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altered circumstance1) They do not long for altered circumstances but for fuller experience of him.
2) She understands the irony of the unicorn's accident and accepts her own altered psychological circumstances .
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altered consciousness1) Some form of trance or altered consciousness is always involved.
2) Staring into a reflective surface is believed to induce a state of altered consciousness .
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altered expression1) Some studies find altered miRNA expression in schizophrenia.
2) Examples of altered gene expression include that of miRNAs.
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altered function1) Items from previous Metroid games appear with altered functions .
2) These factors could independently increase the risk for developing altered kidney function .
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altered gene1) An affected person usually inherits the altered gene from one affected parent.
2) Each one signifies an altered gene .
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altered landscape1) His large-scale altered landscapes are ironic visual and political commentaries.
2) On either side of the mountains the valley, lake and foothill areas present a glacially altered landscape .
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altered levels1) These birds also had altered levels of testosterone and estradiol hormones .
2) Crimson Command, located on culture has been altered levels and before real issues.
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altered lyric1) The cover of the song features altered lyrics that appear to illustrate a suicide scene.
2) Houston then recorded the song with altered lyrics and production from Narada Michael Walden.
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altered mental1) Acute respiratory distress syndrome and altered mental status may also occur.
2) In both conditions, autonomic dysfunction and altered mental status develop.
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altered metabolism1) Excess or deficient iodine intake may result in altered thyroid metabolism .
2) In the brain, altered metabolism makes neurons more sensible to oxidation causing mitochondrial damages.
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altered perception1) What happens in the brain to cause these altered perceptions ?
2) Additionally an altered perception of self, environment and relationships may occur.
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altered reality1) This then suggested an altered reality in the victim's mind.
2) Vixen recruits heroes from the altered reality to help her defeat Anansi.
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altered state1) This is another example of altered states .
2) A synonymous phrase is altered state of awareness .
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altered state of consciousness1) In her final years she frequently experienced altered states of consciousness .
2) The altered state of consciousness induced in the second step ends.
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altered status1) Acute respiratory distress syndrome and altered mental status may also occur.
2) In both conditions, autonomic dysfunction and altered mental status develop.
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altered timeline1) The Flash wakes up in an altered timeline .
2) As a tradionalist , I hated the altered timeline in the first film.
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altered version1) For them I've made an altered version .
2) He proposed an altered version of the structuration cycle.
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genetically altered1) It requires exporters to label shipments that contain genetically altered commodities such as corn or cotton.
2) genetically Modified Food Did You Know Your Food is genetically altered ?
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new altered1) When organisms reproduce , their offspring may have new or altered traits.
2) An example of such a change is the presence of a new or altered file.
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