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Piper Alpha1) The leaks had great similarities with Piper Alpha .
2) The Bill arises very much out of the Piper Alpha incident.
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alpha1) August 2011 - 50 alpha boards are manufactured.
2) Its own radioactive decay emits alpha particles.
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alpha amylase1) A renewed interest in salivary alpha amylase as a marker for stress has surfaced.
2) alpha amylase A soluble fiber digestant.
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alpha and omega1) Again it includes the symbols alpha and omega .
2) As if money were the alpha and omega of life.
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alpha beta1) The series features three universes - alpha , beta and gamma.
2) Thus alpha , beta , and gamma particles rapidly escape radioactive nuclei.
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alpha blending1) PNG allows using full 24-bit palette with alpha blending .
2) The engine features alpha blending , texture filtering and lighting techniques.
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alpha blocker1) Often, medications such as alpha blockers can relieve the symptoms.
2) They combine the effects of beta blockers and alpha blockers .
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alpha blockers1) alpha blockers help relax your blood vessels by reducing nerve impulses.
2) Often, medications such as alpha blockers can relieve the symptoms.
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alpha carbon1) This signal shows the characteristic coupling to any protons on the alpha carbon .
2) If there are two side-chains with the same alpha carbon , the number will be written twice.
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alpha cell1) Transformation was initially carried out in DH5 alpha cells for selection.
2) When blood glucose concentration falls to hypoglycemic levels, alpha cells release glucagon.
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alpha centauri system1) However, some exoplanets may be orbiting the alpha centauri system .
2) The three stars of the alpha centauri system are the nearest to Earth beyond the sun .
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alpha channel1) If 0, no alpha channel is generated.
2) TGA files have the added advantage of alpha channel transparency.
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alpha decay1) Uranium undergoes nuclear fission as well as alpha decay .
2) Also, alpha decay and beta decay use different processes.
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alpha emission1) The ground state decays by alpha emission with energies 9.07 and 8.97 MeV.
2) The alpha emission could be measured on an alpha counter, 52 percent geometry, due to backscatter.
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alpha emitter1) An alpha emitter with a half life of 3.2 days.
2) Plutonium 239, an alpha emitter , affects the bone structure.
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alpha female1) But he mistakenly killed the pack's alpha female .
2) The young are visited by the alpha female only for suckling.
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alpha fetoprotein1) Even in persons without confirmed cirrhosis, the alpha fetoprotein test should be performed just in case.
2) Persons with HH should have the alpha fetoprotein test done two or three times a year.
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alpha geek1) In many ways the name alpha geek is unfortunate.
2) alpha geeks are typically experimenting with technology.
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alpha girl1) Katrina Begin as Bailey Browning - alpha girl at Daphne's and JJ's high school.
2) 3 , while IDW has alpha girl Vol .
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alpha granule1) Platelet alpha2-antiplasmin is located in the alpha granules .
2) Platelets contain dense granules, lambda granules and alpha granules .
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alpha helix1) It is less common than the alpha helix .
2) An average armadillo repeat is composed of three alpha helices .
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alpha hydroxy acid1) Dermatologists often recommend a moisturizer that contains urea and alpha hydroxy acids .
2) The next set I was using it (as with alpha hydroxy acid ).
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alpha hydroxy acids1) Dermatologists often recommend a moisturizer that contains urea and alpha hydroxy acids .
2) That's because urea intensively moisturizes and alpha hydroxy acids help exfoliate rough, dry skin.
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alpha interferon1) The purification of human alpha interferon was not reported until 1978.
2) In 1989, he began injecting himself with alpha interferon on a daily basis.
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alpha lipoic acid1) alpha lipoic acid is another nutrient in short supply in modern foods.
2) alpha lipoic acid is considered among the elite, multipurpose antioxidants.
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alpha male1) In many ways sports does satisfy violent alpha male urges.
2) Simply put, alpha males project personal magnetism.
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alpha neuron1) Gamma motor neurons develop similarly to alpha motor neurons at the beginning.
2) Degeneration of the alpha motor neurons is also caused by the exposure to heat and radiation.
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alpha omega1) Again it includes the symbols alpha and omega .
2) It is the alpha and the omega .
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alpha particle1) Its own radioactive decay emits alpha particles .
2) An alpha particle is given off with discrete energy.
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alpha particles1) Its own radioactive decay emits alpha particles .
2) We are interested here particularly in alpha particles .
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alpha phi alpha1) alpha phi alpha supported legal battles against segregation.
2) I too am a proud alpha phi alpha Brother.
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alpha plus1) It is part of the alpha plus Group.
2) Ownership of the school was transferred to alpha plus Group from September 2010.
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alpha prefix1) Submit claims with only valid alpha prefixes .
2) Be sure to provide the member's alpha prefix .
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alpha radiation1) A variety of instruments has been designed to measure alpha radiation .
2) Most alpha radiation is not able to penetrate human skin.
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alpha ray1) The alpha ray is approximately unrelated to outside radiation exposure.
2) Beryllium also releases neutrons under bombardment by alpha rays .
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alpha rays1) Beryllium also releases neutrons under bombardment by alpha rays .
2) Rutherford deflected alpha rays with both electric and magnetic fields in 1903.
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alpha receptor1) This signaling lipid has great affinity for the GRP55 receptor and the PPAR alpha receptor .
2) Repeated doses, or higher doses, may cause additional microvascular constriction via alpha receptor stimulation, which also suppresses inflammatory edema.
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alpha rhythm1) Recordings of sleep-deprived subjects have shown a reduction in the amplitude of alpha rhythms .
2) Kamiya (1968) demonstrated that the alpha rhythm in humans could be operantly conditioned.
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alpha software1) In it's current state, it performs more like alpha software .
2) Not bad for alpha software .
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alpha state1) Essentially, you are hypnotizing yourself into an alpha state .
2) Hypnosis occurs in the alpha state .
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alpha synuclein1) Intra-cellular deposits of tau protein are also seen in the disease, and may also be implicated, as has aggregation of alpha synuclein .
2) The study shows how , once inside a neuron, alpha synuclein breaks out of lysosomes, the digestive compartments of the cell.
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alpha test1) For classification purposes, soldiers were administered alpha tests .
2) Hell , someone alpha tested this.
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alpha testing1) alpha testing began on October 29 , 2012.
2) In August 2004, Opera 7.6 began limited alpha testing .
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alpha thalassemia1) There are over 126 alpha thalassemia mutations.
2) There are over 50 different mutations for alpha thalassemia .
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alpha toxin1) A pore-forming toxin known as alpha toxin is known to help S. aureus spread in the skin and lungs .
2) Staphylococcal toxins that act on cell membranes include alpha toxin , beta toxin, delta toxin, and several bicomponent toxins.
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alpha transparency1) TGA files have the added advantage of alpha channel transparency .
2) It includes all PostScript imaging operations and adds antialiasing and alpha transparency .
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alpha version1) It is still in alpha version but looks really promising.
2) I've just posted an alpha version for download.
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alpha waves1) In the recording above, fewer alpha waves are evidenced.
2) And have you heard about the new technology in alpha waves ?
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dec alpha1) The dec alpha processor divides memory into pages.
2) dec alpha versions of Windows NT are 32-bit only.
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