note that retroactive Section 125 plan document amendments are typically prohibited.
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propose amendment1) The government proposed amendments following this report.
2) In 2013 a similar amendment was proposed once again.
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propose an amendment1) The Bishop of Delaware proposed an amendment .
2) Any Contracting party may propose an amendment to this Convention.
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proposed amendment1) The government proposed amendments following this report.
2) The proposed amendment should not adversely affect any local economy.
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put forward an amendment1) Michel Charasse has put forward an amendment which would allow cigarette advertising at the Grand Prix.
2) Furthermore, Labour put forward an amendment at Report stage to retain a cap on private patient income.
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ratify amendment1) The amendment was nationally ratified in 1865.
2) No additional states ratified this amendment since.
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reject amendment1) The amendment was rejected by 14 votes to 12.
2) Her amendment was rejected by 217 to 369.
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repeal amendment1) The effort to repeal the amendment began last year .
2) I support repealing the 17 th amendment .
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rule amendment1) Further rule amendments granted greater powers to the race stewards.
2) Other commenters supported the rule amendments relating to non-audit services.
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significant amendment1) significant amendments may be made at committee stage.
2) The following chronology shows revisions, supplements and significant amendments .
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slight amendment1) The powers approved the Soviet scheme with slight amendments .
2) I would like to make a slight amendment .
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small amendment1) The other small amendment that I propose is purely verbal.
2) That is all we wanted in a small amendment to clause 5.
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soil amendment1) Use of soil amendments was another popular seminar topic.
2) To improve plant health, soil amendments are often necessary.
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sponsor amendment1) No amendment sponsored by a Democrat had yet been defeated.
2) In 2011, he sponsored a federal balanced budget amendment .
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submit amendment1) At the Vienna Conference several amendments were submitted .
2) The amendment is then submitted to the states for ratification.
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subsequent amendment1) subsequent amendments allowed for a majority of elected members in the assembly.
2) Paper arguing that the Charter presumptively takes priority over subsequent constitutional amendments .
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suffrage amendment1) Interest in a national suffrage amendment was revived primarily by Alice Paul.
2) The state's passage of a constitutional suffrage amendment in 1900 used various devices to disfranchise black citizens.
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suggest amendment1) Good points - can you make the suggested amendments and send to me please.
2) E. Examine the existing laws with a view for promoting gender equality and suggesting amendments thereto.
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support amendment1) Which is why, I will have no difficulty in supporting amendment 27.
2) I therefore support amendment Numbers Five, Eight and Eleven moved by Lord MacIntosh of Haringey.
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table amendment1) The Sessions amendment was tabled on a largely party line vote.
2) Stone's amendment was tabled in committee 14-2.
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table an amendment1) Regina Ip has started a campaign to abolish the levy and tabled an amendment at LegCo.
2) One lawmaker has tabled an amendment to the CFAA called Aaron's law aimed at stopping such prosecutions.
more table an amendment sentences
vote against amendment1) I ask Hon. Members to vote against amendment No. 17.
more vote against amendment sentences
vote for the amendment1) the four reps voted for the amendment .
2) Democrats voted for the amendment by a 111 -to-83 margin.
more vote for the amendment sentences
withdraw the amendment1) I beg leave to withdraw the amendment .
2) I beg to ask leave to withdraw the amendment .
more withdraw the amendment sentences
without amendment1) Let the sequester go through without amendment .
2) In his absence, the protocol was endorsed without amendment .
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