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appease1) Many decisions are made to appease industry that is politically connected.
2) This failed to appease many who complained.
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appease critic1) To appease the critics , the game was withdrawn, re-programmed and re-released several times.
2) Whether the complaint is justified or not, do your best to appease the critics .
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appease people1) If you appease some people , you aggrieve others.
2) Open the Hucheon through loyalty and piety and appease the people .
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appease spirit1) Often, personal property was buried with slaves to appease spirits .
2) The living tries to appease the spirits by taking food to temples to make merit.
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appease the public1) To appease the public , Daniel and Heather agreed to start dating in private.
2) Poe's best known fiction works are Gothic, a genre he followed to appease the public taste.
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appeased1) The page sat down again, readily appeased .
2) Hindus are thinking Muslims are being appeased .
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appeases1) He sounds off and appeases when necessary.
2) Niner appeases those cravings with a fleet of bikes.
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appeasing1) Microsoft has a more immediate concern than appeasing a competitor .
2) Denis raised his hand in an appeasing gesture.
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