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aluminium1) Huge savings of energy are made through recycling aluminium cans.
2) Oak framed aluminium composite are also great looking signs.
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aluminium acetate1) aluminium acetate ear drops are good for drying out the ears.
2) One of the many compounds used at this intermediate level include aluminium acetate , a salt used in solution as an astringent.
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aluminium alloy1) The cylindrical centre section was constructed of aluminium alloy .
2) The most common heat sink materials are aluminium alloys .
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aluminium bat1) aluminium bat incident
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aluminium bronze1) aluminium is also used for the structural metal aluminium bronze .
2) aluminium bronze is very hard and is used for bearings and machine tool ways.
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aluminium can1) Huge savings of energy are made through recycling aluminium cans .
2) Glass bottles and plastics and aluminium cans are separated for collection.
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aluminium chassis1) This small, wallpowered hub features a rugged yet lightweight aluminium chassis .
2) Sadly, dreams of it having an aluminium chassis were squashed.
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aluminium chloride1) aluminium chloride is used in regular antiperspirants.
2) The route to aluminium at that time was by reducing aluminium chloride with sodium.
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aluminium container1) Solid waste is collected in individual bags which are stored in an aluminium container .
2) The fuel oil will rise up into 600-cubic metre, rigid aluminium containers .
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aluminium cylinder1) The teeth consisted of gold-sputtered aluminium cylinders on a silicon die.
2) Breathing quality gases do not deteriorate during storage in steel or aluminium cylinders .
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aluminium foil1) Waxed paper and aluminium foil are also used.
2) In North America, aluminium foil is known as aluminum foil.
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aluminium frame1) Die-cast aluminium frame available in various finishes.
2) The box-section aluminium frame delivered stability and accurate steering at speed.
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aluminium hydride1) Lithium aluminium hydride is a powerful reducing agent used in organic chemistry.
2) Quantitative analysis of hydroperoxides is performed using potentiometric titration with lithium aluminium hydride .
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aluminium hydroxide1) Two common salts include aluminium phosphate and aluminium hydroxide .
2) This in turn strips aluminium from clay in the soil to form aluminium hydroxide .
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aluminium oxide1) The most usual abrasive used is aluminium oxide .
2) Anodised aluminium is simply a thick coating of the aluminium oxide .
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aluminium pan1) The same two litre aluminium pan was used (uncovered) for all.
2) Prevention: It is advisable to avoid cooking acidic fruits in aluminium pans to avoid contamination with aluminium.
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aluminium powder1) The solar reflective coating itself is made from aluminium powder in suspension.
2) Ammonal: Ammonium nitrate and aluminium powder .
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aluminium rod1) She hadn't hurt this much since Daddy Deadest was around, playing his games with his willow switches and aluminium rods .
2) On the way the air is forced through an air filter fabric, whose rack is shown in the picture as white aluminium rods .
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aluminium salt1) Why putting aluminium salts in cosmetic products .
2) Despite its prevalence in the environment, no known form of life uses aluminium salts metabolically.
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aluminium saucepans1) My view was mostly of the aluminium saucepans dangling from a rail above the range.
2) Avoid aluminium saucepans , kettles and teapots as this metal may be linked to Alzeimer's disease.
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aluminium smelt1) Where are the large aluminium smelting works?
2) The aluminium smelting industry provides substantial experience in managing them safely.
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aluminium smelter1) The same is true of relationships between aluminium smelters and electricity suppliers.
2) If you work in an aluminium smelter your days are numbered .
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aluminium steel1) Also in aluminium steel bonding for lightweight engine blocks.
2) The metal usually is aluminium , stainless steel or cast iron.
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aluminium sulfate1) Most industrial flocculation done with alum is actually aluminium sulfate .
2) The chemical aluminium sulfate can be used to reduce phosphates in water.
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aluminium sulphate1) Mixed with water, aluminium sulphate becomes increasingly acid.
2) The low-level, continuous exposure arising from aluminium sulphate in water purification is very worrying.
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aluminium wheel1) A new, lightweight forged aluminium wheel is produced and used instead.
2) Bridgestone market aluminium wheels and other automotive accessories, too.
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aluminium window frames1) These products are invariably acid based, designed to strip dull oxidisation films from aluminium window frames decoratively finished and commercial vehicle bodies.
2) A further change introduced in the late 1950s was the use of aluminium window frames instead of direct glazing into the steel panelling.
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