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aloud1) Study groups may easily read the piece aloud .
2) This is rather noticeable when read aloud .
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cry aloud1) It must cry aloud ; it must bite.
2) This was very painful, and made me cry aloud .
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groan aloud1) He groaned aloud when Hall and Oates came on.
2) Lucy Templeton groaned aloud , tears springing to her eyes.
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laugh aloud1) She felt a wild desire to laugh aloud .
2) In his stern face I laugh aloud .
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muse aloud1) Sophie mused aloud , 'Very practical.
2) The government has mused aloud about the program losing its integrity, hinting at an overhaul.
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pray aloud1) Some prayed aloud , while others wept quietly.
2) They too should pray but they should not pray aloud .
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read aloud1) This is rather noticeable when read aloud .
2) An engaging picture book to read aloud .
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recite aloud1) Like a genealogy or hakapapa , this poetry is meant to be recited aloud .
2) From the earliest days it has always been recited aloud or, more accurately, chanted.
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repeat aloud1) I can only repeat aloud one of my verdicts.
2) As you're walking briskly repeat aloud and clearly what you're hearings.
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say aloud1) I said aloud , in the bedroom.
2) Sara thought, but did not say aloud .
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shout aloud1) There did he stand and shout aloud .
2) He grew impatient and shouted aloud -still no one came!
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sing aloud1) Suddenly all the other Rowers started singing aloud , Oh!
2) The poem, when read or sung aloud , has a strict meter.
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speak aloud1) The rare instances when he speaks aloud are significant.
2) Every line is spoken aloud , and conversations demand your input.
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think aloud1) We are merely thinking aloud with you.
2) Main need would be tasks to set learners while thinking aloud .
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weep aloud1) Then he broke down and wept aloud .
2) Here the Prince's mother and daughter bared their heads and wept aloud .
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wonder aloud1) Then she starts wondering aloud if slavery was really that bad .
2) Dakota wonders aloud what has become of Matt.
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