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alternating1) The step is repeated with each foot alternating .
2) The second case will generate alternating current output signal.
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alternating bit protocol1) The blocking functionality was achieved with the so-called alternating bit protocol .
2) This paper establishes the security, stability and functionality of the resettable receiver alternating bit protocol .
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alternating current1) The second case will generate alternating current output signal.
2) A current transformer is commonly used to measure alternating currents .
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alternating current generator1) Large two-phase alternating current generators were built by a British electrician, J.E.H. Gordon, in 1882.
2) Depending on how the poles are fed, alternating current generators can produce a variable number of phases of power.
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alternating currents1) A current transformer is commonly used to measure alternating currents .
2) alternating currents are accompanied (or caused) by alternating voltages.
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alternating electric current1) I propose to seek for the period by means of an electrical oscillator, or a source of alternating electric currents .
2) The antenna converts the energy in the electromagnetic radio waves striking it to an alternating electric current in the antenna, which is connected to the tuning coil.
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alternating group1) These were the second family of finite simple groups, after the alternating groups .
2) The analogous notion for the symmetric group is the alternating group of even permutations.
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alternating hemiplegia1) AHC Kids Dutch website about alternating hemiplegia of Childhood
2) European Network for Research on alternating Hemiplegia
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alternating light1) I will then stack and frost the layers with alternating light and dark layers.
2) We then top nailed the wood down with our new dinosaur, alternating light and dark.
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alternating series1) An alternating series is a series where terms alternate signs.
2) Leibniz had already considered the divergent alternating series as early as 1673.
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alternating voltage1) A rotating loop within a fixed magnetic field naturally produces an alternating voltage .
2) alternating currents are accompanied (or caused) by alternating voltages .
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alternation1) The last four examples are emergence alternations .
2) There are again 3 alternations and some half symmetry version.
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alternation of generations1) alternation of generations occurs in many plants.
2) Additionally, this species utilizes alternation of generations .
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