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Canadian alliance1) He had won the nomination for the canadian alliance .
2) Supported the canadian alliance in the 2000 federal election.
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NATO alliance1) The NATO alliance has made territorial missile defense an operational priority.
2) What is the future of the NATO alliance ?
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Oneworld alliance1) SriLankan joined the Oneworld alliance on 1 May 2014.
2) The carrier has been a member of the Oneworld airline alliance since 2000.
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Western alliance1) This change further strained the Western alliance system.
2) The following factors hindered the constructive interference of the Western alliance .
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airline alliance1) It became a member of oneworld global airline alliance in 2014.
2) However, many of these airlines are members of global airline alliances .
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alliance1) The alliance calls such members medically fragile.
2) This optional rule makes alliances more powerful.
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alliance against1) US and France form military alliance against Britain.
2) But forming a lasting alliance against Maliki looks tough.
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alliance agreement1) The Sundanese took this proposal as an alliance agreement .
2) It has a strategic alliance agreement with Genomma Lab Internacional SAB de CV.
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alliance between1) Temporary alliances between villages for warfare were also formed.
2) So why the holy alliance between left and right?
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alliance building1) The most critical skill in the influencing technique of alliance building .
2) Meanwhile the alliance building is happening for the most part outside government .
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alliance for progress1) Mann did not discuss the alliance for progress .
2) August - The USA founds the alliance for progress .
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alliance member1) Players cannot player-kill another guild member or alliance member .
2) Chairmanship of the board rotates among the alliance members' chief executives.
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alliance of convenience1) An alliance of convenience was the natural result of this situation.
2) Destro and Cobra Commander despise each other but maintain an alliance of convenience .
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alliance partner1) Let's give nine seats each to the alliance partners .
2) Beijing especially needs Russia as a political, economic and military alliance partner .
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alliance relationship1) The benefits of alliance relationships usually outweigh the pitfalls.
2) And that is going to require more and more alliance relationships .
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alliance structure1) This can also be called an alliance structure .
2) It also might indicate that the real alliance structures are not the ideal ones for the firms in question.
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alliance system1) This change further strained the Western alliance system .
2) Combined with the alliance system in place in 1914, war was inevitable.
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alliance treaty1) In 1875 Peru postponed the Argentine signing of the alliance treaty .
2) Initially, there was the purely military alliance treaty of Pereiaslav.
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alliance with1) Some have built strategic alliances with major game development companies.
2) One such power play was an alliance with drug traffickers.
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alliances1) This optional rule makes alliances more powerful.
2) Such vehicles are called strategic alliances - strategic partnerships.
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announce alliance0) The Olympics were used during this time to announce alliances and offer sacrifices to the gods for victory.
1) Skeeter, Lowrance announce alliance
2) Skeeter, Lowrance announce alliance
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break off the alliance1) Li Maozhen, in anger, broke off the alliance with Shu.
2) By 1811, however, tensions had increased and Alexander was under pressure from the Russian nobility to break off the alliance .
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broad alliance1) A broad alliance against Putin's return formed in Russia's public square.
2) Under the umbrella of KMT activities, a broad alliance of nationalists emerged.
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build alliance1) A would-be alpha male has to build alliances .
2) We are also building alliances with a number of other organisations.
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build up alliance1) I have continued to build up alliances with organisations prepared to pursue quality in architecture.
2) Their new king, Philip IV, is devoting all his energies and resources to building up alliances in Europe.
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business software alliance1) The business software alliance is the leading global advocate for the software industry.
2) The business software Alliance's Define The Line campaign.
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cement alliance1) Msiri also cemented alliances with other powerful trading partners through marriage.
2) England was in the process of cementing the Anglo-Moroccan alliance .
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cement the alliance1) To cement the alliance , Khosrau also married Maurice's daughter Miriam.
2) Intermarriage with Mongolian noble families had significantly cemented the alliance between the two peoples.
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close alliance1) Poland also enjoyed a close alliance with France.
2) The corps often operated in close alliance with the Russian Corps.
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conclude alliance1) They were even permitted to conclude separate alliances .
2) Sweden and Stralsund concluded an alliance scheduled for twenty years.
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contract alliance1) Many Aryas contracted alliances with asuras.
2) When the divorce was obtained, he felt considerable repugnance to contracting any new alliance .
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create alliance1) Bajaj is very good at creating alliance .
2) Ron Similarly is creating alliances with HR and with staffing.
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defensive alliance1) A defensive alliance with Poland was concluded in 1325.
2) In 1873 Bolivia signed a secret treaty of defensive alliance with Peru.
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develop alliance1) A senior executive will share how he developed alliances to bolster their innovation efforts and modernize their business.
2) By developing alliances with the major Pacific colonial powers, Kamehameha preserved Hawaii's independence under his rule.
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dual alliance1) So, in October 1879 the dual alliance was signed.
2) In 1882, Italy joined the dual alliance to form a Triple Alliance.
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electoral alliance1) In short, we need an electoral alliance .
2) electoral alliances began to take shape in late 2010.
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entangle alliance1) We forgot George Washington's warning about entangling alliances . We went to war.
2) Jefferson said: Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations- entangling alliance with none.
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enter into alliance1) State agencies may enter into alliances and negotiate with private interest groups.
2) It entered into alliances with nationalist leaders in the under-developed countries.
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enter into an alliance1) Emperor Xiaowu subsequently entered into an alliance with Yuwen.
2) A king automatically promotes if the other two players enter into an alliance .
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establish alliance1) The policies of alliances are the guidelines that establish alliances .
2) Learn more about how and why to establish alliances at work .
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evangelical alliance1) It was known as The evangelical alliance .
2) The evangelical alliance is committed to being good news to society.
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forge alliance1) Chavez forged more dubious alliances during a 2006 trip .
2) Putin said enterprises in both countries had started forging technological alliances .
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form alliance1) They found that these alliances are formed through formal meetings.
2) And so a tenuous alliance is formed .
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form an alliance1) The Serbian ruler appeared initially reluctant to form an alliance .
2) There they formed an alliance and became lovers.
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formal alliance1) A formal alliance was signed in 1536.
2) Despite their close ties the two states had no formal alliance .
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fragile alliance1) A fragile alliance : Henry George and the Knights of Labor.
2) During Shran's stay, Romulans attack and cause the fragile alliance to crash to a halt.
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global alliance1) These European companies were benefiting from global alliance strategies.
2) The AV global alliance has 26 members across 32 countries.
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grand alliance1) The Opposition grand alliance could capture only 25 seats.
2) The grand alliance entails grand trimming.
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have alliance with1) He debuted alongside Daivari and had alliances with Ranjin Singh and Jinder Mahal.
2) The Shadow Guardians has alliances with six other groups in which we share information and trade newsletters.
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in alliance with1) Southern migrants were often treated in alliance with pre-existing racial stratification.
2) Often they worked in alliance with Masonic lodges.
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informal alliance1) The party negotiated an informal alliance with the Bey, which annoyed the French.
2) English privateers working through the Providence Island Company made informal alliances with the Miskito.
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join alliance1) The airline joined the alliance on 30 October 2013.
2) LAN Colombia joined the alliance on 1 October 2013.
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join the alliance1) the airline joined the alliance on 30 October 2013.
2) LAN Colombia joined the alliance on 1 October 2013.
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liberty alliance1) The liberty alliance Project addresses that challenge.
2) Neither those emails nor the website mention that American liberty alliance is a for-profit venture.
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loose alliance1) HRCOSA is a loose alliance of organisations.
2) An alternative arrangement is a looser alliance of parties, exemplified with Sweden.
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maintain alliance1) Mauss showed that different cultures use all kinds of gifts to create and maintain alliances .
2) The schools also served to maintain alliances and open aboriginal areas for Dutch enterprise and commerce.
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make alliance1) This optional rule makes alliances more powerful.
2) BMC was making alliances and investing in new technologies.
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make an alliance1) This made an alliance with Vienna seem attractive.
2) He seeks to make an alliance with what is good Islam.
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marriage alliance1) He expanded his empire through marriage alliances .
2) There were several marriage alliances between the two Royal families.
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matrimonial alliance1) Social and educational status are very important in arranged matrimonial alliances .
2) He supported their cause and entered into matrimonial alliance with them.
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military alliance1) The military alliance generally does not release information on wounded troops .
2) However, attempts to establish military alliances were unsuccessful.
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negotiate alliance1) Instead the Scottish parliament sent envoys to France to negotiate an alliance .
2) Duncan took advantage, negotiating alliances with these disgruntled supporters of his fathers.
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northern alliance1) U.S. and northern alliance objectives began to diverge.
2) Russia pledges to increase aid to the northern alliance .
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opposition alliance1) There shall be some opposition alliance before we go to vote.
2) The controversy is also seriously embarrassing leaders of India's mainstream opposition alliance .
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political alliance1) The foundation for a successful political alliance was laid.
2) Growing economic closeness also seemed to suggest a growing political alliance .
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powerful alliance1) The most powerful alliance was disclosed in June 1993.
2) There will be some powerful alliances made and shattered in 1993.
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renew alliance1) Most probably the embassy also worked to renew the Bulgarian-German alliance .
2) There was little doubt that the Warsaw Pact member states would renew the alliance .
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seal alliance1) Many such alliances were sealed by marriages.
2) While at the spa, the trio sealed an alliance .
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secure alliance1) Daughters were traded like horses to secure alliances .
2) Hannibal also secured an alliance with newly appointed Hieronymus of Syracuse.
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seek alliance1) Major shipping companies sought strategic alliances and partners.
2) The latter group sought greater alliance with other hilltribe minorities.
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shift alliance1) As such, she shifts alliances often.
2) They also involved quickly shifting alliances , and mainly used mercenaries.
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shifting alliances1) They also involved quickly shifting alliances , and mainly used mercenaries.
2) They are also prone to infighting and shifting alliances .
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sign alliance1) A formal alliance was signed in 1536.
2) An alliance was signed between the two states.
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strategic alliance1) Such vehicles are called strategic alliances - strategic partnerships.
2) Major shipping companies sought strategic alliances and partners.
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strengthen alliance1) He strengthened European alliances while withdrawing support from European colonialism.
2) This royal alliance strengthened Louis-Philippe's position abroad.
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strike up alliance1) The human tribes were divided amongst themselves, but the Dwarfs were able to strike up alliances which brought thousands of well-armed, fierce warriors eastwards.
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strong alliance1) This transit represents a strong alliance of similar energies.
2) In external relations, Báthory sought peace through strong alliances .
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temporary alliance1) temporary alliances between villages for warfare were also formed.
2) Lord Keran accepts and a temporary alliance is forged.
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therapeutic alliance0) This also helps establish a therapeutic alliance .
0) A positive therapeutic alliance alone can increase a client's self-esteem.
0) The therapeutic alliance is critical even in medication treatments for mental disorders.
0) One common factor is the client-therapist interaction, also known as the therapeutic alliance .
0) A derogatory view of the patient's role in the clinical setting dilapidates a therapeutic alliance .
0) I think in this regard just saying people should seek quality therapeutic alliances is not supported advice.
0) Not a hint of an indication that the requisite therapeutic alliance with the patient was a consideration.
0) These implicit communications are expressed within the therapeutic alliance between the client's and therapist's right brain systems.
0) Effective cognitive behavioral therapy is dependent on a therapeutic alliance between the healthcare practitioner and the person seeking assistance.
0) The research indicates that effective therapists form a strong therapeutic alliance across the range of patients seen in therapy.
0) A therapeutic alliance should be established with the satanic alters and the therapist should resist impulses to exorcise them.
0) The emphasis in therapy is generally to establish a successful collaborative therapeutic working alliance based on the REBT educational model.
0) An empathic response allows the patient to feel validated and understood, creating the foundation for a trusting therapeutic alliance .
0) Some clinicians emphasize the need to talk with individuals experiencing mania, to develop a therapeutic alliance in support of recovery.
0) therapeutic alliance as a predictor of outcome and retention in the National Institute on Drug Abuse Collaborative Cocaine Treatment Study.
0) Concepts such as the therapeutic alliance , transference, resistance, clarification and confrontation, interpretation, and termination will be covered.
0) It is not likely that a therapeutic alliance will be developed with an adolescent after 'traumatically' removing her parents, family, friends, community from her life.
0) In order for therapy to be successful there needs to be a good therapeutic alliance ....that doesn't seem to be present in your situation.
0) However, the proper use of challenge is as an aid or enhancement to the therapeutic alliance by removing an obstacle to the rise in complex feelings with the therapist.
0) Overall low readiness is an impediment to the effectiveness of anger management due to the lower attendance rates and negative effect on the therapeutic alliance .
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transatlantic alliance1) It has presented a clarifying moment for the transatlantic alliance .
2) Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a time of unprecedented opportunity for the transatlantic alliance .
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triple alliance1) The triple alliance did not last very long.
2) This triple alliance which lasted till 1780 reached nowhere near defeating Kottayam army.
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uneasy alliance1) It's a very uneasy alliance .
2) Each fights and cooperates with the other in an uneasy alliance .
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unholy alliance1) This unholy alliance has a two-pronged attack.
2) So they 'll prove under their new unholy alliance with islamofascism.
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unlikely alliance1) Now , locals and the migrating insects have forged an unlikely alliance .
2) These latter countries found themselves in an unlikely alliance with Russia over the war.
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war of the grand alliance1) the war of the grand alliance ensued.
2) the ensuing war of the grand alliance lasted from 1688-1697.
2) Internationally, the Revolution was related to the war of the grand alliance on mainland Europe.
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wifi alliance1) The wifi alliance has tested compliant products certifies them for interoperability.
2) WPA2 is a wifi alliance branded version of the final 802.11i standard.
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working alliance1) They have little ability to form a working alliance and a poor capacity for self-observation.
1) Bordin proposed a model of supervision working alliance similar to his model of therapeutic working alliance.
1) Bordin proposed a model of supervision working alliance similar to his model of therapeutic working alliance .
2) They form a working alliance with the unsuspecting prosecutor of Salander's case, Richard Ekström.
2) Their is no such thing as a working alliance or a therapeutic relationship when that relationship is forced.
2) The emphasis in therapy is generally to establish a successful collaborative therapeutic working alliance based on the REBT educational model.
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