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Silicon Alley1) With the end of the Dot-com bubble , Silicon Alley Reporter failed .
2) Important new sectors, such as Silicon Alley , emerged in Manhattan's economy.
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Tin Pan Alley1) Tin Pan Alley produced patriotic songs to rally the people.
2) She played Rio Rita Girl in Tin Pan Alley .
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alley1) The car noses confidently down alley after alley.
2) The car noses confidently down alley after alley .
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alley cat1) While she finds him amusing, an alley cat isn't her type.
2) However, a flock of alley cats lick her corpse, reviving her.
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alley lead1) And being a dead end, the alley led to nowhere else.
2) The Zodiac alleys are a maze of restored alleys leading to the harbor.
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alley lead to1) And being a dead end, the alley led to nowhere else.
2) The Zodiac alleys are a maze of restored alleys leading to the harbor.
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alley leads1) The alley leads into an octagonal clearing which faces the street and the main entrance to the property.
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alley oop1) Sports claims the injury came on an attempted alley oop .
2) alley oop , newspaper comic strip.
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alley way1) Move down the alley way and to either sidewalk.
2) Basically around the corner and into this alley way .
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alleys1) Singapore has bowling alleys of different kinds.
2) Bowling alleys have never needed pin boys.
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along the alley1) the buildings along the alley date back to Baroque times.
2) the Whisky Shop is located just beyond the Hotel , along the alley next to the tweed and wool shop.
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back alley1) The mentally ill suffer in its back alleys .
2) A third used the back alley as a playground.
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blind alley1) Progress cannot be made without exploring blind alleys .
2) The latter is a blind alley or cul-de-sac .
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bowl alley1) Barney's Bowl-A-Rama is the bowling alley in Springfield.
2) The film provides a good historical glance at bowling alleys of the era.
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bowling alley1) Singapore has bowling alleys of different kinds.
2) bowling alleys have never needed pin boys.
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cobbled alleys1) It was not only a walled but heavily fortified city with narrow streets and cobbled alleys .
2) By comparison with the cold cobbled alleys , the hotel restaurant was a scene of throbbing gaiety.
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dark alley1) I guess I should stay out of dark alleys .
2) He pressed up against me in dark alleys .
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darkened alley1) King stumbles down a darkened alley .
2) His assailants fired from a darkened alley through a window in an outside door.
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deserted alley1) He was alone, in a deserted alley , with someone or something unknown.
2) Both Fellini and Antonioni, in fact, in a landscape of lakes and deserted alleys , show couples at a crucial point.
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down the alley1) And he walked down the alley until he was gone.
2) the black dog spun abruptly and loped off down the alley .
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empty alley1) He ran across the empty alley between the tumbledown buildings and squeezed his way in through a crack in the sagging door.
2) The hot Saharan wind blows up pillars of sand in empty alleys , providing vivid evidence of the scale of the exodus provoked by AQIM's rule.
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in the alley1) Two soldiers in the alley were wounded.
2) There was something else in the alley .
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little alley1) Wander through little alleys and come upon tiny galleries and cafes .
2) She gets up and out as she begins to wander out of the dankly little alley way.
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narrow alley1) Then I reached a narrow alley full of large snowballs.
2) He threads his way through narrow alleys where the sun never penetrates.
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power alley1) That is not the true power alley , but deep left-center.
2) power alley : Score points by shooting at the target at the opposite end of the table.
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shaft alley1) The incoming water flooded the shaft alley .
2) The watertight door between the shaft alley and main engine compartment was permanently affixed open.
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side alley1) They skirted the crowd and slipped away into the network of side alleys .
2) When they returned Jenkins again led the way out into the side alley behind the bar.
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skittle alley1) Newport has a skittle alley League consisting of over 50 teams who play their league games on a Friday evening.
2) The trio's disastrous debut performance was held at a skittle alley in Charmouth Village Hall in April 1991.
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small alley1) It hung in a small alley between several major Haredi institutions.
2) Here we are lost in a maze of small alleys and stone arches.
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street alley1) All the streets and alleys were navigable.
2) The old town is made up of many narrow streets and alleys .
2) Prostitution businesses were driven to the streets and alleys near the city walls.
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through the alley1) the Tall One leaned forward and a sharp explosion cracked through the alley .
2) the wind sliced through the alley and blew a sheet of old newspaper against her leg.
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tornado alley1) All of those things combined make tornado alley .
2) This concludes our 20 day trip in tornado alley .
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twisting alley1) Switchback is a wide urban road with smaller twisting alleys on its sides.
2) Back in the main town, we explored twisting alleys which eventually led us to the old Frankish quarter.
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up alley1) The healthy hook: I won't tell you to eat carrot and celery sticks on bowling night, but you can lighten up alley offerings.
2) They have to go up alleys where there are no cameras.
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up the alley1) I thought this would be a show right up the alley of this group of people.
2) However some did indeed drive into the Roman ranks and caused considerable damage before escaping up the alleys .
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wind alley1) The streets here are nothing but winding alleys and many of the buildings are shuttered and empty.
2) The winding alleys and characteristic blue and white buildings give the area a cool and peaceful allure.
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