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alternate1) Sometimes called binary coded alternate mark inversion.
2) But alternate theories were discarded too readily.
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alternate account1) It is impossible trade or sell it to other game players, including your alternate accounts .
2) I apologize here and now to those ladies if in fact they are not just your alternate accounts .
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alternate angle1) One popular technique is to have alternating angled surfaces through the stack of baffles.
2) And, since the straight line HG falls upon the parallels KM, FG, the alternate angles MHG, HGF are equal to one another.
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alternate angles1) And, since the straight line HG falls upon the parallels KM, FG, the alternate angles MHG, HGF are equal to one another.
2) Again, since AC is parallel to BD, and BChas fallen upon them, the alternate angles ACB, CBD are equal to one another.
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alternate arm1) Finally, the alternating arm stroke makes for a relatively constant speed throughout the cycle.
2) Bounding in Place with alternate arm Stretch, Forward.
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alternate between1) These productions alternate between musicals and plays.
2) Frequently sections alternate between major and minor keys.
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alternate black1) The team introduced an alternate black jersey in 2002.
2) Baltimore Ravens - Introduced an alternate black jersey in 2004.
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alternate captain1) Pronger retained a role as alternate captain .
2) During the 2011 season Tavares was named as an alternate captain .
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alternate costume1) His alternate costume is a slightly modified classic costume.
2) The chosen girl appears in the round 1 alternate costume .
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alternate current1) The second case will generate alternating current output signal.
2) A current transformer is commonly used to measure alternating currents .
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alternate dimension1) She is briefly shown in Madame Web's image of alternate dimensions .
2) In the alternate dimension , they are firemen with Professor Poopypants.
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alternate director1) Major (Retd) Abdul Mannan MP is an alternate director .
2) An alternate director as such shall not (save as aforesaid) have power to act as a director nor shall be deemed to be a director for the purpose of these Articles.
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alternate earth1) How was this tyrannical alternate earth created?
2) She claims that she comes from an alternate earth .
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alternate ending1) A secret alternate ending is unlocked once certain conditions are met.
2) The DVD of the film contained alternate endings .
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alternate energy1) alternate energy sources lack oil's cheap abundance and efficiency.
2) I'm currently learning about alternate energy production and storage.
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alternate explanation1) Controls are needed to eliminate alternate explanations of experimental results.
2) Investigation into these allegations turned up alternate explanations for perceived persecution.
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alternate future1) In the alternate future presented in the series of books.
2) Echo was first introduced in an alternate future of the original Legion.
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alternate generation1) This tradition also conforms to the principle of alternate generation as practiced within the hill tribes where a grandchild is a brother to his grandfather (tutua).
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alternate history1) Hitler appears in many alternate history novels.
2) This is alternate history with passion and difference.
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alternate host1) Wheat is the primary host and barberry is the alternate host .
2) Some protozoa and helminths pass successive stages in alternate hosts of different species.
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alternate hypothesis1) Every alternate hypothesis cannot be evaluated.
2) Skeptical individuals, however, offered alternate hypotheses .
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alternate jersey1) It is unknown how many alternate jerseys may have been designed.
2) The team introduced an alternate black jersey in 2002.
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alternate key1) A mnemonic works similarly, using the alternate key as its cue to action.
2) The film's extended footage includes alternate key plot elements, extended footage and deleted scenes.
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alternate layer1) This results in alternating layers of filler and metal.
2) It provided alternating layers of differing hardenability.
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alternate layers1) This results in alternating layers of filler and metal.
2) It provided alternating layers of differing hardenability.
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alternate legs1) This is repeated several times on alternate legs .
2) alternate legs until you reach your destination.
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alternate location1) Saturn officials opted for an alternate location .
2) The Marine Board recommends finding an alternate location to boat.
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alternate mode1) The alternate gameplay modes were received very well.
2) Encourage alternate modes of learning and technology.
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alternate path1) Web syndication services may provide alternate paths for content.
2) PBS provides an alternate path for CMAS alerts to wireless carriers.
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alternate plan1) Another discussion pilots have before takeoff involves alternate plans of action.
2) alternate plan is utilize something other than copper.
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alternate plumage1) First year birds can be in basic plumage as late as May, and their alternate plumage can retain some white feathers around the throat.
2) The molt to alternate plumage begins just prior to the northwards migration to the breeding grounds, but is mostly during the migration period.
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alternate reality1) The alternate reality , what is that?
2) But these ideas about alternate realities really bug me.
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alternate reality game1) It was in fact an alternate reality game .
2) The third stage was the start of an alternate reality game .
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alternate route1) Drivers should seek alternate routes during this period .
2) And much shorter distance than my alternate route .
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alternate routing1) DOW routing allows alternate routing for calls that arrive on specific days.
2) DOY routing allows for alternate routing on fixed holidays (example December 25).
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alternate safe1) The employee cannot simply choose an alternate safe haven.
2) Using an alternate safe sacrifice riding surface will save your arena investment.
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alternate scene1) Watch the full version of this alternate scene here.
2) The alternate scene is basically the same, but substitutes Apollo for Zeus.
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alternate side1) Apply coat to alternate side of inside corners.
2) alternate side of the street parking rules had been suspended.
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alternate source1) Cities downstream are switching to alternate sources of water.
2) The user may have found an alternate source of credit.
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alternate spelling1) There has been slow progress in adopting alternate spellings .
2) I 've added alternate spellings in parenthesis to help clarify things.
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alternate straight1) The old depictions of vair are similar in appearance to bars of azure and argent divided by alternating straight and wavy lines.
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alternate take1) None of these alternate takes has been commercially released.
2) Most of the extras are simply alternate takes from the movie.
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alternate takes1) None of these alternate takes has been commercially released.
2) Most of the extras are simply alternate takes from the movie.
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alternate the direction1) Biphasic defibrillation alternates the direction of the pulses, completing one cycle in approximately 12 milliseconds.
2) Unusually, the heart of sea squirts alternates the direction in which it pumps blood every three to four minutes.
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alternate timeline1) This alternate timeline incorporates both fictional and actual historic events.
2) Other companions also died in alternate timelines or alternate lives.
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alternate uniform1) The black alternate uniform was kept without any alterations.
2) Two other teams added alternate uniforms to their existing set.
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alternate universe1) An alternate universe where computer technology flourished instead of robotics.
2) In what sort of alternate universe is this correct?
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alternate version1) The line included alternate versions of old characters.
2) The alternate version also featured eight extra tracks.
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alternate view1) An important alternate view is the detailed one .
2) Now we will present an alternate view using valuation rings.
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alternate weekends1) Classes for this 19-month program are held Friday and Saturday on alternate weekends .
2) On alternate weekends , Will and I would either have four children or we'd have none.
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alternate weeks1) In 2013, your daughter lives with each parent for alternate weeks .
2) Compostable material and non-recyclable material are collected on alternate weeks .
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alternate with1) Piano solo pieces alternate with beautiful acoustic guitar.
2) These platoons continued training alternated with unloading ships.
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black alternate1) The black alternate uniform was kept without any alterations.
2) In 1998, a black alternate jersey was introduced.
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many alternate1) Hitler appears in many alternate history novels.
2) It is unknown how many alternate jerseys may have been designed.
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new alternate1) One new alternate juror joined the panel.
2) The season saw the Cardinals debut a new , alternate black jersey.
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other alternate1) The single had two other alternate cover designs, both produced by Condo.
2) other alternate uniforms (used recently) have been completely black, grey or yellow.
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possible alternate1) The most interesting is the last which shows a possible alternate fate for Plato.
2) For breweries, possible alternate energy sources must be considered on the basis of their potential application for steam generation.
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several alternate1) The character has starred in several alternate universe titles.
2) several alternate character and announcer voice packs were also funded.
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various alternate1) The results are robust to various alternate specifications and inclusion of additional control variables.
2) various alternate systems and routes were debated, with a tunnel chosen in 1936.
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