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allegorical1) The elaborate allegorical framework was left standing.
2) His subjects are usually poetic and allegorical .
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allegorical figure1) Four of the murals depict allegorical figures representing the four freedoms.
2) I have this postcard depicting an allegorical figure of Strength.
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allegorical interpretation0) The allegorical interpretation is also traditional in the Orthodox Church.
1) The allegorical interpretation of the parable is given in the Gospel.
2) The allegorical interpretation of the parable also continues to have meaning.
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allegorical meaning1) That movie was obviously pretty good , regardless of allegorical meanings .
2) Explain the allegorical meaning that is given in the Gospels.
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allegorical novel1) The real concerns of the highly allegorical novel are language and creation.
2) Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel with a fairly obvious set of symbols to decode.
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allegorical painting1) Confusion, the privilege of an allegorical painting .
2) In allegorical paintings the king is often placed in a space outside time.
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allegorical representation1) Taken together, these elements comprise the allegorical representation of India.
2) The Greek Mysteries are allegorical representations of the Egyptian system.
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allegorical scene1) The mosaic on the main fa├žade is an allegorical scene inspired by the Hungarian folklore.
2) Grottoes provided not only protection from the sun but a setting for allegorical scenes depicted in statuary and water.
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allegorical story1) There's a small allegorical story about Buddha.
2) Chaim Herzhog responded to these challenges with a witty allegorical story .
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allegorical tale1) In this model, authors weave allegorical tales along the alchemical magnum opus.
2) Around 400 AD the Prudenti Psychomachia began the tradition of allegorical tales .
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allegorical work1) None of that is particularly useful to the iconographic study of an allegorical work .
2) Henry Weekes carved the allegorical work Manufactures (1864-70).
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