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Alpine currant1) Fruiting shrubs such as Alpine currant and elderberry grow berries that attract birds.
2) Alpine currant shrubs infected with the anthracnose fungus will lose leaves and sometimes completely defoliate by mid-summer.
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Alpine ibex1) These include marmots, Alpine ibex , and chamois.
2) Some common animals of the Alps are Alpine ibex , Alpine Marmot, Tengmalm's Owl and Ptarmigan.
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alpine1) This rocky alpine landscape leaves waterways starved for nutrients.
2) Rich alpine flora and unique bird life.
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alpine accentor1) Later we will visit different spots where alpine accentor and Snow Finch usually feed.
2) alpine accentor , Snow Finch and alpine Chough form flocks in winter and are quite confident with humans.
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alpine areas1) Macropods are found in all Australian environments except alpine areas .
2) Settlements began to spread into the pre-Alpine and alpine areas .
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alpine chough1) The alpine chough has two extant subspecies.
2) alpine choughs have been observed diving at a Tibetan red fox.
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alpine environment1) The alpine environment is variable according to the availability of water.
2) It is not found in dense forest nor in alpine environments .
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alpine fir1) The forest cover is mainly white spruce and alpine fir .
2) Surrounded by gentle rolling hills covered in mainly engelmann spruce, douglas fir, lodgepole pine and occasional alpine fir .
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alpine flora1) Rich alpine flora and unique bird life.
2) They are closely related to alpine flora , but different.
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alpine flowers1) alpine flowers carpet much of the plateau.
2) Explore gardens of alpine flowers and search for mountain parrots.
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alpine forest1) Flora around Darjeeling comprises sal, oak, semi-evergreen, temperate and alpine forests .
2) A study on the inoculum potential of Heterobasidion annosum in conifer stands of alpine forests .
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alpine garden1) It was Germany's first alpine garden .
2) The national award winning Betty Ford alpine garden is also worthy of a visit.
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alpine glacier1) Encourage the development of scientific exploration and study of Canadian alpine glaciers .
2) The spectacular landscape of the forest was shaped by continental and alpine glaciers .
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alpine grassland1) The lake region is a wind-swept alpine grassland .
2) The highest elevations have alpine grasslands .
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alpine lake1) These alpine lakes provide great fishing for natural trout.
2) The region is also rich in alpine lakes .
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alpine landscape1) This rocky alpine landscape leaves waterways starved for nutrients.
2) Tasmania's alpine landscape is dominated by two bedrock systems originating from different geological periods.
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alpine meadow1) Above the tree line are alpine meadows .
2) This area has pine forests and some alpine meadows .
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alpine mountain1) Manfred wanders in the alpine mountains .
2) The deformation becomes less pervasive away from the younger, more active alpine mountain building.
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alpine orogeny1) This belt of mountain chains was formed during the alpine orogeny .
2) Existing research has clearly demonstrated traces of the Hercynian and alpine orogeny .
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alpine pass1) The first alpine pass included was the Sestriere in 1911.
2) He smiles and we turn onto the alpine pass road and head for Sundance.
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alpine pasture1) The ranch was much bigger than an alpine pasture .
2) Almost half of this grassland consists of high alpine pastures .
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alpine plants1) A botanical conservatory devoted to alpine plants .
2) alpine plants are common in this zone.
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alpine region1) Consequently wind in alpine regions imposes severe mechanical stress on plants.
2) The alpine region has a strong cultural identity.
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alpine scenery1) And soak in the spectacular alpine scenery in complete solitude.
2) This is Swiss alpine scenery at its most glorious.
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alpine ski1) Most alpine skis fall into this category.
2) Discuss the five types of alpine skis .
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alpine skier1) Some have been collegiate track stars and others alpine skiers .
2) She is an Austrian professional alpine skier .
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alpine skiing1) Spain has enjoyed some success in competitive alpine skiing .
2) Nordic poles are longer than poles for alpine skiing .
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alpine style1) Many solutions had been proposed including an alpine style rack railway.
2) There are two main styles of mountaineering: Expedition style and alpine style .
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alpine terrain1) Truly alpine terrain was found in the southern mountain ranges.
2) Truly alpine terrain appears in the southern mountain ranges.
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alpine tundra1) Weather is wildly unpredictable in the alpine tundra .
2) Above this line lies volcanic desert and alpine tundra .
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alpine valley1) In a process that took about three centuries they spread into the alpine valleys .
2) This represents some 5,000 recruits, an onerous levy from sparsely-populated alpine valleys .
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alpine vegetation1) Low meadow alpine vegetation ascends till snow.
2) alpine vegetation can be found at the higher altitudes.
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alpine villages1) Many alpine villages have also grown greatly because of the tourist industry.
2) Another of those storybook alpine villages .
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alpinist1) Joe - A professional alpinist who helps agent 004.
2) The three clients were keen but not really experienced alpinists .
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alprazolam1) Following oral administration, alprazolam is readily absorbed.
2) alprazolam cowardly wired destructive kinds of therapies.
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