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alleviate1) Hopefully various modifications will alleviate those problems.
2) It will often help alleviate allergic reactions.
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alleviate anxiety1) It can alleviate anxiety , depression and anger.
2) It showed meaningful efficacy in alleviating anxiety and related sleep disturbances.
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alleviate boredom1) This order can be changed to create variety and alleviate boredom .
2) It is a distraction, it alleviates boredom , and it gives him purpose.
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alleviate burden1) The use of a bicycle will alleviate this burden .
2) There is no government scholarship program to alleviate the burden on poor families.
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alleviate concern1) This would help alleviate concerns and instill confidence among investors .
2) Madison sought to alleviate concerns about Federal power.
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alleviate condition1) Their parents however, tried to alleviate conditions for their tenants as best they could.
2) These camps alleviated conditions but hospital facilities continued to be strained after each of the great offensives.
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alleviate congestion1) Thus, a new airport was planned to alleviate congestion .
2) A bridge across Lake Krøderen was built to help alleviate transportation congestion .
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alleviate depression1) Fortunately another quite unrelated series of compounds was found to alleviate depression .
2) Sleep loss may exacerbate or induce manic symptoms or temporarily alleviate depression .
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alleviate discomfort1) How can you alleviate the discomfort caused by Braxton Hicks contractions?
2) Canine massage may alleviate discomfort and help move lymph and nutrients through the system.
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alleviate distress1) Jane sent money and food to alleviate the Ryan family's distress .
2) We have done whatever little lay within our power to alleviate the prevalent distress .
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alleviate drought1) The rainfall extended through the Mid-Atlantic states, which alleviated drought conditions.
2) In Taiwan, the outer rainbands dropped rainfall that alleviated drought conditions.
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alleviate fear1) This is believed to alleviate fear , tension and emotional instability.
2) Spiritual life alleviates fear , so there is no xenophobia either and alienation also becomes meaningless.
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alleviate hunger1) So what can you do to help alleviate hunger right now?
2) Producing enough food is a necessary, but not nearly sufficient, condition for alleviating hunger .
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alleviate impact1) Suicide a necessity: Implied in this case as the story says zero about what can be done to ensure comfort or alleviate impact of person's line.
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alleviate much1) This would alleviate much of the overcrowding on the 30-45 lines.
2) The imposition of a French protectorate in 1912 alleviated much of the discrimination.
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alleviate overcrowding1) This was in order to alleviate prison overcrowding .
2) To alleviate overcrowding , the fleet of rolling stock was enlarged.
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alleviate pain1) This article seeks to alleviate that pain .
2) Using symbols to alleviate pain , cure diseases and allergies resolved.
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alleviate poverty1) Imagine trying to alleviate poverty without growth.
2) India's remarkable economic growth has not alleviated rural poverty .
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alleviate pressure1) Germany may decide to alleviate pressure on the rest Eurozone by planning its own exit .
2) This transfer alleviated pressure on the growing crops and provided fresh pasture for the livestock.
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alleviate problem1) Such 'organs' may alleviate problems which are caused by malfunctioning cells.
2) Further standards efforts such as Motif and CDE did not alleviate problems .
2) The devolution of these facilities to civilian control helped to alleviate problems that plagued the civilian economy.
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alleviate shortage1) The ordination of women would certainly alleviate shortages of staff.
2) Even this failed to alleviate shortages in the long term.
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alleviate stress1) Some also drink to alleviate stress or anxiety.
2) The best way to alleviate stress is to remove the stressor.
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alleviate suffering1) Education also failed to alleviate human suffering .
2) But alleviating suffering is a valuable service.
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alleviate symptom1) Doctors prescribe medications to help alleviate symptoms .
2) Several new experimental treatments may alleviate symptoms .
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alleviate the crisis1) Other policies meant to alleviate the crisis in the short term have baneful consequences.
2) Although it sounds unachievable, this is one way to alleviate the crisis .
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alleviate the effects1) Nonsynaptic plasticity, can function to alleviate the effects of brain damage.
2) People may try to alleviate the effects produced without tackling the causes behind them.
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alleviate the guilt1) One of the best ways to alleviate the guilt that can come with spending money is to save up for what you want . Create a goal, and then actively set aside money for it.
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alleviate the misery1) I have no ambition except to alleviate the misery and suffering that comes through sin.
2) A practical turn was given by the collection of considerable sums to alleviate the misery of the unfortunates.
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alleviate the need1) Moreover, a feeding tube will alleviate the need for her ng tube.
2) Information is retained via the cookies that alleviates the need for repeated entry of details.
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alleviate the plight1) CERA's initial mandate was to help alleviate the plight of Eritreans in exile.
2) Meanwhile, her father, Governor Baels, attempted to alleviate the plight of his invaded province.
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alleviate the symptom1) This may be enough to alleviate the symptoms .
2) Medications currently used to alleviate the symptoms produce undesirable side effects.
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alleviate traffic1) It alleviated traffic and does not use twisting roads.
2) Two diagonal avenues in the city centre alleviate traffic and provide better access to Plaza de Mayo.
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alleviate unemployment1) It also voted on a measure to alleviate unemployment .
2) From the outset the Commission believed that it would help alleviate unemployment in rural Britain.
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alleviate worry1) A Cloud Server offers scalability according to the resource needs of customers and alleviates worries of usage spikes and traffic demands.
2) Again I can see this being advantageous to help alleviate worrying but would also be convenient to coordinate pick ups on a long hike.
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alleviated1) The rainfall alleviated persistent drought conditions across the state.
2) The craving for junk food is alleviated .
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alleviates1) This increases blood flow and quite often alleviates the problem.
2) It also alleviates female organ troubles and conditions.
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alleviating1) But alleviating suffering is a valuable service.
2) Medical treatments often focus on alleviating symptoms.
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be designed to alleviate1) Coal storage was designed to alleviate this problem.
2) The proposal was designed to alleviate growing problems of congestion and pollution.
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considerably alleviate1) The availability of NTFS-3G since mid-2006 has led to much improved NTFS support in Unix-like operating systems, considerably alleviating this concern.
2) 'Books, drawing and music may, however, considerably alleviate the feeling of the suffering female during rainy weather.'
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do little to alleviate1) But moving house did little to alleviate Joan's pain.
2) This did little to alleviate the seriousness of the matter however.
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do nothing to alleviate1) Weapons can do nothing to alleviate these security problems.
2) This did nothing to alleviate the suffering of the deer.
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greatly alleviate1) Modern medicine has greatly alleviated the risk of childbirth.
2) These concerns have not been greatly alleviated by subsequent reported cases.
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help to alleviate1) This helps to alleviate any running discomfort.
2) This progress helped to alleviate the unemployment crisis.
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only alleviate1) And deep brain stimulation alleviated only some symptoms of the disease .
2) It concerned the case of an epileptic who could only alleviate his suffering by recourse to marijuana.
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partially alleviate1) However this only partially alleviated the payments issue.
2) Although intense, the rains helped partially alleviate a concurrent drought in the Everglades.
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partly alleviate1) Focus-plus-context is used to partly alleviate this effect.
2) German engineers introduced an automatic throttle regulator later in the war but it only partly alleviated the problem.
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significantly alleviate1) This treatment also significantly alleviates the tightness & pain from my severe cervical spine distortion.
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somewhat alleviate1) This distressing course of action was somewhat alleviated with the plan 's revision in 2012.
2) The problem of non-perturbative systems has been somewhat alleviated by the advent of modern computers.
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temporarily alleviate1) Sleep loss may exacerbate or induce manic symptoms or temporarily alleviate depression.
2) The condition may be temporarily alleviated by carefully expelling the impacted feces.
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thus alleviate1) Taking enzymes should decrease the volume of these secretions and thus alleviate the symptoms.
2) In some areas the attendees report on themselves, at the request of the referring agency, and thus alleviate breaking A.A. members' anonymity.
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