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append1) The meter example on left is appended with scale.
2) The final tally of all expenses was appended .
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append datum1) Later, the database has the data appended to it.
2) New data is appended to existing data without the need for complex database operations.
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append letter1) A sample letter is appended .
2) Development Modification Record denoted by an appended letter (e.g. 2.2A).
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append list1) This list is appended to what the Hierarchy parameter specifies.
2) For example, the append predicate is normally written so that it can append lists of any type.
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append note1) The detailed notes appended to Ord 15 or amendments should be referred to.
2) This has been amply proved by experience as the appended case notes can demonstrate.
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append suffix1) A suffix is appended to show the inclusion of titanium upgrades.
2) AP shells with a bursting charge were sometimes distinguished by appending the suffix HE .
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append text1) For ritual reading purposes a number of subsidiary texts are appended before and after.
2) append text , which has each embedded newline preceded by a backslash.
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append to1) Digital signature is appended to the message.
2) Is a string appended to the file name.
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append word1) Her kind would do anything to append the heavenly word 'artist' to themselves.
2) When applied to a string variable, the value defined by word is appended to the value.
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appended1) The meter example on left is appended with scale.
2) The final tally of all expenses was appended .
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appending1) Open or create file for both reading and appending .
2) appending cutting corners by touch browser produces comfortable access to softwares.
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appends1) It simply appends a digital signature to the executable code.
2) Heidegger appends a concluding remark to his reading of the poem.
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name append1) An append name (Z + standard extract structure) is proposed.
2) The whole file name is appended to the des- tination directory name.
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number append1) Each group name is made unique by appending a number if necessary.
2) That number is only appended if and when there is another pope who chooses the same name.
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signature append1) And those little signatures appended on every page were part of the play.
2) The final declaration had no signatures appended (the United States and the Bao Dai regime remained aloof).
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