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apparel1) An apparel retailer noted that inventories increased.
2) Our online apparel shop is open for business.
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apparel store1) A western apparel store may choose to play country music.
2) They are widely available in athletic shoe and apparel stores .
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apparelled1) The Borysthenites kept watch at the gates, that no Scythian might see the king thus apparelled .
2) And at the end of that time she apparelled herself, and went to visit the Countess.
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brand apparel1) Clothing designers invite customers to take pictures of themselves in the branded apparel and share via Instagram.
2) For over 100 years, they have grown by offering consumers high quality, high value branded apparel .
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child apparel1) This has resulted in an online petition campaign by small manufacturers of children's apparel .
2) In 2010 it already became the biggest seller of children's apparel on Taobao.
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fashion apparel1) Control Sector will follow with forward thinking street fashion apparel .
2) Viscose into fashion apparel , flock and nonwoven disposable garments.
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fine apparel1) Then, the business goes on to its craft of fine apparel goods in the Village.
2) After Forest had taken over, all their fine apparel had been removed and replaced with ill-fitting second-hand garments.
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footwear apparel1) Offering unique urban footwear , apparel , and accessories for the style connoisseur!
2) This has enabled women footwear apparels and footwear market to accumulate more revenues compared to other categories .
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include apparel1) The agreement includes athletic apparel and footwear.
2) Products include apparel and other commemorative goods .
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intimate apparel1) Carole has been creating intimate apparel for over 30 years.
2) He commissioned market research that identified women's feelings about intimate apparel .
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man apparel1) The rebate would be only for any combination of men's apparel .
2) The 1970s became a dominant theme for inspiration on men's apparel in 1996.
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performance apparel1) End uses include high performance apparel , sportswear, childrenswear, and performance underwear.
2) performance apparel consist of two sections- Sports wear and Protective Clothing.
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sell apparel1) We've sold apparel directly from the pages of the magazine.
2) The Japanese clothing company Cospa sells officially licensed apparel featuring G Gundam .
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sport apparel1) You can purchase sports apparel and merchandise for major sports teams.
2) Under Armour has always touted the scientific underpinnings of its sports apparel .
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wear apparel1) Hundreds of draft prospects wear tight apparel .
2) Household goods and wearing apparel valued at $7,000.
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woman apparel1) There are regional variations of the women's apparel .
2) This has enabled women footwear apparels and footwear market to accumulate more revenues compared to other categories .
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