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Army Air Forces1) The Army Air Forces had been virtually independent during the war.
2) U.S. Army Air Forces aircraft fly nearly 300 sorties in support.
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Army List1) The new Army List is as follows.
2) Battlefront publishes additional Army Lists on their web site.
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Army of the Potomac1) Major-General commanding the Army of the Potomac .
2) the effect upon the Army of the Potomac was the reverse.
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Army of the United States1) Or is it the Army of the United States or one from Asia?
2) the First Army is the oldest and longest established field Army of the United States Army.
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advance army1) Many Italian forces surrendered to the advancing German army .
2) All was to be abandoned to the advancing British army .
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advancing army1) The kingdom fell to advancing armies of the Song Dynasty in 963.
2) New York is the campaign equivalent of a minefield to an advancing army .
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allied army1) Complete unity prevails throughout the allied armies .
2) Despite their significant military advantage the allied armies encountered immediate setbacks.
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approaching army1) Edward then turned about to face Warwick's approaching army .
2) Gandalf reappears to warn all of an approaching army of goblins and Wargs.
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armies1) Each army group controlled several field armies .
2) The imperial armies were closing around him.
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army1) British army trains travelled nine million track miles every month.
2) Each army group controlled several field armies.
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army advance1) The US army was advancing fairly quickly.
2) By 1944 Soviet armies were advancing towards Hungary.
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army ant1) Some species follow army ants , eating from the disturbance created.
2) Jonathan was attacked by army ants in his crib.
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army attack1) A Covenant army attacks the academy causing confusion and panic.
2) The Maratha army attacked and took seventeen fortresses by siege.
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army barracks1) Both were in former German army barracks .
2) One of these included an army barracks .
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army base1) A major army base is located nearby.
2) Going guns blazing into a army base ?
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army battalion1) Armenian blue helmets serve within the Greek army battalion .
2) This will enable the establishment of two army battalions .
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army besiege1) Both armies besieged the city for several days.
2) Jin armies besieged the city in mid January 1126.
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army boots1) I can get you some army boots .
2) army boots seemed in line with getting things under control and ship-shape.
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army brat1) The army brat thing has been sort of taken out of context.
2) I read that you grew up as an army brat .
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army cadet1) In 1788 naval cadets replaced the army cadets .
2) He joined the army cadets while a teenager.
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army camp1) These women helped the army camps run smoothly.
2) Mughal army camped here for some time.
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army captain1) His son and son-in-law are both army captains .
2) Blake Hall is a former army captain .
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army career1) No more amusing anecdotes about his brief army career .
2) He has never deployed in his army career .
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army chaplain1) Salvation army chaplains and workers gave without restraint or condition.
2) This priest was also an army chaplain in Korea, coincidentally.
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army checkpoint1) We ride in ambulances to help them get through army checkpoints .
2) The tiles on the roofs of houses are now atop army checkpoints .
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army chief1) He had disputes with three successive army chiefs .
2) In 1988 Zia was the army chief .
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army chief of staff1) Bradley became the army chief of staff in 1948.
2) He served as U.S. army chief of staff from 1968 to 1972.
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army clash1) When the armies clashed , the bandits ships were then burnt.
2) The two armies clashed near Varna on 10 November.
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army colonel1) The DCM was normally an active-duty army colonel .
2) Until this old army colonel said, I'll do it .
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army command1) The attempted coup was eventually suppressed by the loyal army command .
2) To destroy the Confederate army commanded by Taylor.
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army commander1) She was first Finnish army commander without military rank.
2) Numerous leading generals and army commanders hailed from Ohio.
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army conquer1) These were easily conquered by the superior Japanese army .
2) Pisa was never conquered by army .
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army convoy1) So great was the congestion that army convoys were stalled for hours.
2) And one night we got caught up in a huge army convoy .
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army corps1) The Senate bill increasing the army medical corps was passed.
2) Instead he visits army corps with a photographer.
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army coup1) He ascended to the position after leading an army coup in 1954.
2) Eventually, an army coup toppled Diệm, who was assassinated on 2 November 1963.
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army cross1) But the army never crossed the bridge.
2) The next day the French army crossed the river in force.
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army cutworm1) Another major food source for grizzlies are army cutworm moths.
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army defeat1) When one army defeated another, the victors divided the spoil.
2) army defeated a 7-0-1 Navy team 32-13.
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army depot1) Camp Hill - State prison close to army depot .
2) It is five lanes wide, handling Anniston army depot traffic.
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army deserter1) The town was also full of Austrian army deserters .
2) Others could have been British army deserters .
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army destroy1) His army destroyed crops and settlements and forced rebels into hiding.
2) The expedition's fleet is smashed and its army destroyed .
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army division1) A corps has army divisions under its command.
2) These were later reinforced by an army division .
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army engineer1) The army engineers said 50 feet was enough.
2) army engineers began work in late 2011.
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army enter1) Then the American army entered followed by settlers.
2) The army entered the city in triumph and killed its governor.
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army fatigues1) I looked up to see a man in army fatigues firing a pistol .
2) He showed up in army fatigues carrying all his clothes in a duffel bag.
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army fight1) Might armies fight from sunrise to sunset.
2) The two armies fought a few inconclusive skirmishes.
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army forces1) The US army forces transport ammunition on a daily basis.
2) Union army forces occupied the city following the battle.
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army gather1) The whole army gathered around the fire.
2) His temple outside the Porta Capena was where armies gathered .
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army general1) The army generals met in secret to discuss surrender options.
2) The latter was a five-star army general .
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army headquarters1) There was a complaint to army headquarters .
2) They had received orders from army headquarters : mobilize the population!
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army helicopter1) army helicopter has carried out census work.
2) Uzbek army helicopters were seen circling overhead.
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army hospital1) The ground floor hosted a small American army hospital .
2) She had been a nurse in an army hospital .
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army intact1) He kept his army intact and led a successful guerrilla war against the Romans in Sicily.
2) Scipio retreated across the river Trebia to camp at Placentia with his army mostly intact .
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army intelligence1) This was confirmed by Israeli army intelligence .
2) army intelligence interrogated the two boys for several hours.
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army invade1) In 1287, Mongol armies invaded farther south once again.
2) A French army invaded in 1823 and the constitution was revoked.
more army invade sentences
army issue1) army issue under wear was cotton t-shirts and baggy cotton boxers.
2) A contemporary newspaper article reported that army issue ammunition was used.
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army kill1) According to the army killed 28 insurgents and wounded 21.
2) The American army killed most of them.
more army kill sentences
army knife1) More utility than a Swiss army knife .
2) It's my digital Swiss army knife .
more army knife sentences
army leader1) This is a great tool for all army leaders !
2) In 1946 Sister Lucia explained to a Blue army leader .
more army leader sentences
army lieutenant1) Bautista is also an army lieutenant Colonel .
2) They were granted the relative rank, pay and allowances of an army lieutenant .
more army lieutenant sentences
army logistics1) army logistics air movement request procedures.
2) army logistics airlift request validation.
more army logistics sentences
army major1) Esme is a decorated retired army major .
2) His father was an army major .
more army major sentences
army march1) The armies usually marched on poor, dirt roads.
2) The army marched 9 mi south to Trenton.
more army march sentences
army medic1) As a former army medic , let me correct you.
2) The Roman army's medics were highly skilled and possessed enormous practical experience.
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army number1) The American army numbered approximately 4,000 regular infantry.
2) Two years later the Bulgarian army numbered 11,000 men.
more army number sentences
army nurse1) army nurse Mary Damico can see the future.
2) Military nursing has evolved beyond the army nurse corps to include other armed forces.
more army nurse sentences
army occupy1) Kiev itself was occupied by many different armies .
2) The army occupied the town and bridges.
more army occupy sentences
army of1) The army of social workers had indeed risen sharply.
2) armies of public sector jobs disappeared too .
more army of sentences
army of helpers1) AN army of helpers are needed to ensure the smooth running of the North West 200.
2) For this we require a dozen computers, half a dozen wireless internet cards, and an army of helpers .
more army of helpers sentences
army of occupation1) This often happens with an army of occupation .
2) It also accepted an army of occupation numbering 150,000 men.
more army of occupation sentences
army of police1) This was disbanded by an army of police constables who swept the green.
2) Fray Ignatius says they have to keep an army of police there.
more army of police sentences
army of warriors1) The chief would have a private army of warriors .
2) Two expert conjurers with small army of warriors behind them.
more army of warriors sentences
army officer1) A great number army officers and civil servants maintained collections.
2) King's army officers taught military arts.
more army officer sentences
army official1) The panel was briefed by top intelligence and army officials .
2) Some anonymous army official coined the name Richborough Port .
more army official sentences
army patrol1) A suicide bomber attacked an army patrol in Baghdad killing two soldiers.
2) His mummified body was found 29 years later by a French army patrol .
more army patrol sentences
army personnel1) Once completed the battery had accommodation for 109 army personnel .
2) This fire was returned by police and army personnel .
more army personnel sentences
army post1) Both of the sites were located near former army posts .
2) The difficulty was, however, merely shifted to army posts .
more army post sentences
army rank1) These fictional army ranks are also used by ship officers.
2) It was also influencing the army ranks .
more army rank sentences
army rations1) Chocolate was part of army rations , not mine.
2) Confederate tobacco products were traded for U.S. army rations .
more army rations sentences
army recruiter1) Your army recruiter will have the most current information.
2) The 18th century also saw the rise of verbunkos, a form of music initially used by army recruiters .
more army recruiter sentences
army recruitment1) US army recruitment slogan from the late 1970's to 2001.
2) The depopulation was thus a serious threat to army recruitment and supply.
more army recruitment sentences
army recruits1) But this is great too contracts for army recruits .
2) The army recruits both men and women.
more army recruits sentences
army regiment1) It housed many army regiments of all sorts.
2) Soldiers from the 4th army regiment are investigating.
more army regiment sentences
army reserve1) Two years later the army reserves were called.
2) He served until 1894 and was transferred to the army reserve .
more army reserve sentences
army reservist1) He spent the next eight years training army reservists .
2) Judge Roberts served as a U.S. army reservist for 20 years.
more army reservist sentences
army retreat1) Their whole army retreated , some units completely disorganized.
2) Johnston's army retreated southward while Sherman pursued.
more army retreat sentences
army rout1) The land army was also routed within Egyptian controlled territory.
2) The Maratha army was routed and fled under the devastating attack.
more army rout sentences
army sergeant1) Eye witnesses identified the gunman as an army sergeant .
2) He was shot and killed by Union army sergeant Boston Corbett.
more army sergeant sentences
army sniper1) At least two Red-Shirt protesters were shot by Thai army snipers .
2) They also took the uniforms of the pilots to confuse Algerian army snipers .
more army sniper sentences
army soldiers1) army soldiers dressed in full military gear surrounded their plane.
2) army soldiers patrolled in convoys and manned bunkers flanking highways .
more army soldiers sentences
army spokesman1) A British army spokesman said the crash was an accident.
2) An army spokesman said the bomb had been detonated by remote control.
more army spokesman sentences
army staff1) Her husband was a British army staff sergeant.
2) He also tried to persuade the chief of army staff .
more army staff sentences
army strong1) If the army is strong , we retreat.
2) The army was strong , but smaller in number.
more army strong sentences
army surgeon1) Severance seniors joined the military as army surgeons .
2) army surgeons carry out an operation during the Second World War.
more army surgeon sentences
army surplus1) Not hastily picked up at the nearest army surplus store!
2) Someone was buying army surplus , enough surplus to dress an army.
more army surplus sentences
army tank1) Both bases had a stripped down light army tank .
2) A movie entirely set inside an army tank ?
more army tank sentences
army troop1) As protesters continued marching, army troops opened fire.
2) Other French army troops soon apprehend them.
more army troop sentences
army troops1) As protesters continued marching, army troops opened fire.
2) Other French army troops soon apprehend them.
more army troops sentences
army truck1) Mounted police, army trucks , and tanks restored order.
2) Why have they fitted conservatory windows to that army truck ?
more army truck sentences
army uniform1) Some of them were wearing army uniforms .
2) In 1808 Prussian army uniforms underwent some considerable changes.
more army uniform sentences
army unit1) The existing army units were completely broken up.
2) It has been deployed alongside regular army units against various rebel groups.
more army unit sentences
army veteran1) Numerous colonies of Roman army veterans were established.
2) Also US army veteran , so doubly useful.
more army veteran sentences
army wife1) Sarah disliked the idea of being an army wife .
2) Tomorrow night we bring you the army wife's tale.
more army wife sentences
army withdraw1) The insurgent armies were withdrawing toward Warsaw.
2) The invasion armies withdrew in disarray in late January 1786.
more army withdraw sentences
army worm1) Insect pests include fall and beet army worms and grasshoppers.
2) Pests include aphids (green bugs), Hessian fly, white grubs, and army worms .
more army worm sentences
armyworm1) The fall armyworm is primarily a late-season cotton pest.
2) A full-grown armyworm is 30 to 35 mm long.
more armyworm sentences
assemble army1) The army was hastily assembled , lacked uniforms and shoes.
2) The entire army assembled on August 22.
more assemble army sentences
attack army1) McDowell planned to attack this numerically inferior enemy army .
2) The attacking army would surround a town.
more attack army sentences
build up army1) Players should build up armies on their own borders for better defense.
2) The restructured army Intelligence will provide better focus and supervision to build up army Intelligence to support our Army's evolving operations.
more build up army sentences
capture army1) Syria has returned 49 military instructors captured by the Syrian army .
2) The invading armies captured a few smaller places before investing Leuven.
more capture army sentences
command army1) He was commanding the largest British army ever.
2) George Washington had never commanded an army in battle before.
more command army sentences
conscript army1) The Tunisian army is in part a conscript army .
2) Some have conscript armies , others do not.
more conscript army sentences
create army1) In the newly created army and Navy the Brazilians had forced enlistment including foreign immigrants.
2) Civilization is somewhat similar. in its approach to creating armies and taking them to battle.
more create army sentences
defeat army1) The defeated army was allowed a safe passage.
2) Without food, many armies were defeated without fighting.
more defeat army sentences
defeated army1) The defeated army was allowed a safe passage.
2) Dark Fortress Fortress articles defeated army rises to restore peace.
more defeated army sentences
deploy army1) Strategic sealift was crucial to deploying army forces.
2) Color A, during next turn, plays a set, places all deploying armies accordingly, retakes border country.
more deploy army sentences
desert army1) But I figured since my army is a desert army rather than an urban one that might not work.
2) Klaus-Peter Seidel, and Jürgen Lange (both † 19 December 1975; both shot dead by deserting army soldiers Werner Weinhold.
more desert army sentences
destroy army1) The South had been particularly visited with the terrible blight of marching, destroying armies .
2) The Prague Offensive destroyed army Group Centre and parts of army Group Ostmark.
more destroy army sentences
dismissed from the army1) Lee was court martialed and eventually dismissed from the army .
2) He was court-martialed and dismissed from the army .
more dismissed from the army sentences
enemy army1) The nearly victorious enemy armies far to the south collapsed.
2) The objective is to defeat the enemy army .
more enemy army sentences
enter army1) A native of Saxony, Agricola entered army service in 1908.
2) The entering army , led by Bolesław, was ceremonially welcomed by the local archbishop and the family of Vladimir I of Kiev.
more enter army sentences
equip army1) Small, lightly equipped armies were maintained at all times.
2) De Soto brought with him a well equipped army .
more equip army sentences
face army1) facing army , Moss caught 5 balls for 186 yards and two touchdowns.
2) The new starter set named Island of Blood contains facing armies of High Elves and Skaven.
more face army sentences
field army1) Each army group controlled several field armies .
2) During war they formed three independent field armies .
more field army sentences
fight army1) The fighting army represented the essence of the nation's soul.
2) During the battle Kapur Singh ordered his men to retreat drawing the fighting army with them.
more fight army sentences
foreign army1) The foreign armies divided Peking into districts.
2) The foreign armies looted the city and occupied northern China.
more foreign army sentences
form army1) Pairs of attack helicopter regiments were combined to form army aviation brigades.
2) In South America, they form armies three-quarters of a million strong.
more form army sentences
gather army1) The whole army gathered around the fire.
2) Mebh gathers together huge armies planning to attack Ulster.
more gather army sentences
go into the army1) I went into the army in 1942.
2) Len was going into the army next Thursday.
more go into the army sentences
great army1) Our two great armies are enjoying a season of rest.
2) It was a mighty fleet and a great army .
more great army sentences
growing army1) The sons are a growing army of unemployed and maturing quickly .
2) That's what a growing army of people now claim.
more growing army sentences
guerrilla army1) The guerrilla army of the Basques is not well known.
2) Today he is commander in chief of the Khmer Rouge guerrilla army .
more guerrilla army sentences
have army1) A corps has army divisions under its command.
2) They have do have army in thirds.
more have army sentences
hire army1) It 's easier to stop the employer from employing (and cheaper) than hiring armies to keep out illegal workers.
2) This brings Rambo more into the realm of the CIA's famed Special Activities Division which primarily hires army Special Forces soldiers.
more hire army sentences
huge army1) The Iraqi army was a huge army .
2) The Sultan was enraged and personally led a huge army southward.
more huge army sentences
imperial army1) The imperial armies were closing around him.
2) imperial armies usually comprised mainly citizens and loyal subjects.
more imperial army sentences
in command of the army1) Upon her victory, he immediately places her in command of the army .
2) Díaz Vélez acted as major-general or second in command of the army .
more in command of the army sentences
in the army1) He served in the army without real distinction.
2) Being enlisted in the army is stable.
more in the army sentences
increasing army1) The ever increasing army of tourists who came up to look at the scenery was growing.
2) During the 19th century, many houses were enlarged to accommodate the increasing armies of servants needed to create the famed country house lifestyle.
more increasing army sentences
invade army1) The invading army now had a considerable manpower advantage.
2) An invading army would find no resistance.
more invade army sentences
invading army1) The invading army now had a considerable manpower advantage.
2) An invading army would find no resistance.
more invading army sentences
join army1) Martin later leaves town to join the army .
2) His eldest son joined the Union army .
more join army sentences
join the army1) Martin later leaves town to join the army .
2) He joined the army cadets while a teenager.
more join the army sentences
large army1) Both sides raised large armies which included many barbarians.
2) The large army fell short from the start.
more large army sentences
lead army1) He decided to lead the army himself.
2) The King led the army during wartime.
more lead army sentences
leave army1) left army for newspaper work in 1836.
2) Upon leaving army active duty, Duckett remained at White Sands as a civil-service employee.
more leave army sentences
leave the army1) He eventually left the army in 1919.
2) He actually left the army officially on 24th October 1919.
more leave the army sentences
maintain army1) The rich guilds maintained armies which accompanied trade caravans.
2) The Wataniah Signal Squadrons assist regular squadrons of the Royal Signals Regiment in establishing and maintaining army communications.
more maintain army sentences
march army1) So, he marched armies to rescue Hsenwi.
2) Next to the dunes is a band of high land that can easily be traversed by a marching army .
more march army sentences
massive army1) massive armies are by now obsolete .
2) Five massive armies were launched in June 636 to roll back Syria.
more massive army sentences
mercenary army1) Carthaginian generals marshalled mercenary armies and were separately elected.
2) They had their own mercenary army for the protection of their merchandise.
more mercenary army sentences
mighty army1) They are the mightiest army I have encountered.
2) It also had the mightiest army in Europe.
more mighty army sentences
mobilize army1) The fully mobilized army will decline in strength from 200,000 to 120,000.
2) Tolby infiltrates the mountain valley, sneaking past the rapidly mobilizing army of the state.
more mobilize army sentences
modern army1) The modern army depends on its increasingly complex equipment working properly.
2) They had different boots on, modern army ones.
more modern army sentences
national army1) State militias were preferred over a national army .
2) The formation of a national army proved more difficult.
more national army sentences
occupying army1) The crash illustrated the desperate situation the occupying army faced.
2) They also faced a Soviet occupying army both hardened and victorious.
more occupying army sentences
opposing army1) The opposing army was launching an attack.
2) The village was apparently being targeted by an opposing army .
more opposing army sentences
organize army1) The Assyrians had a very well organized army .
2) In 1611, he first put his newly organized army to use.
more organize army sentences
powerful army1) Two powerful armies battling between two great fortifications.
2) Sigismund with his powerful army was slow approaching Prague.
more powerful army sentences
private army1) But workers stationed along the river spotted the private army .
2) There were also private armies held by aristocrats.
more private army sentences
professional army1) Everyone knew that professional armies beat amateur armies.
2) That has increased pressure to move to a more professional army .
more professional army sentences
ragtag army1) Jamie has joined the City Militia, a ragtag army that polices the ghettos of West London.
2) Crook had already given orders to shoot abandoned animals for food, and for several days his saddened, ragtag army would exist on a diet of mule and horsemeat.
more ragtag army sentences
raise army1) Both sides raised large armies which included many barbarians.
2) And allies of David abroad are raising an army .
more raise army sentences
rebel army1) The two rebel armies were now indeed separate.
2) Donghak believers and angered peasants began forming a rebel army .
more rebel army sentences
recruit army1) Anamika offers to spread the word and recruit army members from other ashrams.
2) Public order in the colony was maintained by the Force Publique , a locally recruited army under Belgian command.
more recruit army sentences
regular army1) Saddam knew that regular army morale was poor.
2) It has been deployed alongside regular army units against various rebel groups.
more regular army sentences
reserve army1) An official reserve army , composed of citizen soldiers.
2) Second formation was formed from 2nd reserve army .
more reserve army sentences
retreat army1) The French emperor's outnumbered army retreated in chaos.
2) Others fled with the retreating German army in 1944.
more retreat army sentences
retreating army1) Stragglers from the retreating army were picked up at every step.
2) The retreat opened access to the Soviets behind the retreating army Corps.
more retreating army sentences
rout army1) A flight, as of a routed army .
2) Tonight, we will know if you are warriors. That dramatic evening Carlisle routed army 27-6.
more rout army sentences
royal army1) Several royal armies were defeated in this struggle.
2) He cut down the supply lines and attacked the royal army .
more royal army sentences
send army1) Emperor Manuel sent three armies against Hungary.
2) An additional army was sent to help the Americans.
more send army sentences
serve in the army1) He served in the army without real distinction.
2) Snyder would serve in the army following graduation.
more serve in the army sentences
small army1) Eventually he was awarded a small army pension.
2) That will leave a very small army .
more small army sentences
stand army1) They also were big time against standing armies .
2) This prompts both Kimball and Doyle to stand both armies down.
more stand army sentences
standing army1) Israel relays mainly on the standing army .
2) Until the 17th century there were very few standing armies .
more standing army sentences
supply army1) A depot evolved to supply army camps and the railroad.
2) supply army - Creation of new armies.
more supply army sentences
train army1) He assembled a poorly provisioned and poorly trained army .
2) He spent the next eight years training army Reservists.
more train army sentences
vast army1) They took their vast armies and left Troy.
2) Almost to a man that vast army turned and fled.
more vast army sentences
veritable army1) Supplies of every sort were needed to house and feed a veritable army of actors, directors and subordinates.
2) Count those involved from the very beginning, and you have a veritable army of members who have made the extension possible.
more veritable army sentences
victorious army1) Two years after Moscow burned, our victorious army entered Paris.
2) Behind him Georgina advanced like a victorious army .
more victorious army sentences
volunteer army1) It means a gradual transfer to a professional volunteer army .
2) The volunteer army dispersed, ending the Patriot War.
more volunteer army sentences

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