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aroma1) This aroma is noted during late afternoons.
2) The aroma while brewing is wonderful too .
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aroma compound1) Cucumber contains a few dozen of different aroma compounds .
2) Raspberry ketone is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries .
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aroma fill1) The casserole bubbles invitingly, the coals underneath glow brightly as the aroma fills the air around the campfire.
2) Diffusion is the process of dispersing essential oils so that their aroma fills a room or an area with the natural fragrance.
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aroma linger1) The alcohol helps the aroma linger for a longer duration.
2) Somehow, the wonderful aroma lingered on for days after.
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aroma therapy1) The paste is used along with steam treatment and aroma therapy .
2) Is this going to bring aroma therapy into mainstream medicine?
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aroma waft1) The aroma wafting from the kitchen was divine!
2) Suddenly , some tempting aromas wafting through the air conditioned vents make your imaginations run wilder.
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aromas1) Bright citrus and lush tropical fruit aromas .
2) He has never stopped experimenting with motion pictures and aromas .
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be filled with aroma1) The technology allows the beverage bottle headspace to be filled with aromas that provide a greater consumer experience.
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delicate aroma1) The delicate aroma will melt away the tensions of a busy day.
2) With a delicate , spicy aroma .
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delicious aroma1) At times , I inadvertently but unintentionally, inhaled delicious aroma .
2) The delicious aroma from all the food had my stomach doing flips.
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distinctive aroma1) The fire wood will give the cooked rice a distinctive aroma .
2) The juice is greenish and acidic, having the distinctive lime aroma .
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faint aroma1) All of a sudden, a faint aroma appears.
2) They still retained the faint aroma of Ludovico's body.
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floral aroma1) The former is an extraordinary variety, with very intense floral aromas of lilies.
2) It has a floral aroma .
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fruit aroma1) It smells nothing like a natural fruit aroma .
2) Bright citrus and lush tropical fruit aromas .
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fruity aroma1) The results were golden-green berries with a wonderful fruity aroma , typical for mature Riesling.
2) Dry leaves - typical of Darjeelings, with nutty, fruity , somewhat dry aroma .
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have aroma1) It matured better, had a better aroma .
2) It has the aroma and flavor of toasted malt .
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heady aroma1) Emerald green in color, with the heady aroma of fresh basil - pesto alla genovese is the essence of springtime.
2) Cafe El Gato Negro The heady aromas of El Gato Negro's spices, teas and coffees are allure enough to merit a visit to this quaint cafe on busy Avenida Corrientes.
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hop aroma1) hop aroma and flavor should be low but notable.
2) Hallertau hops balance the malt but impart no hop aroma .
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inhale the aroma1) An aftershave bottle spilled its contents and Scott inhaled the aroma momentarily before stepping back.
2) She inhaled the aroma of his thick black coffee and looked with some doubt at her murky cup of tea.
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mouth watering aroma1) A large percentage of the bacon is slowly smoked in our own smoke house, filling the factory with a delicious mouth watering aroma .
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pleasant aroma1) Life Mel has a distinctive and pleasant aroma and flavour.
2) It will add a pleasant aroma to your room.
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pungent aroma1) The dry bracken crackled beneath his feet and gave off a pungent aroma .
2) Due to the pungent aroma , smoking masks defects detectable with other methods of preparation.
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release aroma1) Upon opening the can this matcha immediately releases a lovely sweet aroma .
2) Hold the glass by the stem and swirl it to release the aroma .
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rich aroma1) The rich aromas continue through the mid-palate.
2) The soup is not greasy and with a rich aroma , very delicious.
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smell aroma1) Then they smelled a really good aroma .
2) It 's an open kitchen and smell the nice food aroma .
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smell the aroma1) You should be able to smell the aroma of the garlic.
2) Breathe deeply, feel the wind, taste the air and smell the aroma of adventure.
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spicy aroma1) With a delicate, spicy aroma .
2) It was pungent with spicy aromas , reminiscent of my experiences so far with shiraz.
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strong aroma1) strong aroma and taste can be expected.
2) It has a beautiful green color to it and strong aroma .
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subtle aroma1) Colour is medium red and the soft subtle aromas are of red fruits.
2) The pots gave off a subtle aroma from the countless dishes they had cooked.
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sweet aroma1) The sweet aroma of autumn filled their lungs.
2) Its malty sweet aroma does not disappoint.
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wonderful aroma1) A wonderful aroma rose from the newly moistened ground.
2) Somehow, the wonderful aroma lingered on for days after.
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