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armored1) This system proved successful against armored ships.
2) Two armored decks protected against plunging fire.
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armored belt1) The armored belt connected to 110 mm-thick sloping armor.
2) Battleships had an armored belt along the waterline.
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armored brigade1) The armored brigade had three battalions of forty tanks each.
2) The 3rd armored brigade can also be employed as needed.
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armored bulldozer1) The armored bulldozer is a basic tool of combat engineering.
2) The IDF used D9 armored bulldozers to ensure that paths were cleared of IEDs.
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armored cable1) Another counter-measure is to deploy a fiber-optic sensor into the existing raceway, conduit or armored cable .
2) Another view of the heavily armored cable (the armor is to protect the cable from pounding due to heavy surf in the shallow waters near Honu'apo).
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armored car1) Tanks and armored cars rolled onto the streets.
2) Well, the armored car drove away.
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armored carrier1) Tanks and armored personnel carriers are deployed.
2) In both cases , the vehicles are basically armored personnel carriers .
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armored cavalry1) The ancient Greeks called armored cavalry Kataphraktos (pl.
2) During the Gunpowder Age, armored cavalry become obsolete.
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armored citadel1) A 6-inch transverse bulkhead closed off the forward end of the armored citadel .
2) The bulk of a dreadnought's armor was concentrated around the armored citadel .
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armored column1) What was it like attacking in an armored column ?
2) Nor did the terrain of Guadalcanal permit the maneuver of armored columns .
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armored cruiser1) The result was the building of increasingly large armored cruisers .
2) The British support group comprised two armored cruisers and three destroyer divisions.
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armored deck1) Two armored decks protected against plunging fire.
2) A heavy shell penetrated the main armored deck toward the bow.
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armored division1) Hitler needed those roads for his armored divisions .
2) The armored divisions had lightly armed tankettes instead of tanks.
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armored force1) Syrian armored forces cross the Jordanian border.
2) Second, US armored forces were better equipped and trained.
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armored infantry1) The armored infantry had incurred losses of about 50 percent.
2) Tanks, tank destroyers and armored infantry aided the attack.
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armored knight1) His uncle said the top was wide enough for a dozen armored knights to ride abreast.
2) Mr. Gold (The Golden Knight), a gold-colored armored knight .
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armored personnel carrier1) Tanks and armored personnel carriers are deployed.
2) In both cases , the vehicles are basically armored personnel carriers .
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armored regiment1) armored regiment opened fire from every heavy machine gun and cannon.
2) armored infantry regiment was to be dislocated.
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armored scale1) Their hides are brown and covered in armored scales .
2) Male Boisduval scale form an armored scale while those of brown scales are small winged creatures.
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armored spearhead1) German armored spearheads drove toward the Mouse River, aiming at Antwerp.
2) After the capture of Minsk the armored spearhead continued east towards Vitebsk.
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armored tank1) Israeli armored tank columns could be headed for Damascus instead of toward Beirut.
2) DHS has also acquired heavily armored tanks , which have been seen roaming the streets.
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armored truck1) It appears to be a heavily armored truck .
2) Colombia maintains a fleet of REO M35 Meteoro armored trucks .
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armored van1) Most SWAT operations now are more updated with better equipped APCs and armored vans .
2) Specially designed equipment includes water cannons, armored vans , and mobile tunnels for protected entry into seized buildings.
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armored vehicle1) The next wave is of speedy armored vehicle .
2) Some departments are equipped with armored vehicles .
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armored vest1) Burgos said the soldiers were unarmed at that time but were wearing armored vests and other protective gear .
2) Realizing the danger, he shouted a warning, threw his armored vest over the grenade, and unhesitatingly placed his body over the armored vest.
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fully armored1) The battleships and cruisers were fully armored against 5 in projectiles.
2) Even their horses were trained to fight in combat, fully armored .
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heavily armored1) Infantry soldiers were more heavily armored than horsemen.
2) You will find some heavily armored men around here.
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lightly armored1) It is also effective against lightly armored ground and naval targets.
2) The Hs-295 was designed to neutralize lightly armored ships.
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