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appellate1) The appellate court found this was error.
2) The appellate decision was not further appealed.
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appellate attorney1) That's where appellate attorneys come in.
2) An appellate attorney is an attorney who is familiar with the appeals process.
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appellate brief1) They do have something else- appellate briefs .
2) An appellate brief is a written legal argument presented to an appellate court.
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appellate counsel1) appellate defense counsel will also be available to assist the accused at no charge.
2) I. Ineffective Assistance of appellate counsel Bingham argues that his appellate counsel was ineffective.
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appellate court1) The appellate court found this was error.
2) A federal appellate court upheld the decision.
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appellate decision1) The appellate decision was not further appealed.
2) Information from two relevant appellate decisions is summarized below.
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appellate division1) D appealed and the appellate division affirmed.
2) The appellate division set certain bounds to informer privilege.
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appellate judge1) But the appellate judge is a different matter.
2) Each district elects a number of appellate court judges .
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appellate jurisdiction1) High courts have original and appellate jurisdiction .
2) The Court has both mandatory and discretionary appellate jurisdiction .
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appellate lawyer1) This introductory clause was confusing for both appellate lawyers and trial lawyers.
2) There are more former trial judges on the appeals court than appellate lawyers .
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appellate opinion1) The appellate opinion also denied that the sentences were wrongly imposed .
2) Many states also make appellate opinions and federal court cases available through their respective court sites.
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appellate panel1) A federal appellate panel granted the temporary injunction .
2) An appellate panel is also composed of three District Court judges.
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appellate practice1) The appellate practice is led by Paul M. Smith.
2) Our Alabama appellate law practice often handles custody issues in post-divorce modification cases.
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appellate proceeding1) Delic remained in the Detention Unit while appellate proceedings continued.
2) Subsequently, the Appeals Chamber declared appellate proceedings in relation to Ojdanić concluded.
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appellate review1) Without appellate review , judicial discretion is virtually unfettered.
2) Those sentences are still, however, subject to appellate review .
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appellate ruling1) The appellate rulings could also be appealed.
2) The appellate court's ruling may again be appealed to the Court.
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appellate tribunal1) This is particularly so where tribunals have their own appellate tribunal .
2) The decision will likely be appealed in the appellate tribunal .
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