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alter1) The characters physical body has been altered slightly.
2) The exterior has never been altered substantially.
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alter a gene1) Some mutations alter a gene's DNA base sequence but do not change the function of the protein made by the gene.
2) Many examples of genetic factors of social behavior have been derived from a bottom-up method of altering a gene and observing the change it produces in an organism.
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alter accordingly1) Lisbon's stance on Rhodesia altered accordingly .
2) Locate the following in the root folder and alter accordingly .
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alter an image1) image editors are capable of altering an image to be rotated in any direction and to any degree.
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alter appearance1) You can alter the appearance in the options panel.
2) Such a project could drastically alter the aesthetic appearance of Hobart.
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alter balance1) Just one ski radically alters the ecological balance of things.
2) These demographic changes permanently altered the ethnic balance in the region.
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alter behavior1) There are three categories of altering wildlife behavior .
2) You may alter this behavior in several ways.
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alter behaviour1) altering behaviour is one obvious way of improving matters.
2) The problems of prohibition have not changed Prohibition does have the power to alter behaviour but not often for the better .
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alter climate1) There is increasing evidence that our activities can alter global climate as indicated earlier.
2) This research indicates the prominent role that aerosols can play in altering regional climate .
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alter composition1) Human activity has altered the forest composition significantly since European settlement.
2) The logging has altered the composition of the forest.
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alter consciousness1) Alcohol alters consciousness by shifting levels of neurotransmitters.
2) Opiates are a class of drugs that alter consciousness .
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alter course1) His reflections profoundly altered the course of his life.
2) A single telegram radically alters the course of the war.
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alter ego1) Roger has played numerous alter egos in rapid succession.
2) Her alter ego is a street person named Mia.
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alter environment1) Society changes, fashions in advertising change, it is a constantly altering environment from which and in which you will write.
2) Effects of the gravity altered environment on Drosophilia motility, behaviour and ageing (AGEING)
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alter fate1) Trick is very powerful: he is a Blood Sage and can alter fate by writing it with his blood.
2) US sockeye salmon designation may alter fate of Pacific Northwest rivers
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alter form1) The principal facade now exists in somewhat altered form .
2) The proposal was accepted in a slightly altered form in April 1720.
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alter landscape1) New technologies are fundamentally altering the alcohol marketing landscape .
2) Every large storm alters the landscape and creates a new environment.
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alter level1) These birds also had altered levels of testosterone and estradiol hormones .
2) Crimson Command, located on culture has been altered levels and before real issues.
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alter meaning1) Deforming such data in real time acts to fundamentally alter meaning production.
2) Subject: altered meanings through typographic interference.
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alter nature1) This has altered the nature of criminals and crimes.
2) These altered the nature of trade and transformed his political image.
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alter outcome1) A series of extraordinary events would alter this outcome .
2) You have both altered the outcome of the race .
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alter pattern1) Drugs can alter normal sleep patterns and suppress deep sleep.
2) Landscape change can also alter weather patterns .
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alter perception1) But did the relentless media attention alter perception ?
2) Their values and perceptions are forever altered .
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alter practice1) How do applied and commercial meteorological expertise alter practices of living with and managing weather and climate risks?
2) The law altered practices related to the administration of campaign finance, but did not significantly alter the flow of money into state politics.
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alter property1) He altered property into one dwelling, removing the right hand front door to the property.
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alter reality1) She has the ability to instantly alter reality by lying.
2) Those who walk through the Maze are capable of altering reality .
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alter schedule1) Most operators keep to the same ferry schedules year on year but it is not uncommon for companies to 'trade' routes, change boats, or alter schedules .
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alter setting1) Another textually altered setting is Mike Anderson's charismatic Gloria of 1983.
2) At powerup the PHY usually adapts to whatever it's connected to (Autonegotiation) unless you alter settings via the MDIO interface.
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alter shape1) This basic root shape is often altered by ablaut.
2) It altered the shape of his life.
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alter structure1) In 1994 the local government structure was radically altered .
2) The economic transformation also altered income structure .
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alter the angle1) He stopped, peering at the stone, and altered the angle of the torch.
2) the latter alters the angle of the front roller, to prevent the best running off centre.
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alter the attitude1) In the 16th century political and religious changes altered the attitude of historians towards John.
2) Some of the magnates attempted to alter the attitudes of the people and turn them against Louis.
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alter the expression1) Studies have shown that morphine can alter the expression of a number of genes.
2) Thiazolidinediones enter the cell, bind to the nuclear receptors, and alter the expression of genes.
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alter the perspective1) the outrage cycle makes for an easy story while altering the perspective of exactly zero people.
2) But to treat the apostolic writings as 'prophecy' given by Spirit-inspired men altered the perspective .
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alter the plan1) This disaster did not alter the plans of the prince, for those plans had already been frustrated.
2) In response, the Government altered the plan to redirect the line underneath the city, significantly increasing the cost.
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alter will1) Owners whose dogs have not been altered will pay $24 per dog license.
2) However, if they are, there minds will continue to break and more alters will be created to protect the body.
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alter wording1) SCOTUS has no power to create law , no power to add wording, no power to alter wording , SCOTUS has the power of judicial review pertaining to government.
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altered1) The characters physical body has been altered slightly.
2) What exactly does altered mean?
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altering1) But altering the existing system is tough.
2) They are mood and mind altering drugs.
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alters1) Coal mining radically alters whole mountain and forest landscapes.
2) A metal lever behind the blade guard alters cutting depth.
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chemically alter1) They also attempt to chemically alter learning or memory formation.
2) Hair cannot be chemically altered .
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completely alter1) Room acoustics can completely alter speech reception.
2) Most significantly, the film's finale was completely altered .
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considerably alter1) The original park has been considerably altered since its inception.
2) In the 1939 film, the sequence is considerably altered .
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digitally alter1) Stewart digitally altered the flames to keep continuity between frames.
2) Solo's movements are physically unrealistic and were obviously digitally altered .
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dramatically alter1) This could dramatically alter employment in factory settings.
2) This dramatically altered their lifestyle and worldview.
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drastically alter1) The building was drastically altered the inside and outside.
2) The Stadium's playing field was drastically altered .
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forever alter1) The world was forever altered in 1981.
2) Their values and perceptions are forever altered .
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fundamentally alter1) His 1972 campaign fundamentally altered how presidential primary campaigns were waged.
2) New technologies are fundamentally altering the alcohol marketing landscape.
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genetically alter1) The is composed of genetically altered -engineered mutants.
2) The plants have been genetically altered for this specific purpose.
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greatly alter1) I feel my life was greatly altered .
2) The interior has been greatly altered over the decades.
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irreversibly alter1) Thus the system is irreversibly altered by a measurement .
2) Carbon pollution threatens to damage our children 's health and radically and irreversibly alter our climate.
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irrevocably alter1) The crafted experience is irrevocably altered .
2) These collectives irrevocably altered the life style of the Nivkh.
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materially alter1) The application included evidence the website extracts relied upon in those submissions had been materially altered .
2) The design of the carriage shed itself has not altered materially from that proposed in March.
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not alter the fact that1) that does n't alter the fact that George was talking bollocks.
2) Which does n't alter the fact that he has no alibi.
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permanently alter1) These demographic changes permanently altered the ethnic balance in the region.
2) At that point David's life was permanently altered .
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profoundly alter1) The relationships between senior staff in health authorities has altered profoundly .
2) His reflections profoundly altered the course of his life.
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radically alter1) Coal mining radically alters whole mountain and forest landscapes.
2) The refrigerator car radically altered the meat business.
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significantly alter1) It has been significantly altered in the last 30 years.
2) The Court was significantly altered in 1907.
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slightly alter1) The characters physical body has been altered slightly .
2) The navigation menus have been slightly altered .
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substantially alter1) The exterior has never been altered substantially .
2) It has been substantially altered since it was built.
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subtly alter1) But that was when the atmosphere subtly altered .
2) And for an instant her expression seemed to alter subtly .
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surgically alter1) They both have surgically altered themselves.
2) She reveals that she is the Denizen, surgically altered to become human.
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