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altar1) The high altar is 50 ft tall.
2) This altar has been under restoration since 2003.
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altar boy1) He also served as an altar boy .
2) And Hitler is said to have been an altar boy !
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altar bread1) Among her early assignments were working in the laundry, baking altar breads , working in the kitchen, and cleaning floors.
2) Ranulf was about to reply when Dame Agatha suddenly emerged, carrying a small wooden box of altar breads , so they went across the green to reclaim their horses.
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altar call1) Most altar calls occur at the end of the sermon.
2) They asked if they had to wait till the altar call .
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altar cloth1) Gladys was still examining the altar cloth's intricate embroidery.
2) Aren't these lovely altar cloths and tapestries?
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altar cloths1) Aren't these lovely altar cloths and tapestries?
2) During a renovation in the 1920s more historic garments and altar cloths were found.
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altar dedicate1) Flatbread Pizza Company is an altar dedicated to fresh food.
2) Adjacent to the building several altars dedicated to Jupiter have been found.
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altar frontal1) The original altar frontal is now in the treasury.
2) altar frontal made in Spain c. 1400.
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altar of repose1) At the conclusion of the Mass the Blessed Sacrament was transferred to the altar of repose in solemn procession.
2) This Mass is followed by the procession of the Blessed Sacrament before it is taken to the altar of repose .
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altar piece1) The main altar piece was painted by Ebbe Jehn Petersen.
2) It has many baroque altar pieces made by Ginés López in 1694.
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altar rail1) The old painted altar rails were replaced in 1875.
2) The marble and alabaster altar rails are another surviving original feature.
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altar rails1) The old painted altar rails were replaced in 1875.
2) The marble and alabaster altar rails are another surviving original feature.
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altar screen1) The east end was remodelled by lowering the altar and removing the old altar screen .
2) The original reredos and altar screen at Beverley Minster was erected in the reign of Edward III between circa 1320-1340.
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altar server1) In addition to children, adults also serve as altar servers .
2) Training for new altar servers will be starting soon.
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altar stone1) The high altar stone reredos are by John Loughborough Pearson of 1899.
2) Suddenly, he grinned, and clambered up atop the altar stone .
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altar table1) The parts above the altar table are original carvings.
2) Inside the temple, there is a stone altar table .
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altar tomb1) The knights, ecclesiastics and civic dignitaries on its altar tombs became familiar to him.
2) A new door to the chancel destroyed the altar tomb of Thomas Crowmer (Bailiff of Yarmouth 1470-97).
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approach the altar1) As he approaches the altar , the dagger nearly kills him.
2) He would vest in his priestly vestments and wash his hands before approaching the altar .
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at the altar1) the groom does not arrive at the altar .
2) Mass is still held at the altar on certain occasions.
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before the altar1) Gregory stood before the altar holding an icon.
2) John XXIII occupied his seat before the altar .
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build altar1) Let us build altars to the Beautiful Necessity.
2) Stop trying to build altars , Nicodemus, and let go.
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decorate altar1) In a silver shrine under the richly decorated altar is the famous phial containing the coagulated blood of the saint.
2) Children and teens are woken up early in the morning of the Vishu day for darshan ( kani ) of the specially decorated altar .
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face the altar1) I was told to put my arms told with palms facing the altar .
2) We sit by the edge of the gully facing the altar rock.
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family altar1) These gardens were considered necessary for festivals, family altars and banquets.
2) A picture of the deceased is also placed at or near the family altar in the household.
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go up to the altar1) It seems like 20 or so people went up to the altar .
2) Thus saying, she went up to the altar of the Lord boldly, and drank the water of drinking, and walked round the altar seven times, and no spot was found in her.
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high altar1) The high altar is 50 ft tall.
2) The location behind the high altar was a privileged burial place.
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lead to the altar1) I think Illtyd was proving difficult to lead to the altar .
2) From there another staircase leads to the altar where is placed the image of Shri Dattatreya.
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main altar1) This last contains an important main altar .
2) Its main altar is wood covered in gold.
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makeshift altar1) A makeshift altar had been built in front of the spring.
2) There was a shoebox at the foot of the makeshift altar .
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on the altar1) A silver lamp burned on the altar .
2) on the altar is again the Square.
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portable altar1) He also worked with portable altars .
2) To accommodate the priest's needs, a portable altar was set up.
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sacrificial altar1) She was tied to a sacrificial altar .
2) They have even started the building of the massive sacrificial altar .
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