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Rock Around the Clock1) We're gonna Rock Around the Clock Tonight!
2) Through the glass came faintly the sound of Rock Around the Clock .
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all around1) Most traditional tools leak fine dust all around working areas.
2) We send those little holy texts all around .
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around1) Such gossip has been around since 1990.
2) The official number is around 70 hours.
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around her1) His arms swept around her rigid body.
2) The room arranges itself around her form.
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around here1) He was definitely breaking every damn rule around here .
2) Some seriously impressive real estate around here .
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around him1) The imperial armies were closing around him .
2) A crowd had already formed around him !
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around it1) The village sign has flower beds around it .
2) All around it was pale white skin.
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around me1) The land around me was absolutely black.
2) It made everything around me feel dark.
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around the back1) Dogs start screaming from around the back .
2) Bring the left hand around the back of the stock.
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around the bend1) the future is just around the bend .
2) Go around the bend , or 2.
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around the city1) No casualties were reported around the city .
2) Concert arenas are located around the city .
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around the clock1) the terminal is open around the clock .
2) the housemates are taped around the clock .
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around the corner1) It means summer is around the corner .
2) I looked around the corner once more.
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around the horn1) Red ribbons wind around the horns to represent flowers.
2) Would complete my starting infield around the horn .
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around the lake1) Any location around the lake affords viewing.
2) Wildlife is often seen around the lake .
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around the problem1) There are ways around the problem , though.
2) One way around the problem is joint developments with foreign partners.
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around the town1) A town wall ran around the town .
2) There are green spaces around the town .
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around them1) Her legend has certainly been built around them .
2) The greater world around them is mostly unaffected.
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around us1) The culture around us is increasingly transient.
2) It is mostly horse property around us .
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around you1) My loving arms are always around you .
2) Find ways to help those around you .
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ask around1) Most ask around $200 + per hive.
2) ask around further re these products .
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bat around1) Oh, she's getting batted around like a broken kite.
2) Offensively, we just need to bring our bats around .
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beat around the bush1) So why should I beat around the bush ?
2) Why beat around the bush , right?
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bob around1) He continued stabbing bob around his chest and heart multiple times.
2) I do cat bob around here.
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boss around1) We all see who is boss around here.
2) I hated shopping and I hated being bossed around .
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bounce around1) Both teams were bouncing around the ball.
2) No-one bounces around my school without my permission.
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bring around1) Such questions brought around purchases, purchases that were smarter.
2) He brought around 1000 pounds of camera equipment on the second expedition.
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bum around1) So Ryan is bumming around at headquarters doing not much of anything .
2) I have bummed around Indochina: Vietnam and Cambodia, for forty years.
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bump around1) The bag bumped around and was put down.
2) Who was up there, bumping around ?
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cast around1) Matt made several good cast around the school ,no joy.
2) casting around they discovered a deserted building with a garage attached.
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center around1) Classical music always centers around elitist talent.
2) His offensive philosophy was centered around passing before shooting.
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circle around1) The room was still circling around us.
2) The earth circles around sun with this tilt.
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clown around1) Does clowning around mean one is a clown ?
2) His last film appearance was in clowning around (1992).
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come around1) The human race came around soon enough.
2) I guess what goes around comes around .
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drive around1) That is where the motorcycles are driving around pedestrians.
2) Ever notice the campus police cars driving around ?
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end around1) That feeling soon ended around mile 11.
2) It begins around 7 months and ends around 12 months.
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fiddle around1) Both candidates are suggesting fiddling around at the margins.
2) Watching a kid fiddling around with fried bread.
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float around1) There are thousands of similar bizarre teachings floating around society today.
2) There are so many prepaid credit cards floating around everywhere!
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fool around1) Electricity is nothing to fool around with.
2) Then I fooled around a bit more.
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fool around with1) Electricity is nothing to fool around with .
2) We don't fool around with meat.
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for miles around1) The highways are crowded for miles around .
2) Rapid repeating explosions were heard for miles around .
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futz around1) futz around with the neat but futzy interface .
2) I didn't pretend to study and just futz around feeling bad and getting nothing done.
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get around1) He gets around 6k per month.
2) Probably got around 1000 healthy specimens now.
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get around to1) We never got around to creating structures.
2) I never got around to asking him.
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go around1) Those retirement rumors are going around again.
2) There were some very vulgar accordion players going around .
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go around in circles1) Yes, we are going around in circles .
2) There's no point in going around in circles anymore.
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goof around1) Videos of themselves goofing around in the kitchen.
2) Just goofing around and stumbled on your page.
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hang around1) There are multiple plaques hanging around downtown commemorating similar instances.
2) Why are these guys still hanging around here?
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hanging around1) There are multiple plaques hanging around downtown commemorating similar instances.
2) Why are these guys still hanging around here?
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have been around1) Such gossip has been around since 1990.
2) This iconic gourmet burger joint has been around since 2001.
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horse around1) That's a horse box for carrying horses around .
2) Are you tired of the cart leading the horse around ?
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in and around1) Trigger points are painful tissues in and around muscles.
2) Most commercial activity is centered in and around town center.
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issue around1) Appropriate medication needs are issues around which professionals disagree.
2) Different people have different issues around apathy.
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jerk around1) They routinely jerk around child custody allocations without justification.
2) It was time to stop jerking around .
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just around the corner1) the right stuff is just around the corner .
2) Like dementia is just around the corner .
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kick around1) Here is thought I've been kicking around .
2) I've got dozens of the things kicking around .
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kid around1) There were always kids around to play with.
2) A lot of kids around here like that.
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knock around1) This whole sort of complex of ideas were knocking around .
2) Your claims will get knocked around here .
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lie around1) There are several dead animals lying around the enclosures.
2) You probably have those components lying around .
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loll around1) We ducked out the back to loll around the parking lot, smoking.
2) We loll around sweating profusely, sluglike, to fall asleep in a hot embrace.
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look around1) The boys were looking around with interest.
2) I looked around the corner once more.
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lounge around1) That evening we lounge around the bar.
2) Plenty of room to sit and lounge around .
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mess around1) Or mess around with the effect settings.
2) The real fun is messing around in the open world.
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mill around1) The guys mill around , finding partners.
2) Others milling around outside the store had a different opinion .
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monkey around1) That has been the monkey around our shoulders.
2) Mozart was also brought around like some performing monkey around the world.
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moon around1) One rotation of the moon around the earth = 1 month.
2) Ganymede is the largest moon around the planet Jupiter.
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mope around1) You have been moping around long enough!
2) The time for moping around is over.
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move around1) Most residents move around via golf carts.
2) How users are moving around your site.
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muck around1) The season is too short to muck around .
2) That certainly welcome when mucking around under the hood.
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nose around1) They are often found under rocks or nosing around leaf litter.
2) Koi by nature are constantly nosing around and are curious.
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pal around1) She wants a pen pal around her age.
2) They seem to be palling around this morning .
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pass around1) Social security numbers allegedly passed around in clear sight.
2) It got passed around like ten years ago.
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play around1) That wicked smile played around his lips.
2) In 2004 they played around 320 shows.
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poke around1) Why not let me poke around quietly?
2) Visit your future competition and poke around .
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potter around1) Oh he, well he potters around and goes slowly!
2) potters around the globe provide material to hobbyists and specialists in many countries.
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push around1) Final 16 was a big cub getting pushed around .
2) People have had enough of getting pushed around here.
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putter around1) I puttered around with more traditional titles.
2) Dont putter around in the side streets any longer.
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putz around1) Now please excuse me while I go putz around in the backyard.
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rally around1) People are rallying around supporting each other.
2) He rallied around building great customers that became great references.
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rattle around1) Her mind was confused, rattling around between possibilities.
2) It's been rattling around in my brain ever since.
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revolve around1) The fast growing off road industry revolves around fabrication.
2) Our whole world revolves around $ex.
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roll around1) The scroll is rolled around two vertical wooden axes.
2) We pretty quickly got naked and started rolling around .
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run around1) I run around 60 miles a week.
2) They have been running around 20ppm.
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run rings around1) They 'll both run rings around an old 486.
2) Suvorov's infantry could of course run rings around such opponents.
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rush around1) I'm always rushing around doing things.
2) Everybody seemed to be rushing around looking straight ahead.
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screw around1) Do teens screw around less in a bad economy?
2) Game offers great fun, with ability screw around .
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see around1) And seeing around sharp turns is often impossible .
2) Wildlife is often seen around the lake.
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shop around1) They can spend hours upon hours shopping around without feeling tired.
2) shop around and compare replacement liner costs.
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sit around1) All participants sit around a large table.
2) The price is now sitting around $ 130.
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skirt around1) It skirts around the old district and towards the main square.
2) A clean image is not protected by skirting around uncomfortable issues.
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sleep around1) sleeping around dinosaurs in the main hall is very cool.
2) He may sleep around and shoot about.
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slosh around1) Instead cash is sloshing around in banks around the globe .
2) There's a lot of money sloshing around again.
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somewhere around1) Some pundits put recovery somewhere around 2011.
2) She is somewhere around 33 inches tall.
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spin around1) Each team is spun around three times.
2) He spins around and shoots several times.
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splash around1) All it does is splash around , right?
2) Go splash around in a pool and leave nature alone.
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stand around1) In another clip soldiers are seen standing around dead bodies.
2) Spain youth unemployment rate currently stands around 57 percent .
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stick around1) It was expected to stick around until early tomorrow.
2) I guess sticking around was the right decision .
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swing around1) She swung around and stared straight ahead.
2) The pot swung around to my ribs .
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talk around1) He organised literary circles for talks around freedom.
2) They then talk around the related topic.
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the other way around1) the reality is the other way around .
2) It is definitely the other way around .
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tool around1) Spin the tool around the tubing several times.
2) Vendors optimized their tools around specific technology stacks.
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toss around1) The racism card gets tossed around too lightly.
2) There are a dozen other names being tossed around .
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turn around1) A station wagon was completely turned around .
2) All conversation ceased and everyone turned around .
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twist around1) Light twists around it , and space.
2) Typical Islamist lies , taken from phony websites and twisted around .
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wait around1) wait around three weeks or more before planting.
2) Do not wait around wasting an opportunity.
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walk around1) People were walking around here like zombies.
2) The feeling of being safe while walking around .
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what goes around comes around1) I guess what goes around comes around .
2) what goes around comes around in style.
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wheel around1) He wheeled around and chased after them.
2) Tammuz wheeled around , one hand scraping hair.
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whirl around1) A couple of others whirled around pleasing themselves.
2) The cabin went whirling around in a circle.
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work around1) She had 100 students and worked around 90 hours per week.
2) US businesses stay competitive by working around transportation problems.
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wrap around1) Metal roofing was found wrapped around trees.
2) Highway guard rails were found wrapped around telephone poles nearby.
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