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allergic1) Our son is peanut tree nut allergic .
2) It will often help alleviate allergic reactions.
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allergic asthma1) To counter the attack of acute allergic asthma are useful corticosteroids.
2) allergic asthma , an increasingly frequent problem.
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allergic condition1) The allergic type occurs more frequently among those with allergic conditions .
2) This is a complex allergic respiratory condition similar to human asthma.
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allergic conjunctivitis1) This practitioner should identify a case of allergic conjunctivitis .
2) Some patients with persistent allergic conjunctivitis may also require topical steroid drops.
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allergic dermatitis1) Patch tests are used in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis .
2) Repeated or prolonged skin contact may lead to allergic contact dermatitis .
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allergic disease1) There is also a definite mortality attached to allergic diseases .
2) CSU is not an allergic disease .
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allergic disorder0) allergic skin disorders also cause a symmetrical hair loss and hyperpigmentation.
1) About 80% have an allergic disorder , but the others do not.
2) They were useful for treating allergic disorders and also as sedatives and remedies for motion sickness.
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allergic individual1) There are experimental techniques which appear to have desensitized some allergic individuals .
2) Allergens are the allergy-causing substances to which the allergic individual reacts.
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allergic rash1) Rare cases of allergic skin rash have also been seen.
2) Oh it's only an allergic rash , .
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allergic reaction1) It will often help alleviate allergic reactions .
2) Black mold and mold spores both may trigger allergic reactions .
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allergic response1) Therefore, elevated levels may indicate an allergic response .
2) Thioredoxin-linked mitigation of allergic responses to wheat.
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allergic rhinitis1) Seasonal allergic rhinitis occurs in particular during pollen seasons.
2) Specialized testing is necessary to diagnose local allergic rhinitis .
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allergic shock1) An average of 20 people die each year from their stings, around half due to allergic shock , the others asphyxiation after being stung in the mouth or throat.
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allergic symptom1) The drug 's stimulating properties masks its allergic symptoms .
2) Thanks for all the useful suggestions for relieving allergic symptoms .
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allergic to1) I think being allergic to red 40 is common.
2) He is allergic to rice and milk.
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allergic to cats1) Some including those allergic to cats have raised concerns .
2) Ben is allergic to cats and has a video game addiction.
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allergic to dairy1) Being allergic to dairy , my smoothies have soy products in them.
2) In premeditated avoidance of such discomfort, I sometimes just tell people that I'm allergic to dairy .
2) She is allergic to dairy , eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, turkey, pork, among other things.
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allergic to dog1) I might be allergic to dog hair.
2) Forced into the less-prestigious infantry due to being allergic to dogs .
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allergic to dust1) He is also allergic to dust mites.
2) Health Effects: Many people are allergic to dust .
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allergic to gluten1) I am allergic to gluten and dairy.
2) Today's announcement is important to millions of families and individuals allergic to gluten .
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allergic to sunlight1) The IR control system also makes these tanks allergic to sunlight .
2) However, if you are allergic to sunlight , do not start this regimen without contacting your PCP or neurologist first.
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be allergic1) I think being allergic to red 40 is common.
2) He is allergic to rice and milk.
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become allergic1) Then she realized she was becoming allergic to other foods.
2) Now, I've become allergic to peanuts.
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child allergic1) Especially if your child is allergic to anything ....?
2) Tell caregivers if your child is allergic to iodine or seafood.
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highly allergic1) The patients who use omalizumab are generally highly allergic .
2) highly allergic people can go into a form of shock.
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life threatening allergic1) Life-threatening allergic reactions are very rare.
2) He administered three injections of EpiPens , a treatment for life-threatening allergic reactions.
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other allergic1) other causes are amyloidosis and certain other allergic and infectious diseases.
2) As with other allergic complaints, the history offers the clues.
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patient allergic1) Do not use in patients allergic to silver.
2) Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole has been shown effective in patients allergic to penicillin.
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people allergic1) Unfortunately some people are allergic against peanuts.
2) A lot of people are allergic to latex.
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person allergic1) A hive will form at any spot where the person is allergic .
2) If a person is allergic , ceftriaxone may be used or penicillin desensitization attempted.
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serious allergic1) A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rare.
2) Although rare, serious allergic reactions may also occur.
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severe allergic1) She had a severe allergic reaction last month.
2) These warning signs range from sore throats to severe allergic reactions.
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