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Arabic alphabet1) The basic Arabic alphabet contains 28 letters.
2) Written literature written in an Arabic alphabet has been produced since the eleventh century.
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Coptic alphabet1) This block also supports the Coptic alphabet .
2) As the Coptic alphabet much resembles Greek, that is not surprising.
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Cyrillic alphabet1) Russian is written using a Cyrillic alphabet .
2) The early Cyrillic alphabet is difficult to represent on computers.
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Glagolitic alphabet1) In the western part the Glagolitic alphabet remained dominant at first.
2) It used only the Glagolitic alphabet of angular Croatian type.
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Greek alphabet1) Several varieties of the Greek alphabet developed.
2) The script predates the Greek alphabet by several centuries.
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Hebrew alphabet1) Hebrew uses the Hebrew alphabet with optional vowel points.
2) Image above : The Hebrew alphabet is so mystical.
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Italic alphabet1) Genesis of the Greek and Old Italic alphabets .
2) The runes developed centuries after the Old Italic alphabets from which they are probably historically derived.
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Latin alphabet1) It truly is written while using the Latin alphabet .
2) German is written using the Latin alphabet .
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Phoenician alphabet1) The Greek alphabet developed from the older Phoenician alphabet .
2) The Greek alphabet is derived from the Phoenician alphabet .
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adapt alphabet1) The Greeks eventually adapted the Phoenician alphabet around the eighth century BC.
2) Westerners adapted the Latin alphabet to represent Chinese pronunciation, and arranged their dictionaries accordingly.
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adopt alphabet1) In 1998 the government has adopted a Latin alphabet to replace it.
2) In the following centuries this alphabet was adopted by other Slavic peoples.
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alphabet1) The traditional alphabet is being slowly reintroduced through schools.
2) Modern astrology uses the alphabet system.
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alphabet block1) These fine alphabet blocks will last for years.
2) This is a wonderful set of 50 traditionally styled alphabet blocks with hand-painted artwork.
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alphabet book1) They also love patterned and alphabet books .
2) Each letter has a word with it like every other alphabet book .
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alphabet code1) An alphabet code to define the series.
2) However, lowercase and uppercase sampi were provided for by the Greek alphabet coded character set for bibliographic information interchange .
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alphabet letter1) Each alphabet letter or character is represented by a byte.
2) My question is: are these really Aramaic alphabet letters ?
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alphabet soup1) Television stations were initially pleased by this alphabet soup .
2) We complain about the so-called alphabet soup of title bouts.
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aramaic alphabet1) My question is: are these really aramaic alphabet letters?
2) The earliest aramaic alphabet was based on the Phoenician alphabet.
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braille alphabet1) Find out how the patterns are used in the braille alphabet .
2) Braille's name is written under the book in the braille alphabet that he invented.
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introduce alphabet1) Evagoras I of Salamis introduced the Greek alphabet to Cyprus.
2) A Cyrillic alphabet was introduced in the Moldovan SSR to reinforce this claim.
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invent alphabet1) Did you invent the Roman alphabet yourself used in your patent application ?
2) Cyril also invented the Glagolitic alphabet , suitable for Slavic languages.
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learn alphabet1) It may mean learning an unfamiliar alphabet or a whole language.
2) The above items will make learning the alphabet much faster.
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letters of the alphabet1) Points are customarily named using capital letters of the alphabet .
2) Music notation systems have used letters of the alphabet for centuries.
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manual alphabet1) There are many different manual alphabets throughout the world.
2) His manual alphabet system was the first recognized in Deaf history.
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morse alphabet1) The morse alphabet was then transmitted in musical sounds, audible throughout the lecture-hall.
2) Because many non-English natural languages use more than the 26 Roman letters, extensions to the morse alphabet exist for those languages.
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phonetic alphabet1) The LAPD phonetic alphabet has many first names.
2) The phonetic alphabet and how it is used to communicate clearly.
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recite alphabet1) He can recite the alphabet and hold an intelligent conversation.
2) This will make sure you can recite the entire alphabet quickly.
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roman alphabet1) The suggested alphabetical order follows that of the roman alphabet .
2) And the roman alphabet is a variant of that.
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runic alphabet1) Around this time, a runic alphabet was used.
2) Its highlight was a mystical and occult interpretation of the runic alphabet .
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teach alphabet1) Robert Woods adopts a new approach to teaching the alphabet .
2) And three isn't too early to begin to teach the alphabet .
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use alphabet1) It truly is written while using the Latin alphabet .
2) German is written using the Latin alphabet .
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