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Alternative Investment Market1) He has a passion for the Alternative Investment Market and Alternative capital.
2) Nikanor's stock was listed on the LSE's Alternative Investment Market in London in July 2006.
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Alternative Vote1) Australia elects its lower house by Alternative Vote .
2) They are directly elected by secret ballot under the Alternative Vote .
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acceptable alternative1) Formal military wear and religious wear are acceptable alternatives .
2) I hope this is an acceptable alternative .
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affordable alternative1) An affordable alternative is Nice's local bus system.
2) Try canned salmon as a simple and affordable alternative .
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alternative1) The second alternative is state autonomy theory.
2) A search through many alternative solutions is often required.
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alternative accommodation1) Most firms have found alternative accommodation already.
2) Seek alternative accommodation somewhere, via the local tourist board maybe?
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alternative algebra1) Conjecture: Any finite commutative Moufang loop of period 3 can be embedded into a commutative alternative algebra .
2) Embedding CMLs of period 3 into alternative algebras
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alternative approach1) The other alternative approach was proposed in.
2) But there are alternative approaches and these are gaining popularity.
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alternative arrangement1) We therefore had to make alternative arrangements .
2) alternative arrangements such as mobile schools may address the problem.
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alternative arrangements1) We therefore had to make alternative arrangements .
2) alternative arrangements such as mobile schools may address the problem.
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alternative assessment1) Districts must apply to the department for approval of an alternative assessment .
2) alternative assessment Program - The modified HSGQE and the nonstandardized HSGQE.
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alternative available1) There is no cash prize alternative available .
2) The remaining alternatives available when funding has been exhausted.
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alternative bad1) But the alternatives were worse for them.
2) In other words , the alternatives are even worse .
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alternative band1) So , click on - your dream alternative wedding band awaits!
2) The Bloodhound Gang began as a small alternative band called Bang Chamber 8.
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alternative be1) The second alternative is state autonomy theory.
2) The latter alternative is probably less dangerous.
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alternative be available1) Use of cooling towers avoided where a viable alternative is available .
2) Near the Hub less satisfactory alternatives were available .
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alternative choice1) This often applies where a patient is faced by alternative choices .
2) alternative choices for the ocean data are tested.
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alternative comedian1) alternative comedian Alexei Sayle is out to show that vandalism is a serious problem.
2) He also appeared in Carry On Columbus (1992) with other alternative comedians .
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alternative comedy1) The naughty postcard camp king of alternative comedy .
2) The provincial alternative comedy circuit is nothing if not chaotic.
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alternative complement pathway1) complement Factor D is a member of the trypsin family of peptidases and is a component of the alternative complement pathway .
2) Three biochemical pathways activate the complement system: the classical complement pathway, the alternative complement pathway , and the lectin pathway.
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alternative conception1) alternative conceptions exist in the form of market socialism.
2) Several theoretical frameworks provide alternative conceptions of the reaction mechanisms and their application in solving related problems.
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alternative cost1) This can be called the alternative cost approach.
2) Another explained that the alternative cost of going to a library is very high.
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alternative curriculum1) One-fifth of the full-time JD students receive instruction in the alternative curriculum B program (Section 3).
2) Yet, there are also programs that choose alternative curricula , and some programs (five percent in Head Start) report that they have designed their own.
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alternative definition1) Consider alternative concepts or alternative definitions of concepts.
2) alternative definitions for automatic process have been given.
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alternative dispute resolution1) Healthcare providers and insurers are turning to alternative dispute resolution process.
2) Which alternative dispute resolution is usually more expensive and time consuming?
more alternative dispute resolution sentences
alternative do1) What alternative does the artist have in selling her music?
2) Further, what political alternatives does the poststructuralist model imply?
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alternative employment1) alternative employment for staff on maternity leave.
2) They nearly all found alternative employment , eventually.
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alternative end1) A very clever alternative ending to WW2.
2) On 25 July 2003, cinemas started showing the alternative ending after the film's credits.
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alternative ending1) A very clever alternative ending to WW2.
2) The first alternative ending plays out almost like the final ending.
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alternative energy1) They hate conservation and alternative energy .
2) As a result, private investors will mainly embark on new generation projects, including hydropower and alternative energy .
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alternative exist1) There is evidence to suggest that another alternative indeed exists .
2) Classical courts are too expensive over distance, so what alternatives exist ?
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alternative explanation1) It contains nothing as a viable alternative explanation .
2) And he had enough initiative to seek his own alternative explanations .
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alternative financing1) Project finance is often more complicated than alternative financing methods.
2) In political terms, this procedure is known as alternative financing .
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alternative for1) These countries are using safer alternatives for pesticide control.
2) Tactical alternatives for advancing stated national policy goals.
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alternative form of1) It explores alternative forms of ethical analysis.
2) These alternative forms of education are economical.
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alternative format1) In 1995, the radio station adopted an adult album alternative format .
2) The station's regular alternative format is flipped more urban on Sundays.
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alternative fuel1) One increasingly important alternative fuel is biomass.
2) There isn't one right alternative fuel .
more alternative fuel sentences
alternative fuel vehicle1) Report concerning compliance with alternative fueled vehicle purchasing requirements.
2) Extension of maximum fuel economy increase for alternative fueled vehicles .
more alternative fuel vehicle sentences
alternative fuels1) Proposed solutions include improved stoves and alternative fuels .
2) alternative fuels also include hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.
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alternative funding1) It contains links to over 300 alternative funding bodies.
2) Nicosia 's search for an alternative funding source has proven difficult.
more alternative funding sentences
alternative healing1) Others turn to alternative healing methods and herbal remedies.
2) alternative healing practices incorporate many shamanic principles and activities.
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alternative history1) Has you ever considered an alternative history ?
2) Ordinarily, alternative histories are not technically parallel universes.
more alternative history sentences
alternative hypothesis1) Many researchers adopt Cohen's standards as default alternative hypotheses .
2) Terms commonly associated with statistical hypotheses are null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis .
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alternative idea1) And then, question alternative ideas to conserve.
2) Nicolas Bernoulli himself proposed an alternative idea for solving the paradox.
more alternative idea sentences
alternative include1) alternatives include credit cards and home equity loans .
2) alternatives include seniority systems (oldest worker gets highest pay).
more alternative include sentences
alternative interpretation1) Poetry often implicitly invites multiple alternative interpretations from readers.
2) alternative interpretations of gorilla utterances are often possible.
more alternative interpretation sentences
alternative investment1) Perhaps university research is the best alternative investment .
2) alternative investments carry varying degrees of risk.
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alternative involve1) alternatives involving more refined versions of the LLNA are under consideration.
2) The structural alternative involves constructing a seawall, revetment, groin or breakwater.
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alternative lifestyle1) Maybe too much prejudice against alternative lifestyles and opinions?
2) The Pope presents Mary as the model of alternative lifestyle .
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alternative mean1) There are some terms where alternatives mean almost exactly the same.
2) This is an alternative means to funding cases .
more alternative mean sentences
alternative means1) They are alternative means of holding wealth.
2) We may need to find alternative means achieve some end.
more alternative means sentences
alternative means of1) They are alternative means of holding wealth.
2) alternative means of evaluation was also encouraged.
more alternative means of sentences
alternative measure1) Some states have alternative measures of tax.
2) The frantic bombardier employs alternative measures to avoid combat flights.
more alternative measure sentences
alternative mechanism1) She proposed an alternative mechanism , the attenuation theory.
2) What alternative mechanism do you propose to allocate limited supplies ?
more alternative mechanism sentences
alternative medicine1) Perhaps you call this stuff alternative medicine .
2) It is primary used as a complementary alternative medicine .
more alternative medicine sentences
alternative medicines1) alternative medicines for treating eczema are very popular in New Zealand.
2) To get these alternative medicines you would take a dietary supplement product .
more alternative medicines sentences
alternative method1) In this case alternative methods of disposal must be investigated 2 .
2) There are a few alternative methods to killing him.
more alternative method sentences
alternative methods1) You can find alternative methods to attract older college girls.
2) Our attorneys always explore mediation and alternative methods of dispute resolution.
more alternative methods sentences
alternative minimum tax1) The alternative minimum tax may apply to individuals exercising stock options.
2) The biggest issue is the alternative minimum tax .
more alternative minimum tax sentences
alternative model1) Overall fit indices of the alternative models .
2) They are interested in alternative models produced by others.
more alternative model sentences
alternative music1) Seattle hosts a diverse and influential alternative music scene.
2) I see you doing more alternative music .
more alternative music sentences
alternative newspaper1) A few alternative newspapers are available in Huntsville.
2) The Chattanooga Pulse is a weekly alternative newspaper , published every Wednesday.
more alternative newspaper sentences
alternative offer1) To be sure, diplomatic alternatives offer no guarantee of success, either.
2) Formal justice as an alternative offers openness, ostensible neutrality, and rules.
more alternative offer sentences
alternative option1) Easy alternative options are hard to find .
2) It is interesting to hear about so many alternative options though.
more alternative option sentences
alternative order1) The series was broadcast in an alternative order in the UK.
2) Without this alternative order to attach yourself to you feel lost, alone.
more alternative order sentences
alternative other1) This morning they offer no alternatives other than to spend more.
2) The crazy thing is the GOP has no alternative other than railing against Obamacare.
more alternative other sentences
alternative path1) An alternative path to power to parliamentary politics was demonstrated.
2) An alternative path runs through some fields following the river.
more alternative path sentences
alternative pathway1) alternative pathways , however, may feature non-standard academic or other qualifications.
2) These data support the existence of alternative pathways for H 2 disposal in man.
more alternative pathway sentences
alternative perspective1) Choose a proper alternative perspective , with less negative implications.
2) Fear or love are the two basic alternative perspectives on life.
more alternative perspective sentences
alternative plan1) We believe our alternative plans are different and present real choices.
2) Two alternative plans were developed in Convention.
more alternative plan sentences
alternative pleading1) The same declarations are being used for both motions and the motion appears to be an alternative pleading to the previous motion.
2) alternative pleading -
more alternative pleading sentences
alternative point of view1) Other parents may have alternative points of view .
2) The Center welcomes comments and alternative points of view .
more alternative point of view sentences
alternative possibility1) An alternative possibility is less obvious - and also less likely.
2) However, this suggests an alternative possibility .
more alternative possibility sentences
alternative possible1) Academic institutions giving credit themselves will usually choose to evaluate their own students, but alternatives are possible .
2) Very few decisions are made with absolute certainty because complete knowledge about all the alternatives is seldom possible .
more alternative possible sentences
alternative practitioner1) The conflict I expected between allopathic and alternative practitioners didn't arise.
2) Another helpful strategy can be to ask around for alternative practitioners or treatment options .
more alternative practitioner sentences
alternative premises1) The first aiders will be given alternative premises .
2) And why can't Tesco's be found alternative premises elsewhere in the town?
more alternative premises sentences
alternative procedure1) This procedure is more accurate than the alternative procedure .
2) The mere fact that alternative procedures exist does not create this limitation.
more alternative procedure sentences
alternative pronunciation1) Dictionaries give the latter as an alternative pronunciation .
2) The IPA symbols in parentheses indicate alternative pronunciations ; preferred pronunciations have no parentheses.
more alternative pronunciation sentences
alternative proposal1) Their alternative proposal was rejected by the state government.
2) That has key lawmakers asking for an alternative proposal .
more alternative proposal sentences
alternative provider1) And they only offer service in areas where there is no alternative provider available .
2) Students can also choose to study in a variety of other countries through alternative providers .
more alternative provider sentences
alternative question1) Divergent questioning refers to alternative questions that lead to hypotheses instead of answers.
2) In any event adapt the wording and develop alternative questions to suit your own style and the situations concerned.
more alternative question sentences
alternative reality1) Ron Paul supporters truly do live in an alternative reality .
2) Milburn is apparently operating in some alternative reality .
more alternative reality sentences
alternative religion1) As religious beliefs have constituted science, so scientific creeds have constituted an alternative religion .
2) The alternative religion of this book offers a possible way to establish that new understanding.
more alternative religion sentences
alternative remedies1) I am a health care professional who recommends alternative remedies often.
2) Experimental and alternative remedies are not recommended.
more alternative remedies sentences
alternative remedy1) I am a health care professional who recommends alternative remedies often.
2) Experimental and alternative remedies are not recommended.
more alternative remedy sentences
alternative rock1) Her musical style contains elements of jazz and alternative rock .
2) The band has reached critical success with mainstream pop punk and alternative rock .
more alternative rock sentences
alternative route1) There is often no practical alternative route .
2) The alternative , increasingly popular route is to make it yourself.
more alternative route sentences
alternative scenario1) So the alternative scenario is largely academic .
2) On the other hand, consider this alternative scenario .
more alternative scenario sentences
alternative scheme1) There are good reasons for welcoming alternative schemes .
2) Two so-called alternative schemes have been suggested.
more alternative scheme sentences
alternative school1) In total, 14 students graduated from the alternative school .
2) Or alternative school to the GCSE based curriculum.
more alternative school sentences
alternative seem1) Neither of these alternatives seems very hopeful.
2) Neither of these alternatives seems very attractive!
more alternative seem sentences
alternative society1) The fantasies of ' alternative society '.
2) A paradise should not be confused with a utopia, which is an alternative society .
more alternative society sentences
alternative solution1) A search through many alternative solutions is often required.
2) However, no single alternative solution has achieved widespread acceptance.
more alternative solution sentences
alternative source1) These approaches may represent alternative sources of drug supply.
2) We discuss the five alternative sources income below .
more alternative source sentences
alternative spelling1) Most of them already existed as alternative spellings .
2) Historically there have been many alternative spellings of the family name.
more alternative spelling sentences
alternative splice1) These two alternatives are both made by alternative splicing .
2) The coding region is not affected by alternative splicing .
more alternative splice sentences
alternative splicing1) Five basic modes of alternative splicing are generally recognized.
2) Comparing reads from the same location showed where alternative splicing occurred.
more alternative splicing sentences
alternative strategy1) alternative strategies for securing the airway must always be readily available.
2) The strategy of these infected females is therefore another behavioral alternative strategy .
more alternative strategy sentences
alternative structure1) This facilitates alternative structures without disrupting previously established relationships.
2) As these conditions disappear, so an alternative structure is required.
more alternative structure sentences
alternative such1) alternatives such as DNA or protein analysis are usually less sensitive.
2) JDAM bombs are inexpensive compared to alternatives such as cruise missiles.
more alternative such sentences
alternative suggestion1) There are all kinds of alternative suggestion .
2) Here are some brief alternative suggestions : 1.
more alternative suggestion sentences
alternative suggestions1) Here are some brief alternative suggestions : 1.
2) Some employers' organisations have put forward alternative suggestions .
more alternative suggestions sentences
alternative supplier1) Under these circumstances, NOCs often came forward as alternative suppliers of oil.
2) I 'm pursuing fixes and refunds, and will soon look for alternative suppliers .
more alternative supplier sentences
alternative supply1) The region also has few immediate sources of alternative supply .
2) Kitchener explained the efforts he had made to secure alternative supplies .
more alternative supply sentences
alternative system1) Until recently I supported an alternative system called contraction and convergence.
2) They elected to extend the gear with the alternative system .
more alternative system sentences
alternative systems1) alternative systems have other benefits as well.
2) What alternative systems should be considered?
more alternative systems sentences
alternative take1) Playing a fragile prevacid alternatives readily takes a tunnel of practice.
2) Further, these alternatives take a recurring form or shape.
more alternative take sentences
alternative technique1) Supercritical solvent extraction with carbon dioxide is an alternative technique .
2) alternative techniques exist that affix the implant without cement.
more alternative technique sentences
alternative technology1) Factors influencing success include the likelihood of alternative technologies being chosen.
2) What are the Government doing to further alternative technologies ?
more alternative technology sentences
alternative theatre1) Open Stage presented plays of Tri-city artists and alternative theatres .
2) The city also features an alternative theatre house, called Avant Garden.
more alternative theatre sentences
alternative theories1) Since the late twentieth century, alternative theories have arisen.
2) Concept to alternative theories of this topic.
more alternative theories sentences
alternative theory1) This confirms the alternative theory of gravity .
2) Since the late twentieth century, alternative theories have arisen.
more alternative theory sentences
alternative therapies1) Please remember not alternative therapies are created equal.
2) It is difficult to study alternative therapies .
more alternative therapies sentences
alternative therapist1) Some complementary or alternative therapists use injections of dietary supplements.
2) The ideas of qigong were quickly embraced by alternative therapists .
more alternative therapist sentences
alternative therapy1) There are alternative therapies that don't include therapists.
2) The two-year-old suffered from epilepsy that had remained uncontrolled by mainstream and alternative therapies .
more alternative therapy sentences
alternative to1) An alternative to cable television is satellite television.
2) What are meaningful alternatives to such pledges?
more alternative to sentences
alternative treatment1) An order requiring involuntary hospitalization or alternative treatment .
2) There are several more effective, less expensive alternative treatments .
more alternative treatment sentences
alternative type1) An alternative type of combat is attrition .
2) At some levels, various legislation has created alternative types of administrative division.
more alternative type sentences
alternative universe1) Each decision thus branching off creating an entirely separate alternative universe .
2) The character features in the alternative universe title What If?
more alternative universe sentences
alternative use1) Payoff table analysis determines the decision alternatives using different criteria.
2) However, more popular alternatives are using personality and skill based approaches.
more alternative use sentences
alternative venue1) Sadly no alternative venue is available.
2) In it they propose and alternative venue for their new work.
more alternative venue sentences
alternative version1) Her creation is described in many alternative versions .
2) Many alternatives versions of inflation have been suggested.
more alternative version sentences
alternative view1) Planck was very tolerant towards alternative views and religions.
2) Offers some fascinating material and alternative views .
more alternative view sentences
alternative viewpoint1) This alternative viewpoint is useful in itself from three perspectives.
2) Not only can migrants bring alternative viewpoints and fresh thinking.
more alternative viewpoint sentences
alternative vision1) An alternative vision is needed for an integrated care system.
2) Fuelling the debate have been alternative visions or paradigms of mental illness.
more alternative vision sentences
alternative way1) There are alternative ways to navigate using the keys.
2) alternative ways of displaying captions in movie theaters are being developed.
more alternative way sentences
alternative world1) alternative worlds are in a sense a remix as well.
2) Morph fought a Demon Spider-Man on an alternative world .
more alternative world sentences
as an alternative1) as an alternative focus on getting calm yourself.
2) By 2003 engineering courses were offered as an alternative career option.
more as an alternative sentences
as an alternative to1) Both approaches endorse acceptance as an alternative to unproductive control.
2) The units were often marketed as an alternative to apartment rental.
more as an alternative to sentences
attractive alternative1) Wireless access however remained an attractive local loop alternative .
2) IP cameras often present an attractive alternative .
more attractive alternative sentences
available alternative1) Organic orange oil is an available alternative to consider.
2) The available alternatives to biomass fuels do not offer much improvement.
more available alternative sentences
cheap alternative1) Steel is the cheapest alternative to lead.
2) There are a number of cheaper alternatives .
more cheap alternative sentences
cheaper alternative1) There are a number of cheaper alternatives .
2) But it may be a cheaper alternative .
more cheaper alternative sentences
choose alternative1) Nicholas chose the latter alternative in 1937.
2) choose the best alternative from the list below.
more choose alternative sentences
clear alternative1) For a start, there is no clear alternative .
2) Now our country faces clear alternatives .
more clear alternative sentences
complementary and alternative medicine1) So we started the lecture series on complementary and alternative medicine .
2) CAM is the abbreviation for complementary and alternative medicine .
more complementary and alternative medicine sentences
consider alternative1) A wide range of alternatives are considered 2.
2) The problem is defined and all feasible alternatives are considered .
more consider alternative sentences
cost alternative1) A cost-effective alternative was needed to make cattle operations profitable.
2) It's clearly one of the most cost-effective alternatives .
more cost alternative sentences
credible alternative1) The Mayor's commission has come up with a credible alternative .
2) Thanks to the Mayor there is now a credible alternative .
more credible alternative sentences
discuss alternative1) Resources available are considered and alternatives are discussed .
2) Your lawyer should discuss alternatives with you.
more discuss alternative sentences
effective alternative1) An inexpensive and effective alternative to commercial products is corn starch.
2) Offshore development is a cost effective alternative to developing software in-house.
more effective alternative sentences
evaluate alternative1) The possible outcomes for each alternative are evaluated .
2) These four alternatives are evaluated in this report.
more evaluate alternative sentences
explore alternative1) The latter explores visual alternatives to textual tags.
2) explore each alternative and right action will show itself.
more explore alternative sentences
feasible alternative1) The problem is defined and all feasible alternatives are considered.
2) The BMA was not a feasible alternative .
more feasible alternative sentences
find alternative1) Cambridge scientists are also leading research looking at finding viable alternatives .
2) Buyers can find alternatives at lower cost.
more find alternative sentences
find an alternative1) My advice is almost always : find an alternative chew toy.
2) But finding an alternative defense does not look very promising.
more find an alternative sentences
good alternative1) Perhaps university research is the best alternative investment .
2) Each subsequent option is the next best alternative .
more good alternative sentences
have little alternative1) Sherman however, had little alternative .
2) In most cases, remuneration was low, but these migrant workers had little alternative .
more have little alternative sentences
have no alternative but to1) King had no alternative but to agree.
2) I 've no alternative but to live here.
more have no alternative but to sentences
healthy alternative1) The federal government has said schools must provide healthier alternatives .
2) You should always stick with healthy alternatives versus empty calories.
more healthy alternative sentences
interesting alternative1) Audio cassettes are an interesting alternative to endless reading.
2) My colleague Clint Watts offers an interesting alternative position .
more interesting alternative sentences
leave with no alternative1) She was left with no alternative .
2) left with no alternative , he swallows it.
more leave with no alternative sentences
low alternative1) It is a low-cost alternative to conventional print books.
2) It provides a low-cost alternative to pricy hotels.
more low alternative sentences
obvious alternative1) There is, however, an obvious alternative .
2) Parades and block parties are some obvious alternatives .
more obvious alternative sentences
offer alternative1) A number of companies offer broadband alternatives .
2) This offers a potentially more attractive alternative to deep geological disposal.
more offer alternative sentences
offer an alternative1) Drew offers an alternative living community called theme houses .
2) The district offers an alternative education program for high school students.
more offer an alternative sentences
only alternative1) The only alternative was a night job.
2) It is the only alternative to broadband.
more only alternative sentences
possible alternative1) Gene therapy is a possible future alternative .
2) A number of possible alternatives were debated.
more possible alternative sentences
practical alternative1) There is often no practical alternative route.
2) This made the flat disk a practical alternative to the cylinder.
more practical alternative sentences
preferred alternative1) Thus, beach nourishment is currently the preferred alternative .
2) The streetcar seemed to be the preferred alternative .
more preferred alternative sentences
present alternative1) IP cameras often present an attractive alternative .
2) The model presents an alternative to current field training officer programs.
more present alternative sentences
propose alternative1) This approach involves comprehensive economic analysis of alternatives proposed .
2) Several scholars from different institutions have proposed policy alternatives .
more propose alternative sentences
provide alternative1) The federal government has said schools must provide healthier alternatives .
2) Some states already provide alternatives to lethal injection.
more provide alternative sentences
provide an alternative1) Other saga material provides an alternative description.
2) White uniforms provide an alternative for summer.
more provide an alternative sentences
radical alternative1) I want to turn to the really radical alternative approach.
2) Marxist theory offers a radical alternative to functionalism.
more radical alternative sentences
real alternative1) And real alternatives are not yet in sight.
2) There is no real alternative to cars still.
more real alternative sentences
realistic alternative1) Only Hillary Clinton was a realistic alternative .
2) What 's the realistic alternative to Java?
more realistic alternative sentences
reasonable alternative1) No reasonable alternative was provided by Google.
2) A reasonable alternative can include doing nothing in some circumstances.
more reasonable alternative sentences
safe alternative1) These countries are using safer alternatives for pesticide control.
2) Meeting folks online is a safe convenient alternative .
more safe alternative sentences
satisfactory alternative1) Near the Hub less satisfactory alternatives were available.
2) Separate rooms and air filters are not a satisfactory alternative .
more satisfactory alternative sentences
seek alternative1) Families are forced to seek costly alternatives .
2) Should clients purchase similar courses or seek alternatives ?
more seek alternative sentences
select alternative1) Choose organic cotton that selects natural alternatives to facilitate growing.
2) Step 7: select the appropriate alternative .
more select alternative sentences
serious alternative1) But he gave the state's electorate a serious alternative .
2) This hypothesis is the most serious alternative to the two-source hypothesis.
more serious alternative sentences
suggest alternative1) They are invariably reluctant to suggest alternatives .
2) Several commenters suggested alternatives to quarterly evaluations.
more suggest alternative sentences
suitable alternative1) This method may provide a suitable alternative to more invasive techniques.
2) A suitable high potash alternative is tomato food.
more suitable alternative sentences
try alternative1) try these simple alternatives to synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
2) It is great your doctor is okay with you trying natural alternatives .
more try alternative sentences
vegetarian alternative1) Agar Agar - A vegetarian alternative to gelatine made with seaweed.
2) They explored numerous vegetarian alternatives .
more vegetarian alternative sentences
viable alternative1) Software stacking is a perfectly viable alternative .
2) Cambridge scientists are also leading research looking at finding viable alternatives .
more viable alternative sentences

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