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ameliorate1) It therefore does little to ameliorate private censorship concerns.
2) These numbers may ameliorate effects and viagra members.
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ameliorate condition1) The Constitution obliged the state to act positively to ameliorate these conditions .
2) Would it ameliorate conditions at all?
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ameliorate effect1) These numbers may ameliorate effects and viagra members.
2) The rituals of apology can ameliorate the effects of social accidents.
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ameliorate problem1) The problem is designing social tools to ameliorate the problem .
2) The journal is designed to ameliorate several problems that beset academic publishing.
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ameliorate situation1) Clearly, steps must be taken to ameliorate this situation .
2) There are two things that could be done relatively easily to ameliorate this situation .
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ameliorate symptom1) Though incurable and progressive, a number of treatments can ameliorate symptoms .
2) We repair or ameliorate the symptoms .
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ameliorate the condition1) the tsar thought he had found a model for ameliorating the condition of the peasants which the gentry would accept.
2) the Factory Acts also sought to ameliorate the conditions under which mill-children worked with requirements on ventilation, sanitation, and guarding of machinery.
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ameliorate the effect1) the rituals of apology can ameliorate the effects of social accidents.
2) Every year billions of veterinary dollars are spent ameliorating the effects of this tampering.
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ameliorate the situation1) His new assistant is also not from Princeton which does not ameliorate the situation .
2) However, it is not clear precisely what should be done to ameliorate the situation .
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ameliorates the headache1) In a warm room the nose discharges and fills up which ameliorates the headache ; a thick, fluent, yellow discharge.
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amelioration1) Few effective flood prevention or amelioration strategies are in place.
2) Nor did the 15th century bring any amelioration .
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