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alright1) It is a very wide question alright .
2) Staff seem alright never had a problem.
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be alright1) I was quite convinced it was quite alright .
2) But er on standard er engineering standards they were alright .
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do alright1) It all went off alright did it?
2) Word was, my shoe was actually doing alright .
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feel alright1) I wondered if she was feeling alright !
2) Four bloody hell, are you feeling alright ?
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get alright1) Well they got down alright this morning.
2) Be alright getting one in for Easter.
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go alright1) They went alright , Andrew went down alright.
2) E every person went past they go alright Peterborough!
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look alright1) But I still think it looks alright .
2) Yeah well mum can't he looked alright .
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say alright1) Karen came and asked me I says alright .
2) Basically any swear that can sound alright said in medieval times.
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seem alright1) The result was a bit flat and glossy, but seemed alright .
2) If they seem alright , you're the one!
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work alright1) The app itself works alright , although not always accurate.
2) Both methods work alright , but most use the cluster method.
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