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alternately1) The violins were alternately warm and brilliant.
2) The ink cartridges amount alternately into each drum.
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alternately arrange1) The square sticks have holes equally spaced and arranged alternately .
2) The leaves are crowded and alternately arranged on the branches.
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alternately call1) On sit-down and floorless coasters, it is alternately called a spiraling camelback.
2) alternately called the banana phone , this phone was popularized in the first Matrix movie.
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alternately know1) BELIEF in the existence of the awe inspiring hominid creature known alternately as Sasquatch or Bigfoot.
2) By this time, Fifth Street also became known alternately as Cocke Street or West Street.
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be alternately1) They are alternately 30 and 29 days long.
2) Hands are alternately displayed on the screen.
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hold alternately1) These were held alternately in the two cities.
2) Regular sessions of the Joint Committee shall be held alternately in each country.
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play alternately1) From 1965 Kaye played alternately in New York, Europe and Africa.
2) Matches were played alternately at the Neptunes and St Julian's pitches.
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use alternately1) Many Goryeo sovereign alternately used both supreme king and emperor.
2) In tapotement, two hands are usually used alternately .
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