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TV appearance1) Four hundred TV appearances in five years!
2) There are no official plans for TV appearances yet.
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abrupt appearance1) The theology is sound, but makes a somewhat abrupt appearance .
2) The album catches the listener off guard with the abrupt appearance of the intermission.
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alter appearance1) You can alter the appearance in the options panel.
2) Such a project could drastically alter the aesthetic appearance of Hobart.
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appearance1) My current fee is $1000 per appearance .
2) She makes occasional appearances throughout each series.
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appearance belies1) It's high quality appearance belies its cheap price.
2) The Great Dane's large and imposing appearance belies its friendly nature.
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appearance fee1) Guest panelists were paid $750 as an appearance fee .
2) Industry practitioners are paid appearance fees all the time.
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appearance money1) The appearance money due to Newcastle was withheld.
2) Not to ask for any more appearance money .
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appearance of1) appearances of tracked foreground objects are clustered using several features.
2) These movements usually followed appearances of supernatural beings.
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appearance of conflict1) The appearance of conflict of interest angered many.
2) This is another instance of appearance of conflict being more important that actual conflict .
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appearance of impropriety1) Will my actions have the appearance of impropriety ?
2) A judge must avoid all impropriety and appearance of impropriety .
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appearances1) She makes occasional appearances throughout each series.
2) The puppets made daily appearances until 1981.
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appearances can be deceptive1) appearances can be deceptive - dangerously deceptive.
2) Hence my comment that appearances can be deceptive .
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attractive appearance1) She is of unusual and attractive appearance .
2) The fruit normally large with a smooth and attractive appearance .
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avoid appearance1) Care should be taken to avoid artificial appearance .
2) avoid the appearance of prejudice or discrimination.
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brief appearance1) A candy stall customer makes a brief appearance .
2) There was something overwhelmingly assured about this brief appearance .
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cameo appearance1) Several members of production crew made cameo appearances .
2) He made cameo appearances in later episodes.
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cancel appearance1) His appearance was cancelled due to protests.
2) Their new television appearances were cancelled as well.
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change appearance1) They are capable of changing appearance to please themselves.
2) Some returning items have changed appearance and function.
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contrary to appearances1) An exemption clause may, contrary to appearances , have little or no effect.
2) contrary to appearances this verdict was on the verge of acquittal by one vote.
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court appearance1) Additionally everyone arrested has a mandated court appearance .
2) His next court appearance has not been determined .
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despite appearances1) It knows that despite appearances , all is well.
2) despite appearances , its bark is definitely worse than its bite.
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disheveled appearance1) When he notices her disheveled appearance and unbuttoned shirt he begins to beat her.
2) He also has a tattered white sleeve covering most of his body, giving him a disheveled appearance .
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dishevelled appearance1) He was inspecting her dishevelled appearance with what appeared to be sardonic enjoyment.
2) Her dishevelled appearance during and after a scheduled club night in September sparked new rumours of a relapse.
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distinctive appearance1) These methods gave mission structures their distinctive appearance .
2) This gave it a distinctive appearance because the wheels were very obvious.
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dramatic appearance1) Kim's close cropped blond hair added to her dramatic appearance .
2) Sir Roger has financed some of her dramatic appearances .
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enhance appearance1) The lens shape selected should greatly enhance the wearer's appearance .
2) Make-up and grooming are used to enhance appearance .
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enhance the appearance of1) People are naturally attracted to light and light enhances the appearance of ads.
2) Removing enamel is necessary when placing crowns and veneers to enhance the appearance of teeth.
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external appearance1) Males and females are similar in external appearance .
2) The male and female are indistinguishable by external appearance including size.
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farewell appearance1) THIS WAS NOT THE farewell appearance Nigel Mansell had wanted.
2) Later that day, Wenger confirmed that it was Lehmann's farewell appearance .
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feature appearance1) There were several celebrity guests appearances featured during this series.
2) The series has featured several celebrity guest appearances throughout its run.
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final appearance1) The finishing method determines this final appearance .
2) His final appearance is in the final episode.
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first appearance1) The first appearance was in episode 11.
2) The first appearance was in episode 98.
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frequent appearance1) She made frequent appearance to surprised staff members.
2) Linda Taylor made frequent appearances playing guitar and occasionally keyboards.
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general appearance1) The general appearance must remain the same.
2) All three forms have the same general appearance .
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give appearance1) He gave little appearance of being unusually happy.
2) He is given a more youthful appearance with digital technology.
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guest appearance1) His guest appearances had already generated enthusiasm.
2) Or did several masters make guest appearances ?
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handsome appearance1) He was distinguished for his physical strength and handsome appearance .
2) His concentration when pursuing goals and handsome appearance have attracted many women.
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have appearance1) The river has had appearances in films.
2) Book has appearance of only minimal use.
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improve appearance1) Surgical care is used to improve cosmetic appearance .
2) Artificial noses were sometimes used to improve this appearance .
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in spite of appearance1) And in spite of appearances , the planners versus searchers dichotomy is not an ideological distinction.
2) So they too, in spite of appearances , were having rela- tions with the schoolgirl?
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initial appearance1) The initial appearance is scheduled next week.
2) The character was occasionally referenced before his initial appearance .
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judge by appearances1) He knew better than to judge by appearances .
2) Anyway, you shouldn't judge by appearances .
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keep up appearance1) People searching trash, while others keep up appearances .
2) And she had to keep up appearances .
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keep up appearances1) People searching trash, while others keep up appearances .
2) And she had to keep up appearances .
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live appearance1) His live appearances on television were few.
2) Both live appearances were aired on ABC.
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made an appearance1) Yet current events also made an appearance .
2) Jason has made an appearance in three video games.
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maintain appearance1) You can avoid excess by maintaining a dignified appearance .
2) How will you maintain a premium appearance ?
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make an appearance1) an obligatory driving level makes an appearance .
2) Yet current events also made an appearance .
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make appearance1) She makes occasional appearances throughout each series.
2) The puppets made daily appearances until 1981.
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makes an appearance1) an obligatory driving level makes an appearance .
2) It always makes an appearance in fall.
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mark appearance1) Spiritual movement marks the appearance of new properties.
2) This marked the appearance of catholic schools under their supervision.
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mimic appearance1) She can mimic the appearance of anyone she touches.
2) Other coat colors may mimic the appearance of a cream coat color.
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occasional appearance1) She makes occasional appearances throughout each series.
2) The character however makes occasional appearances in later seasons.
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odd appearance1) He looked at her odd appearance and then frowned.
2) They may have odd appearances , depending on their parentage.
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outer appearance1) Their outer appearance reflected society's curiosity of blackness.
2) February Physical Body Creating change in your outer appearance .
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outward appearance1) It looked totally stock from outward appearances .
2) These generalizations are mostly based on outward appearance .
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overall appearance1) Its overall appearance has remained consistent since 1873.
2) The overall appearance would be little changed.
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personal appearance1) Your personal appearance speaks volumes before you ever utter a word.
2) The personal appearance of the new sovereign has already been described.
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physical appearance1) You are overly critical about physical appearance .
2) physical appearance is extremely important to teenagers.
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present appearance1) It presents the appearance of a contagious epidemic.
2) The ornaments and chains of the soldiers presented a brilliant appearance .
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public appearance1) It was his last important public appearance .
2) The 2009 award ceremony was his last public appearance .
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put in an appearance1) At least Michael didn't put in an appearance .
2) Pretty much every active Legionnaires puts in an appearance .
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put in appearance1) What other celebrity athletes will be putting in appearances this season?
2) Apart from Kaas and Jackson, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross and Status Quo also put in appearances .
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puts in an appearance1) Pretty much every active Legionnaires puts in an appearance .
2) Flem also puts in an appearance helping mount the Talon system on the Argo.
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putting in an appearance1) Jonadab was not to be hurried and methodically finished changing into his working clothes before putting in an appearance .
2) There is talk, too, of Kenny McKinstry putting in an appearance to give his Subaru a pre-Donegal work-out following its trip to Barbados.
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radio appearance1) Grant then made various isolated radio appearances .
2) Tim has made several television & radio appearances at home & abroad.
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rare appearance1) The option has made rare appearances in the NFL.
2) His lobster telephone and pouting lips made a rare appearance .
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recent appearance1) Their most recent appearance was November 9th.
2) Her most recent appearance in April 1998.
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recur appearance1) The second season marked a large number of recurring guest appearances .
2) Many characters on Angel made recurring appearances .
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regular appearance1) The regular appearance of new comics slowed considerably in late 2010.
2) Made regular appearances in Astro Boy .
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schedule appearance1) The initial appearance is scheduled next week.
2) His court appearance is scheduled for April 15.
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scheduled appearance1) That endorsement prompted Phillips to cancel a scheduled appearance before the group.
2) Check for scheduled appearances of the Conservation Station in your area.
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scruffy appearance1) His often scruffy appearance also perturbed his parents.
2) He had health problems, was overweight, and had a scruffy appearance .
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second appearance1) Your second appearance was very , very good.
2) Jackson makes a second appearance in the season finale.
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special appearance1) Madonna also makes a special appearance and commentary.
2) Stephanie Pratt makes a special appearance from episode two onwards.
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spoil the appearance1) the other factor that can spoil the appearance of an alloy wheel is impact damage.
2) Clear gloss varnishes should not be stirred or shaken before use, as this would cause air bubbles to form which would might spoil the appearance of the varnish.
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stage appearance1) Her next stage appearance wasn't much better than her first.
2) Redding received advice from Rufus Thomas about his clumsy stage appearance .
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strange appearance1) The bartender noticed his rather strange appearance and called the cops.
2) The servants smiled when they saw my strange appearance .
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striking appearance1) Males are easily recognisable by their striking appearance .
2) It does however have a striking appearance because of its unusual coat.
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sudden appearance1) Madame Web is left baffled by his sudden appearance .
2) Chinese astronomers record the sudden appearance of a bright star.
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surface appearance1) It has a similar surface appearance to Europa.
2) The powder process is well-known for delivering a high-quality surface appearance .
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surprise appearance1) His surprise appearance brought her to tears.
2) Jennifer Garner also makes a surprise appearance .
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take on the appearance1) They mostly take on the appearance of Pirates.
2) They took on the appearance of Swiftian satire.
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television appearance1) Video footage from live performances and television appearances .
2) This was his first major television appearance .
more television appearance sentences
television appearances1) Video footage from live performances and television appearances .
2) She has also made various other television appearances .
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to all appearances1) The film itself was to all appearances abandoned.
2) to all appearances , she had a blast.
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to put in an appearance1) Brackenbury failed to put in an appearance on the following day.
2) The insidious enemy called Trench Foot was quick to put in an appearance .
more to put in an appearance sentences
unexpected appearance1) Her wits went begging at his totally unexpected appearance .
2) The Black Widow also makes an unexpected appearance .
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unkempt appearance1) Everyone loved him, in spite of his unkempt appearance .
2) Visitors commented upon the tiny Scotswoman's sunburnt face and unkempt appearance .
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unprepossessing appearance1) Throughout the years reporters remarked on his unprepossessing appearance .
2) Long suffering Arunachalam (Mapilai Ganesh) is never allowed to forget his unprepossessing appearance .
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visual appearance1) The lean visual appearance and reduced shape integrate three different functions.
2) The visual appearance of the game is highly unusual.
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youthful appearance1) We are a culture addicted to youthful appearance .
2) He is given a more youthful appearance with digital technology.
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