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a right of appeal1) Did Winchester have a right of appeal apart from membership?
2) There was a right of appeal to a board of three medical practitioners.
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aesthetic appeal1) These highly versatile finishing touches have many uses besides aesthetic appeal .
2) The aesthetic appeal of symmetry is easily understandable.
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aesthetically appeal1) We install systems that are aesthetically appealing and blend into the environment seamlessly.
2) Greek philosophers initially felt that aesthetically appealing objects were beautiful in and of themselves.
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allow appeal1) To know whether or not a college allows appeals , you should first browse the website.
2) In the case of noble estates, nothing is known regarding the regulatory conditions allowing appeal from decisions of the land owner.
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appeal1) Very few criminal trial appeals are successful.
2) This is called curb appeal .
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appeal a decision1) The complainant was told of his right to appeal a decision .
2) Victims or interested parties can also appeal a decision not to prosecute.
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appeal acquittal1) Italian law allows prosecutors to appeal acquittals .
2) Prosecutors said at the time they would appeal the acquittal .
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appeal board1) The decision of the appeals board is final.
2) They acted as a trial and appeals board .
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appeal bond1) On April 8, 1983, Judge Laurie granted Evans an appeal bond .
2) The board is not required to give an appeal bond in any cause arising under this chapter.
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appeal brief1) The appeal brief contained 47 exhibits and thirteen affidavits.
2) Response briefs shall be limited to the scope of the appeal brief .
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appeal case1) The case was appealed but was once more rejected.
2) The government did not appeal the case further.
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appeal committee1) Their appeals to the appeal committee were dismissed.
2) The appeals committees themselves have been faced with a difficult task.
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appeal conviction1) Criminal Code convictions are appealed through the courts.
2) Simmons attorney says they will appeal the conviction .
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appeal court1) The case is currently before an appeals court .
2) The appeals court has issued its verdict.
more appeal court sentences
appeal decision1) The government was empowered to appeal tribunal decisions .
2) The appellate decision was not further appealed .
more appeal decision sentences
appeal denial1) He also appeals denial of expert witness fees.
2) An injured worker is entitled to appeal a denial .
more appeal denial sentences
appeal deny1) The appeal was denied four months later.
2) Five months later his appeal was denied .
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appeal determination1) The H-2A regulations do not contain a provision for appealing wage determinations .
2) As a health plan member, you have the right to appeal any determination .
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appeal directly1) Wilhelm eventually appealed directly to his father the Kaiser.
2) Gladstone went beyond image by appealing directly to the people.
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appeal directly to1) Wilhelm eventually appealed directly to his father the Kaiser.
2) Gladstone went beyond image by appealing directly to the people.
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appeal dismiss1) The appeal was dismissed on both counts.
2) We therefore dismiss the appeals against both orders.
more appeal dismiss sentences
appeal dismissal1) The plaintiffs are preparing to appeal the dismissal .
2) The dismissal was appealed and upheld on 12 September 2011.
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appeal especially to1) Some of these jobs might appeal especially to younger people.
2) His rejection of the caste system appealed especially to the untouchables.
more appeal especially to sentences
appeal exhaust1) Some jurisdictions prohibit judicial appeal until administrative appeals are exhausted .
2) In October 2012 Goff said that Bradley had exhausted appeals .
more appeal exhaust sentences
appeal finding1) He appealed the findings of a State Department loyalty board.
2) The right to appeal the findings of the ROS.
more appeal finding sentences
appeal fine1) Infinity appealed the fine but again lost the case.
2) Leach announced that he would appeal the fine .
more appeal fine sentences

appeal for1) This approach is appealing for several reasons.
2) His 2014 appeal for recognition was denied again.
more appeal for sentences
appeal fund1) appeal funds shall not be expended before July 1, 2014.
2) What's your reaction to that sort of appeal fund ?
more appeal fund sentences
appeal hearing1) Conduct yourself professionally during the appeals hearing .
2) No. The appeal hearing is more formal.
more appeal hearing sentences
appeal judge1) A panel of appeal court judges had overruled Leon.
2) The appeals judge , however, reaffirmed his conviction.
more appeal judge sentences
appeal judgement1) Catholic Care stated its intention to appeal the judgement .
2) The prosecutor and the defendant can appeal the judgement .
more appeal judgement sentences
appeal judgment1) The military censor cannot appeal a court judgment .
2) Published reports indicate Tesch is appealing the judgment .
more appeal judgment sentences
appeal letter1) Sample appeal letter requesting a second opinion.
2) Your appeal letter must describe and defend your case.
more appeal letter sentences
appeal lie in1) Cassidy believed the game's appeal lay in the main character.
2) Partly, of course, butterflies' appeal lies in their perfect beauty.
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appeal panel1) His dismissal was later confirmed by an appeal panel .
2) The appeals panel is not expected to rule for several months.
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appeal play1) Runners may advance during a live-ball appeal play .
2) This is not an appeal play .
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appeal primarily1) They primarily appealed to urban workers, but also impoverished ruralites.
2) However, his campaign appealed primarily to frustrated anti-Carter voters.
more appeal primarily sentences
appeal primarily to1) However, his campaign appealed primarily to frustrated anti-Carter voters.
2) Irvine's message, forcefully delivered, appealed primarily to young laborers and tradesmen.
more appeal primarily to sentences
appeal procedure1) The law includes notice and appeal procedures .
2) The company rules should lay down an appeals procedure .
more appeal procedure sentences
appeal proceeding1) Parties with a legitimate interest may request accelerated processing of the appeal proceedings .
2) The court stayed enforcement of its ruling pending the conclusion of appeal proceedings .
more appeal proceeding sentences
appeal process1) Each court system has an appeals process .
2) This information covers the revisions and appeals process .
more appeal process sentences
appeal reject1) The final appeals were rejected in March 2010.
2) The CAR supreme court rejected the appeal .
more appeal reject sentences
appeal ruling1) They may appeal last week's ruling .
2) It said it will immediately appeal those rulings .
more appeal ruling sentences
appeal sentence1) However the suspects appealed the primary sentence .
2) The sentences are appealed to the Moroccan supreme court.
more appeal sentence sentences
appeal strongly1) The rabbit appealed strongly to children and became extremely popular.
2) That solution strongly appealed to the British.
more appeal strongly sentences
appeal suspension1) Can I appeal an immediate roadside licence suspension ?
2) Can I appeal a Criminal Code licence suspension ?
more appeal suspension sentences
appeal the conviction1) Simmons attorney says they will appeal the conviction .
2) He appealed the conviction , which was affirmed in 1999.
more appeal the conviction sentences
appeal the judgment1) Published reports indicate Tesch is appealing the judgment .
2) Subsequently, Bison gave notice that it would appeal the judgment .
more appeal the judgment sentences
appeal the ruling1) Viacom announced its intention to appeal the ruling .
2) the Vatican did not appeal the ruling .
more appeal the ruling sentences
appeal the sentence1) In appeal the sentences were confirmed in 1973.
2) His lawyers indicated they expect to appeal the sentence .
more appeal the sentence sentences
appeal the suspension1) the Muslim Student Union has appealed the suspension .
2) the letters also stated that the producers could appeal the suspension .
more appeal the suspension sentences
appeal to1) On such subjects appeals to patriotic feeling always fall dead.
2) The charismatic appeal to emotions was placed secondary.
more appeal to sentences
appeal to flattery1) She demonstrated again and again an uncanny ability of lifting my self-confidence without appealing to flattery .
2) appeal to flattery
more appeal to flattery sentences
appeal to the country1) the basis of the parties' appeal to the country is the election manifestos that they issue.
2) However he ensured that he first implemented the system in his own family before appealing to the country .
more appeal to the country sentences
appeal trial1) The appeal trial began in April 2013.
2) The appeals trial for Amanda Knox is in summer recess .
more appeal trial sentences
appeal tribunal1) The social security appeal tribunals are a typical example.
2) The employment appeal tribunal should change its practices .
more appeal tribunal sentences
appeal uphold1) His subsequent appeal was partially upheld by the IPCC.
2) The federal court of appeals upheld Act 10 in its entirety .
more appeal uphold sentences
appeal verdict1) The defendants are expected to appeal the verdict .
2) They are able to appeal the verdicts .
more appeal verdict sentences
appealed1) I appealed again and was once again denied.
2) The government appealed the suppression order again.
more appealed sentences
appealing1) This beautiful villa has many appealing features.
2) While certain muscles are more aesthetically appealing .
more appealing sentences
appeals1) Very few criminal trial appeals are successful.
2) Some jurisdictions prohibit judicial appeal until administrative appeals are exhausted.
more appeals sentences
boost appeal1) Either a big energy boost appealing kinda experience of sickness.
more boost appeal sentences
bring the appeal1) the court said that the people bringing the appeal did not have legal standing to do so.
2) In the unemployment insurance appeal, the appellant's action in bringing the appeal is the occasion for an inquiry by the Hearing Officer into the facts of the case.
more bring the appeal sentences
broad appeal1) broad generational appeal across all three brands.
2) Either element alone can generate broad appeal .
more broad appeal sentences
broaden appeal1) He thereby broaden the appeal to middle-class and professional voters.
2) Luxottica is expected to help broaden Glass' appeal .
more broaden appeal sentences
commercial appeal1) His commercial appeal is an added attraction .
2) Its commercial appeal helped bring about some crossover success.
more commercial appeal sentences
consider appeal1) Coun Carr said members had considered appealing .
2) We will be seeking further legal advice and will consider appealing .
more consider appeal sentences
considerable appeal1) These proposals for major structural changes had considerable appeal .
2) The Jobs-Plus mission and approach have considerable appeal at the local level.
more considerable appeal sentences
court appeal1) The stage was set for Supreme court appeals by both sides.
2) Charles won the District court appeal of his license revocation.
more court appeal sentences
court of appeal1) The court of appeals reversed and remanded.
2) The court of appeal allowed the appeal.
more court of appeal sentences
court of appeals1) The court of appeals reversed and remanded.
2) The court of appeals upheld the district court.
more court of appeals sentences
courts of appeal1) In 2007, the courts of appeal reversed the judgement.
2) Q: How many courts of appeals are there?
more courts of appeal sentences
crossover appeal1) Of course many products have strange crossover appeal too .
2) So this is where her crossover appeal lies.
more crossover appeal sentences
curb appeal1) This is called curb appeal .
2) The magic words here are curb appeal .
more curb appeal sentences
decide appeal1) Many appeals are decided on the papers alone.
2) Lands Tribunal has jurisdiction to decide appeals .
more decide appeal sentences
deny the appeal1) the court denied the appeal the following January.
2) the Supreme Court denied the appeal without comment.
more deny the appeal sentences
desperate appeal1) This seems even a more desperate appeal .
2) But tonight his mother made this desperate appeal .
more desperate appeal sentences
direct appeal1) direct appeals using logical arguments and evidence.
2) The convictions were upheld on direct appeal .
more direct appeal sentences
dismiss appeal1) The Blues captain clattered Olsson, but referee Neil Swarbrick dismissed appeals .
2) Some Academics dismiss appeal , Value Of Lectures Washington -- The lecture hall is under attack.
more dismiss appeal sentences
drop the appeal1) On October 21, the governor dropped the appeal .
2) Rico said his client dropped the appeal because he wanted to move on with his life.
more drop the appeal sentences
electoral appeal1) The difficulty will be the strategy's electoral appeal .
2) During the 1970s the SF began to change its program and electoral appeal .
more electoral appeal sentences
emergency appeal1) Something about an emergency appeal to a missing person.
2) No natural disaster occurs without Freemasons making substantial donations to emergency appeals for funds.
more emergency appeal sentences
emotional appeal1) The primary intention though is an emotional appeal .
2) It is both practical and filled with emotional appeal .
more emotional appeal sentences
enduring appeal1) For a supposedly dead language Latin exerts an enduring appeal .
2) This is why they have had such an enduring appeal .
more enduring appeal sentences
enhance appeal1) The bottle-shaped packet maintains brand recognition and enhances shelf appeal .
2) This enhances the appeal of Russian citizenship while eroding appeal to Georgian citizenship.
more enhance appeal sentences
equally appeal1) Sweet, salt and sour are equally appealing to the palate.
2) Webb's 1971 follow up album, , proved equally appealing to critics.
more equally appeal sentences
especially appeal1) This funky look might especially appeal to teens and kids.
2) Some of these jobs might appeal especially to younger people.
more especially appeal sentences
exhaust the appeal1) the designers can ask to have the fine suspended until they exhaust the appeal process .
2) He was imprisoned in 1967 and sentenced to 13 years, after exhausting the appeal process.
more exhaust the appeal sentences
extend appeal1) The major purpose of the Bill is to extend appeal rights to all asylum seekers.
more extend appeal sentences
eye appeal1) Stores invest heavily in creating eye appeal .
2) Consider using bullets to create eye appeal .
more eye appeal sentences
file appeal1) You must file any appeal within 30 days.
2) The appeal was filed about 30 minutes before midnight .
more file appeal sentences
formal appeal1) The ticket should include a formal appeal form.
2) Some employers have a formal appeals process.
more formal appeal sentences
fresh appeal1) ICABS has made a fresh appeal to Red Mills to disassociate from coursing.
2) CASH-starved Clwyd county council has made a fresh appeal to its staff to volunteer for redundancy or take early retirement.
more fresh appeal sentences
further appeal1) The sentence is suspended until further appeals .
2) No further appeals or legal actions are permitted.
more further appeal sentences
great appeal1) Its greatest appeal is that it is binding.
2) The genre has always had its greatest appeal for white males.
more great appeal sentences
grounds of appeal1) The second and third grounds of appeal accordingly are dismissed .
2) The other grounds of appeal were these.
more grounds of appeal sentences
growing appeal1) And yet , despite their growing appeal , some challenges remain.
2) Amid this moral decay, religious, ethnic and caste crusades have a growing appeal .
more growing appeal sentences
have appeal1) The state government has appealed the decision.
2) It is clear why this approach has appeal .
more have appeal sentences
hear appeal1) This court hears appeals from court martial decisions.
2) Such appeals are heard in chambers unless the judge otherwise directs.
more hear appeal sentences
hold appeal1) All of the contests and events held appealed to the youth, especially African American.
2) These cities other than having a rich historical background also hold appeal due to the entertainment they provide.
more hold appeal sentences
immediate appeal1) He is hopeful the biscuits will hold an immediate appeal to shoppers .
2) An immediate appeal for clemency was declined, and Yezhov became hysterical and weeping.
more immediate appeal sentences
immediately appeal1) He immediately appealed to the state government.
2) It said it will immediately appeal those rulings .
more immediately appeal sentences
increase appeal1) Oakland has gained increasing appeal as a travel destination, both nationally and internationally.
2) Photos were added supposedly to increase appeal but no adequate reasons were given to support this claim.
more increase appeal sentences
instant appeal1) LHX lacks instant appeal and involves swotting up on the options available.
2) Using the barn typology had an instant appeal in keeping with the adjacent barns.
more instant appeal sentences
intellectual appeal1) Inevitably, writing counterpoint has great intellectual appeal .
2) Controversies lend rabbinic literature much of its creative and intellectual appeal .
more intellectual appeal sentences
interlocutory appeal1) Client may intervene and take an interlocutory appeal .
2) The processors then filed an interlocutory appeal with regard to both orders.
more interlocutory appeal sentences
issue appeal1) He has issued an appeal against the jail sentence for contempt.
2) The HRA issued an appeal for urgent action on 21 July.
more issue appeal sentences
lasting appeal1) In estimating the lasting appeal of their grotesque performer.
2) Some critics accurately foresaw the film's lasting appeal .
more lasting appeal sentences
launch appeal1) The prosecution declined to launch an appeal .
2) Prosecutors launched appeals against the reductions in sentences.
more launch appeal sentences
legal appeal1) The direct review process is a typical legal appeal .
2) It had lodged a legal appeal against its dissolution.
more legal appeal sentences
limited appeal1) Other platforms skew towards specific demographics thus having limited appeal .
2) Property with limited appeal that are near power lines or are flood affected .
more limited appeal sentences
little appeal1) The original building was a basic brick box with little appeal .
2) For me personally, academic institutional learning holds little appeal .
more little appeal sentences
lodge appeal1) An appeal was lodged two weeks ago .
2) It had lodged a legal appeal against its dissolution.
more lodge appeal sentences
lord justice of appeal1) He died in 1974, a lord justice of appeal .
2) After only six years he was promoted again to be a lord justice of appeal .
more lord justice of appeal sentences
lord of appeal in ordinary1) lords of appeal in ordinary were entitled to emoluments.
2) lords of appeal in ordinary were joined by a number of lords of Appeal.
more lord of appeal in ordinary sentences
lose appeal1) The ageing Deal or No Deal has also been steadily losing appeal at 4 pm.
2) Throughout the 90's, Ibiza became more commercialised, mainstream and gradually lost appeal .
more lose appeal sentences
mainstream appeal1) mainstream appeal is essentially what you should strive for.
2) But the miniseries' ratings proved that it also had mainstream appeal .
more mainstream appeal sentences
make appeal1) Only bad lawyers make appeals to emotion ie .
2) They make appeal after appeal after appeal.
more make appeal sentences
mass appeal1) But mass appeal doesn't confer legitimacy.
2) Words and graphics are used to gather mass appeal .
more mass appeal sentences
naturally appeal1) Drive-in theaters naturally appeal to everyone.
2) By requiring repeated viewings and extensive knowledge of details, auteur theory naturally appealed to cult film fans.
more naturally appeal sentences
notice of appeal1) This trial transcript will accompany the notice of appeal .
2) Duncan's standby counsel filed a notice of appeal .
more notice of appeal sentences
obvious appeal1) This conjecture cannot be confirmed, despite its obvious appeal .
2) This has an obvious appeal and even a modicum of truth.
more obvious appeal sentences
on appeal1) The conviction was later overturned on appeal .
2) The sentence was later reduced on appeal .
more on appeal sentences
particularly appeal1) This approach is particularly appealing to scientists and engineers.
2) Bucegi mountains are particularly appealing for ski touring.
more particularly appeal sentences
penalty appeal1) Biden also voted against limiting death penalty appeals .
2) penalty appeals were waved away by Oliver.
more penalty appeal sentences
pend appeal1) The ruling has been stayed pending appeal .
2) The court decision was halted pending appeal .
more pend appeal sentences
pending appeal1) The ruling has been stayed pending appeal .
2) The court decision was halted pending appeal .
more pending appeal sentences
personal appeal1) There are times when personal appeals for conflict resolution are ineffective.
2) Gorbachev added a personal appeal on 13 April.
more personal appeal sentences
personally appeal1) Trimble personally appealed to Judge George Shannon of Lexington to hear the case.
2) Zak appealed personally to David Ben-Gurion, who was concerned for the operation's chances.
more personally appeal sentences
popular appeal1) However, the party had little popular appeal .
2) These weaknesses did not detract from a unique popular appeal .
more popular appeal sentences
populist appeal1) The populist appeal of such a move is obvious.
2) He was elected to office on populist appeal .
more populist appeal sentences
powerful appeal1) Thus, this passage becomes a powerful appeal to anyone who is serving sin.
2) MITT ROMNEY (Republican National Convention): Hope and change had a powerful appeal .
more powerful appeal sentences
reject appeal1) rejected appeals to commit the next Labour government to introducing a Bill of Rights.
2) But Mr MacSharry made no concessions, even rejecting appeals from his fellow Cabinet ministers.
more reject appeal sentences
repeatedly appeal1) Liu has repeatedly appealed to authorities in Tianjin and Beijing , seeking justice for her daughter.
2) Skinner maintains he is innocent, and has repeatedly appealed his conviction both at state and federal levels.
more repeatedly appeal sentences
snob appeal1) snob appeal : snob appeal is an exact reverse of the bandwagon technique.
2) snob appeal : snob appeal is an exact reverse of the bandwagon technique.
more snob appeal sentences
special appeal1) A special appeal was made to scientists.
2) Cult Films have limited but very special appeal .
more special appeal sentences
strong appeal1) It has strong appeal and is appalling .
2) Hays closes this section with a strong appeal to praxis.
more strong appeal sentences
submit appeal1) How to submit a parking fine appeal ?
2) An appeal is once again submitted to the court.
more submit appeal sentences
successfully appeal1) Criminal tickets are more difficult to successfully appeal against though.
2) The landlords successfully appealed to the High Court.
more successfully appeal sentences
throw out the appeal1) Unbelievably, the court threw out the appeal within five minutes.
more throw out the appeal sentences
timeless appeal1) Wood floors offer a timeless appeal to the masses.
2) It's medieval lyrical imagery gives it a timeless appeal .
more timeless appeal sentences
turn down appeal1) Rahul Gandhi, the youngest member of India's Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, has turned down appeals to play a more high-profile Congress party role.
2) The ref turned down appeals for a penalty but Benali must have said something because Kanu leapt to his feet and squared up to the defender.
more turn down appeal sentences
under appeal1) This decision is under appeal in 2012.
2) The cars ran in the race under appeal .
more under appeal sentences
universal appeal1) Milk chocolate gives it a more universal appeal .
2) Today, too, the book has universal appeal .
more universal appeal sentences
unsuccessful appeal1) An unsuccessful appeal is simply confirmation that the initial results were correct.
2) Casement made an unsuccessful appeal against the conviction and death sentence.
more unsuccessful appeal sentences
unsuccessfully appeal1) The government unsuccessfully appealed against the decision.
2) Hoffa spent the next three years unsuccessfully appealing his 1964 convictions.
more unsuccessfully appeal sentences
uphold the appeal1) the court upheld the appeal , declaring the will to be valid.
2) An Independent Regulatory Commission upheld the appeal and the red card was rescinded.
more uphold the appeal sentences
urgent appeal1) These urgent appeals did not remain fruitless.
2) In response the TUC is making an urgent appeal .
more urgent appeal sentences
urgently appeal1) Nguyen Cao Ky urgently appealed for closer cooperation and understanding between the two groups.
2) Likewise we urgently appeal to you, our brothers and sisters in the Catholic faith.
more urgently appeal sentences
visual appeal1) Never underestimate the visual appeal of finishing stitches.
2) They provide shade, wind protection and visual appeal .
more visual appeal sentences
visually appeal1) Make sure your site is visually appealing .
2) Readers want visually appealing stories and blog posts .
more visually appeal sentences
wide appeal1) Their writing has wide appeal and provides material for many publications.
2) There is a wide appeal for this show .
more wide appeal sentences
widespread appeal1) McNeill's academic credentials and reputation for integrity and political moderation had widespread appeal .
2) Boosted by fierce rivalries, college football still holds widespread appeal in the US.
more widespread appeal sentences
win appeal1) No, the vehicle can only be returned early upon winning appeal of the seizure.
2) Walmart won appeal of the ruling, then the German Supreme Court overturned the appeal.
more win appeal sentences

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