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Pledge of Allegiance1) I like the Pledge of Allegiance idea.
2) An oath or Pledge of Allegiance is also sometimes required.
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affirm allegiance1) Such is this subject's duty in repaying the Former Emperor and affirming allegiance to Your Majesty.
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allegiance1) You are pledging allegiance to dark powers.
2) That is really where my allegiance belongs.
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allegiance and loyalty1) The Ayuntamiento of Iloilo also affirmed its allegiance and loyalty to Spain and made a similar protestation.
1) But Jesus says clearly, You cannot give your allegiance and loyalty to money and to God both.
2) Historically, the caliph was viewed as the leader of Muslims the world over, whose allegiance and loyalty he expected.
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allegiance and obedience1) Should they owe allegiance and obedience to him?
2) These tenants owed to the Imperial city allegiance , obedience , military service and tax obligations.
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allegiance lie1) He 's certainly among the top three-to-five regardless of where allegiances lie .
2) López recklessly dropped Francia's key policies of neutrality without determining where his allegiances lay .
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allegiance to1) You are pledging allegiance to dark powers.
2) This involves an allegiance to certain historic documents called confessions.
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allegiance to the party1) This led to a purge in North Korean society in which every individual was checked for his or her allegiance to the party and its leader.
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an oath of allegiance1) Nations usually require an oath of allegiance in order to citizenship.
2) Members of organized crime groups often take an oath of allegiance .
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blind allegiance1) blind allegiance is dangerous, commitment without introspection and analysis is too.
2) However, these congregations are typified with a rather blind allegiance to authority.
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change allegiance1) Disqualification of members from changing party allegiance .
2) We do often change allegiance , meaning we seek approval from another group.
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change allegiances1) Stephen again changed allegiances and now fought for the Šubićs again.
2) Official reports of the Plenum indicated changing allegiances and the victory of those suspicious of reform.
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claim allegiance1) These workers claim allegiance to their current job and employer.
2) They claim allegiance not because they promote common goods but because they let everyone pursue his own preferences without interference.
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class allegiance1) In the same country the term 'morbo' still applies for terms of class allegiances in places like Catalonia , Madrid and most acutely in Sevilla.
2) Lassalle considered the state to be an entity independent of class allegiances and an instrument of justice that would therefore be essential for achieving socialism.
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command allegiance1) The slogan equality of opportunity commands wide allegiance among the members of contemporary societies.
2) Philanax needs a leader capable of commanding the allegiance of the Arcadians and of bringing justice to Basilius's murderers.
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declare allegiance0) Administrative jobs were offered to Jews who declared Soviet allegiance .
1) I think eventually practitioners will have to declare some allegiance .
2) During this campaign, the Syrian princes declared allegiance to Thutmose.
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demand allegiance0) Jesus' message... demanded total allegiance .
0) The pagan religious leaders and civil leaders demanded allegiance to their multiple gods.
1) Shall you say, the best good of the country demands allegiance to party?
2) It seems we are being warned of an economic system which will demand allegiance from all persons on the planet.
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former allegiance1) It is significant that officers forsook their former allegiance to bear arms for their erstwhile enemies.
2) The tinctures that have been used are a reference to the village's former lordly allegiances .
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full allegiance0) In the assembly, the Orthodox declared full allegiance to the Shulchan Aruch.
1) Moreover, by 1255 Eóghan had given his full allegiance to the Scottish crown, albeit because of lack of favour given to him by the King of Norway.
2) On 9 September 1938, the Jugantar members issued a statement not to reorganise their separate party headquarters and to avow full allegiance to the Congress.
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gain allegiance1) Augustine also was unsuccessful in gaining the allegiance of the British clergy.
2) Nri expanded through converts gaining neighboring communities' allegiance , not by force.
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give allegiance0) And to Christ, equally with the Father,all Heaven gave allegiance .
1) All he asked was that I give up sin and give allegiance to him.
2) Within the four seas, wherever boat or cart could reach, all submitted and gave allegiance to him.
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national allegiance1) These organizations have no national allegiance .
2) International corporations have no national allegiance , they care only for profit.
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nominal allegiance1) However, the fledgling kingdom still owed nominal allegiance to the diminished empire.
2) From 1847 the Mir of Hunza gave nominal allegiance to China.
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owe allegiance1) New ruling administrators owed allegiance to the state.
2) Natural-born subjects owe allegiance wherever they may be.
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party allegiance1) Variations in party allegiance had significant effects on vote choice.
2) You 're letting your party allegiance blind you to reality.
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personal allegiance1) Do I feel my personal allegiance to him?
2) Hitler had the officers swear their personal allegiance to him.
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pledge allegiance1) It will be a way of making everyone pledge allegiance to him.
2) That's how the system - the system new citizens pledge allegiance to - works.
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political allegiance1) This intervention reconstituted the boundaries of political allegiance .
2) Their fundamental political allegiances were always considered dubious.
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primary allegiance1) His primary allegiance was to the supremacy of law and constitution.
2) There is a primary allegiance to mankind, and a secondary allegiance to the State.
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profess allegiance1) The courts continue to profess allegiance to the traditional approach.
2) The philosopher to whom above all others Hamilton professed allegiance was Aristotle.
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religious allegiance1) They also often wear symbols indicating their religious allegiance .
2) Such dual religious allegiances are entirely natural to the Indonesian temperament.
2) In the 19th century, many crypto-Christians returned to their old religious allegiance .
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renounce allegiance1) The princes were exhorted to renounce allegiance both to Benedict and Gregory.
2) Qutaibah renounced allegiance to Sulayman, though his troops rejected his appeal to revolt.
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retain allegiance1) We encourage them to stay separate, to retain political allegiance to other countries, to other ideologies.
2) Many of the Brackets became members of local morris sides after their return to the UK, but all retain an allegiance to the Hong Kong Morris.
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retain the allegiance1) In modern Britain the State is generally acknowledged to have kept the peace and retained the allegiance of its citizens during a period of great social change.
1) Based on the recent Syrian election, Assad appears to retain the allegiance of many Alawites, Shiites, Christians and other sects, including some Sunnis.
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secure allegiance1) Throughout its life the army faced such persistent problems of securing allegiance .
2) The armies faced minimal resistance, and secured the allegiance of the local saophas.
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shift allegiance1) Consequently, the party has shifted allegiance in conflicts involving Israel.
2) It quickly abandoned its position in Somalia and shifted allegiance to Addis Ababa.
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shifting allegiance1) In a world where it's never clear who is bad and who is good - we're constantly shifting allegiance .
1) Paul Alexander, (2009), Peace to War: shifting allegiances in the Assemblies of God .
2) The dialogue in each version is slightly different, which adds to the layers of ambiguity and plays with our shifting allegiances .
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show allegiance1) Should we show allegiance to our friends or to authority figures?
2) The number 13 attached to their name is to show allegiance to the Mexican Mafia.
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strong allegiance1) Under half were Latin rite with strong allegiance to Rome.
2) The people of the region have strong allegiance to their traditional political authority.
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swear allegiance1) And I never will swear allegiance to that.
2) We still celebrate her birthday and swear allegiance to her.
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switch allegiance1) The remaining loyal units switched allegiance the next day.
2) Several Anglo-Norman nobles switched allegiance , sensing an impending disaster.
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traditional allegiance1) Many candidates objected to wearing it because of their theological and traditional allegiances .
2) Many Montenegrins, due to their traditional allegiance with Russia declared themselves as Soviet-orientated.
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transfer allegiance1) It is also possible that Keats resented Hunt's transferred allegiance .
2) As he spoke, and this lip joined the upper, so the wet dot transferred allegiance , and then back again.
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true allegiance1) However, her true allegiances are unknown.
2) Jacen's true allegiance is his own, however.
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