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arms1) The global arms trade remains completely unregulated.
2) The arms alone are 8 feet long each.
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arms agreement1) Disclosure of the INF violation in July has severely diminished the prospect of further arms agreements .
2) The treaty which entered into force in June 1988 was the most far-reaching arms agreement to date.
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arms akimbo1) arms akimbo , she made herself ready for battle.
2) arms akimbo , Olga swayed towards her mother.
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arms build up1) The weapons will start to arrive in December; they are supposed to match the arms build up by the Soviet Union.
2) Further, we would like to draw the attention of the EC to specific assembly segments, villages and gram panchayats where terror has been let loose with an arms build up .
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arms cache1) Israel targets suspected arms caches and other Hamas sites across Gaza.
2) IRA arms caches did still exist.
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arms control1) The peace and arms control summit meeting was postponed.
2) International arms control means setting and defending international standards.
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arms deal1) The operation took three men suspected of arms dealing into custody.
2) Other arms deals were signed with Turkey.
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arms dealer1) We have lots of arms dealers here, too.
2) The military arms dealers of the world need to go .
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arms dump1) The incident happened at an arms dump in a remote area.
2) The men were returning weapons to an arms dump when they were shot.
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arms embargo1) The arms embargo was silently removed a few years later.
2) Western governments imposed economic sanctions and arms embargoes .
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arms end1) Its massive arms end in wicked claws and serpents, emitting a grotesque odor of decaying meat.
2) In this form, its right and left arms end transform into duplicates of the Input Magnum and Stinger Blade respectively.
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arms exports1) The arms exports to Israel must stop.
2) In 2010, total Russian arms exports amounted to $10 billion.
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arms flailing1) He toppled sideways with his arms flailing .
2) He is drowning, arms flailing .
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arms folded1) Others stand with arms folded in a serious pose.
2) Hauser stood still, arms folded across his powerful chest.
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arms industry1) The government and the arms industry make change impossible .
2) For the US arms industry , technical failure means permanent commercial success.
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arms inspection1) Waffenamt - weapons office - arms inspection stamp or mark.
2) The reports did support the continuation of the arms inspections effort in Iraq.
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arms inspector1) A new resolution must insist on unfettered access for the arms inspectors .
2) The UN arms inspectors are still preparing for their mission and haven't actually entered Iraq.
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arms length1) Not knowing for days with nothing beyond arms length .
2) Inspection within arms length of the component.
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arms limitation1) No significant arms limitations agreements were reached.
2) In 1979 he took part in the Vienna arms limitation talks.
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arms manufacturer1) Legal action against the arms manufacturer was pursued.
2) Many other arms manufacturers used the FN action.
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arms merchant1) The arms merchant was found to have fled.
2) Since the arms merchants were busy separating us, the odds seemed a bit uneven, but who knows?
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arms outstretched1) Female figures with arms outstretched were a recurrent motif.
2) Stand with feet apart, arms outstretched at sides.
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arms race1) The arms race does not ensure peace.
2) The nuclear arms race shifted into high gear.
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arms reduction1) We need a more comprehensive strategic arms reduction programme.
2) Only major power arms reduction will encourage marginal states to sign.
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arms sales1) The city had become a center of arms sales .
2) France suspended arms sales to Syria, notwithstanding signed contracts.
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arms shipment1) In addition, arms shipments to Israel halted.
2) The delivery of arms shipments was complemented by continuous naval artillery barrages.
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arms trade1) The global arms trade remains completely unregulated.
2) The global arms trade is a lucrative business.
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arms treaty1) He negotiated nuclear arms treaties with the United States.
2) The activists used the replica to call for a strong arms treaty .
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at arms length1) He held Sean off at arms length and searched his face.
2) Ruth fended him off, holding him at arms length .
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bear arms1) Only the samurai class was allowed to bear arms .
2) His right to bear arms got infringed real good .
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brother in arms1) Best thing a person can do is find another brother in arms .
2) in Pipelineistan, Russia and Turkey are now brothers in arms .
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call to arms1) This is a call to arms song.
2) So this is a call to arms .
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canting arms1) This is called canting arms in heraldic terminology.
2) In European heraldry, this technique is called canting arms .
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carry arms1) Q Will they march and carry arms ?
2) Many who did not carry arms instead carried baggage and supplies.
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coat of arms1) Its coat of arms has three parts.
2) The coat of arms is parted horizontally.
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college of arms1) Richard also founded the college of arms .
2) Chesshyre retired from the college of arms on 31 August 2010.
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cross arms1) They cross arms hiding the sticks from view.
2) Raise your crossed arms above your head.
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fold arms1) The socialist Kurdish camp is not sitting with folded arms , either.
2) folded arms , he was glued to the bench.
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folded arms1) The socialist Kurdish camp is not sitting with folded arms , either.
2) folded arms , he was glued to the bench.
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lay down arms1) Both sides, however, claimed that neither side laid down arms .
2) The eastern command had laid down arms after losing only 1,300 men in battle.
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nuclear arms1) The nuclear arms race shifted into high gear.
2) This is apparently a veiled reference to nuclear arms .
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present arms1) Two officers standing in front of the troops presenting arms .
2) The whole peculiar assembly actually presented arms to its Commanding Officer.
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rocker arms1) The valvetrain uses roller rocker arms with hydraulic lifters.
2) Another disadvantage is the contact point between the cams and rocker arms .
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secure arms1) During his tenure he secured arms , military hardware and aircraft for the army from donor countries (India, USA and Great Britain) as military aid.
2) Black Money PBS Frontline documentary examining BAE's alleged use of political corruption internationally, to secure arms sales
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shoulder arms1) He will then shoulder arms and stand at ease.
2) The FO then orders the parade at attention and shoulder arms .
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side arms1) Our war ships and side arms were also superior.
2) The garrison was permitted to withdraw to Stade taking its belongings and side arms .
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small arms1) It was vulnerable to enemy small arms fire.
2) There were rockets and light machine gun fire plus small arms .
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supply arms1) Russia also supplied arms to the Armenians.
2) Armenia supplies arms and other military necessities to Karabakh.
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take arms1) To take arms , is to arm for attack or defense.
2) He believes they should be able to take arms to public events.
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take up arms1) To avoid taking up arms and fighting.
2) They vow never to take up arms again.
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trailing arms1) Coleman rear trailing arms and watts links with spherical bearings .
2) It's much less likely to be the trailing arms themselves.
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under arms1) In Yorktown there were about eight hundred rebels under arms .
2) They are not even kept under arms or within camps.
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up in arms1) And already fans are up in arms .
2) That is why environmentalists are still up in arms .
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with open arms1) She has been welcomed with open arms .
2) Not all books are received with open arms .
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