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aluminum1) The aluminum components are 60% recycled.
2) What is engineer grade reflective aluminum road signs?
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aluminum acetate1) If the cause is inflammation of the vulva (vulvitis), applying wet dressings of aluminum acetate solution may help.
2) An astringent containing aluminum acetate (such as Burow's Solution) is also found to provide relief and soothe the uncomfortable symptoms of the rash.
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aluminum alloy1) An aluminum magnesium alloy is preferred for cost and weight considerations.
2) The fixture is constructed of copper free aluminum alloy and powder coated .
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aluminum bat1) He didn't swing with an aluminum bat .
2) aluminum bats are lighter and stronger than wooden bats.
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aluminum block1) The W126 line featured improved aerodynamics and enlarged aluminum engine blocks .
2) And like the LS2 it features an aluminum engine block .
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aluminum brass1) Steel, sheet tin and aluminum brass are used less frequently for hull construction, but are used extensively for adding details.
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aluminum bronze1) Coins were first issued in 1952 in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, and 50 bani, with aluminum bronze for 1, 3, and 5 bani, and cupro-nickel for 10, 25, and 50 bani.
2) The one and two dollar coins are made of aluminum bronze (92 percent copper, 6 per cent aluminum and 2 per cent nickel).
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aluminum can1) It was her desire to cash in the aluminum cans for recycling.
2) Instead, they proposed to place uranium slugs sealed in aluminum cans inside aluminum tubes.
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aluminum chassis1) The Chaparral 2C had a conventional aluminum chassis .
2) The T-Maxx uses a single plate aluminum chassis , braced underneath by beam supports.
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aluminum chloride1) The anticipated answer is 20.2% of the aluminum chloride mass .
2) Antiperspirant which contains aluminum chloride is more effective than normal deodorant.
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aluminum copper1) It is especially useful for working softer metals such as aluminum , copper , and mild steel.
2) Compare the similarities and differences between composites and wood, aluminum , copper , and steel.
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aluminum foil1) The trees were covered with long sheets of aluminum foil .
2) And please be responsible with aluminum foil .
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aluminum frame1) They have aluminum frames that make it.
2) They are made of an aluminum metal frame and a canvas cover.
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aluminum head1) Cast aluminum cylinder heads were used featuring 4 valves per cylinder.
2) Both engines use cast iron blocks with aluminum cylinder heads .
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aluminum hood1) Both 388 and 389 are Peterbilt's aluminum hood traditional styled trucks.
2) An aluminum hood , laminar window glass, and a lighter battery helped to reduce weight.
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aluminum hydride1) The tertiary amide was stable to the reaction conditions and reduced subsequently by lithium aluminum hydride .
2) Tungsten, molybdenum, manganese, and rhodium salts may be reduced with lithium aluminum hydride .
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aluminum hydroxide1) Prophylactic treatment with antiperspirants containing aluminum hydroxide may also decrease sweating in the foot.
2) When applied to water, alum forms a fluffy aluminum hydroxide precipitate called a floc.
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aluminum industry1) Development of the aluminum industry within Ghana was dependent upon the proposed hydroelectric power.
2) The aluminum industry could shift from using bauxite to using anorthosite and clay.
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aluminum oxide1) A thin layer of aluminum oxide was deposited on the facet.
2) The melamine surface gets its incredible durability from aluminum oxide .
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aluminum pan1) Those aluminum pans are dangerous and should be much stronger.
2) Buy one of those deep-dish aluminum pans with an aluminum lid.
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aluminum panel1) Safer and Stronger aluminum bi-folding door panels by design.
2) It featured its own design, with aluminum body panels and a removable fiberglass top.
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aluminum pedal1) aluminum pedals and a sunroof were optional.
2) Volvo adds aluminum pedals , plus aluminum inserts to the sport steering wheel rim.
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aluminum plant1) aluminum plants required huge amounts of electricity.
2) Health Survey of Workers of an aluminum plant in China.
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aluminum plate1) Figure 9 is an aluminum plate with spots of corrosion.
2) It had a metal gear transmission, and an aluminum motor plate .
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aluminum poisoning1) It is believed, by many, that Alzheimer's disease is caused by aluminum poisoning .
2) I will never get a flu shot because chances are you will still get the flu as well as maybe some kind of mercury or aluminum poisoning on top of it.
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aluminum siding1) No aluminum siding , composition board or fake material is allowed here.
2) The ranger's residence is a -story gable-roofed house, with modern aluminum siding .
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aluminum silicate1) Magnesium aluminum silicates and alverine citrate drugs can be effective for IBS.
2) It is composed of clay colored by iron oxide, magnesium, aluminum silicate , or potassium.
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aluminum smelter1) Alcoa has interests in 25 primary aluminum smelters in 8 countries.
2) The Grande-Baie aluminum smelter was built between 1977 and 1982.
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aluminum sulfate1) In 2003 the lake was treated with aluminum sulfate to encapsulate the phosphorus.
2) aluminum connectors corrode to aluminum sulfate .
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aluminum sulphate1) Many forms of baking powder contain sodium bicarbonate combined with calcium acid phosphate, sodium aluminum sulphate or cream of tartar.
2) Coagulation involves mixing a gelatinous precipitate, or floc (ferric sulphate or aluminum sulphate ), into the water.
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aluminum tube1) All the recalled Felt bikes have carbon fiber forks with aluminum steerer tubes .
2) The leash is an aluminum tube with a plastic coated cable which runs down through the tube.
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aluminum wheel1) Some models had optional aluminum alloy wheels .
2) Chrome aluminum wheels became standard equipment over plastic hubcaps.
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