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armoured1) Their axes were useful against armoured enemies.
2) Two police armoured cars stood outside the courthouse.
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armoured brigade1) In 1967, a new armoured brigade was established.
2) The independent armoured brigade had been replaced by an independent tank regiment.
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armoured car1) Two police armoured cars stood outside the courthouse.
2) The armoured car troop was expected to operate independently.
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armoured column1) Six aircraft attacked armoured column positions, four attacked bridges.
2) The armoured columns began to secure the pass and the areas around it.
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armoured corps1) The trophy is awarded to the best armoured corps Militia unit.
2) Robertson was a key figure in establishing the Australian armoured corps .
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armoured division1) The armoured divisions suffered during the day.
2) The best German armoured divisions were fighting on those sectors.
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armoured force1) China sends 1,000 armoured forces to this region.
2) This situation caused great concern in the Soviet armoured forces .
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armoured infantry1) infantry battalions equipped with Warrior are known as armoured infantry .
2) These were well-paid, heavily armoured infantry (carrying sword and javelin).
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armoured knight1) Apart from armoured knights the French army also had nearly 4,000 Genoese crossbowmen.
2) Once the Muslims pulled back, Richard ordered his armoured knights forward, and Saladin withdrew.
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armoured plate1) German helmet and frontal armoured plate for trench warfare, 1916.
2) In Sheffield they made steel plates and armoured plates for their ships.
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armoured scale1) The armoured scales become extended into thorny backs, horny heads and spiny frills.
2) It was large, nearly two metres long, with powerful jaws and heavy armoured scales .
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armoured tank1) As if you walk round with a shotgun armoured tank .
2) This legendary rock will have to be attacked by infantrymen supported by armoured tanks .
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armoured train1) Smaller guns were often part of an armoured train .
2) A miniature armoured train was used on the line.
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armoured truck1) Oscar ( Jake Macapagal) soon finds a job with an armoured truck company.
2) Kapoor drove an armoured truck through a golden brick wall and then drove around the arena.
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armoured van1) armoured vans are patrolling an estate in Manchester following three separate shotgun attacks.
2) Two guards were wounded when a robber grabbed forty five thousand pounds from an armoured van and escaped on a moped.
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armoured vehicle1) Several armoured vehicles were seen outside the city.
2) Meanwhile the army provided armoured vehicles and helicopters.
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fully armoured1) The single fully armoured vehicle was built and tested in 1931.
2) Ballard's survey found no underwater penetrations of the ship's fully armoured citadel.
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heavily armoured1) The central citadel in particular was exceptionally heavily armoured .
2) Less heavily armoured soldiers were more vulnerable than knights.
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lightly armoured1) It was lightly armoured and carried no weapons.
2) The gun is mounted in a lightly armoured turret.
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