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absolute alcohol1) Cells were air dried and then fixed with absolute alcohol for 5 minutes.
2) Then it is dissolved in 100 drops of absolute alcohol and given one hundred succussions.
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abuse alcohol1) Type 1 alcoholism results from abusing alcohol to relieve anxiety.
2) She begins to abuse alcohol again and tries cocaine.
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alcohol1) The overall alcohol problem is far broader.
2) Thus 86 proof means 43% alcohol .
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alcohol abuse1) Further character development revealed her alcohol abuse .
2) alcohol abuse is highly associated with adolescent suicide.
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alcohol abuser1) Similar studies need to be done in chronic alcohol abusers .
2) An unusually large proportion of these people are alcohol abusers .
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alcohol addiction1) Programs that emphasize controlled drinking exist for alcohol addiction .
2) The science of treating drug and alcohol addiction is constantly changing.
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alcohol advertising1) alcohol advertising is expensively and meticulously researched .
2) They should also discuss alcohol advertising with them, she added.
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alcohol concentration1) The PAC stands for prohibited alcohol concentration .
2) There are often wide variances between breath and blood alcohol concentrations .
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alcohol consumption1) alcohol consumption was never illegal under federal law.
2) Does alcohol consumption really affect asymmetry perception?
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alcohol content1) Its alcohol content is 17-18%.
2) Their alcohol contents vary between 15 and 75%.
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alcohol dehydrogenase1) These ions can inhibit oxidative enzymes such as yeast alcohol dehydrogenase .
2) Humans have at least six slightly different alcohol dehydrogenases .
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alcohol dependence1) Long-term alcohol abuse can turn into alcohol dependence .
2) alcohol abuse can lead to alcohol dependence .
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alcohol dependent1) All trial participants were alcohol dependent patients who recently abstained from drinking.
2) Depression, anxiety and panic disorder are disorders commonly reported by alcohol dependent people.
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alcohol free1) Our products are all provided completely alcohol free .
2) Later versions were more artificially made and alcohol free .
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alcohol fuel1) In time to produce alcohol fuels during World War II .
2) But the snags to stand-alone alcohol fuel use are many.
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alcohol gel1) alcohol gel can catch fire, producing a translucent blue flame.
2) alcohol gel is available at the entrance to the wards and at every bedside.
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alcohol group1) Primary alcohol groups react faster than secondary alcohol groups.
2) Primary alcohol groups react faster than secondary alcohol groups .
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alcohol intake1) Another key factor in hydration is alcohol intake .
2) Excessive alcohol intake is associated with impaired prospective memory.
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alcohol intoxication1) The same principle applies to alcohol intoxication .
2) Recreational use produces effects similar to alcohol intoxication .
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alcohol level0) Do high alcohol levels hurt a wine?
1) He recorded alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit.
2) This technique has the added benefit of keeping alcohol levels moderate.
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alcohol limit1) Zero blood alcohol limits for young drivers.
2) Blood tests revealed he was almost twice the legal alcohol limit .
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alcohol misuse1) Drug and alcohol misuse plays a big role.
2) There are many factors that can contribute to alcohol misuse .
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alcohol poisoning1) Violent vomiting is usually the first symptom of alcohol poisoning .
2) This can lead to alcohol poisoning and severe brain damage.
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alcohol problem1) The overall alcohol problem is far broader.
2) Kay notes the friends were worried about extreme alcohol problems .
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alcohol prohibit1) The drinking of alcohol is strictly prohibited .
2) alcohol is strictly prohibited in most places.
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alcohol prohibition1) alcohol prohibition as a public health innovation.
2) Oak Park has a history of alcohol prohibition .
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alcohol sales1) Other towns permit alcohol sales 24 hours a day.
2) alcohol sales stop 30 minutes prior to closing time.
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alcohol soluble1) Capsaicin is, however, alcohol soluble .
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alcohol tax1) In the 19th century alcohol tax and stamp duty were important sources of revenue.
2) The new entity became the alcohol tax Unit (ATU) of the Internal Revenue Service.
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alcohol tobacco1) Stop using alcohol , tobacco , and nicotine.
2) These... include alcohol , tobacco and petroleum and alternative fuels .
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alcohol use1) What health problems are associated with excessive alcohol use ?
2) How does alcohol use affect your workplace?
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alcohol withdrawal1) Helping reduce symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal .
2) But only because taking more alcohol will temporarily relieve alcohol withdrawal .
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allyl alcohol1) In addition to pure olefins, functionalized olefins such as allyl alcohol can be hydroformylated.
2) The example below shows addition of nitrile oxide to an enantiomerically pure allyl alcohol in the presence of a magnesium ion.
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amino alcohol1) The amino alcohols can be hydrogenated to give 1,2-amino alcohols, as shown below.
2) The principal method for synthesizing the starting amino alcohols is through the addition of cyanide anion to a cyclic ketone.
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amyl alcohol1) Equilibria across a copper ferrocyanide and an amyl alcohol membrane.
2) Ethchlorvynol and tert - amyl alcohol are good examples of tertiary alcohols which saw both medicinal and recreational use.
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avoid alcohol0) I already avoided consuming alcohol and pig meat.
1) avoid alcohol to rid yourself of acid reflux.
2) They were required to avoid alcohol and tobacco.
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ban alcohol1) The government tried to ban alcohol once .
2) For alcohol is banned on the island.
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benzyl alcohol1) As a preservative, the injectable solution contains benzyl alcohol .
2) Contact lens solutions often contain preservatives such as thiomersal, benzalkonium chloride, and benzyl alcohol .
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blood alcohol1) Zero blood alcohol limits for young drivers.
2) Benoit also tested negative for blood alcohol .
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blood alcohol concentration1) There are often wide variances between breath and blood alcohol concentrations .
2) Space your alcoholic drinks out to keep the desired blood alcohol concentration .
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blood alcohol content1) This article is about generic devices for estimating blood alcohol content .
2) Her blood alcohol content was 1.35%.
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blood alcohol level1) However, their average blood alcohol levels did not change.
2) Remember that the drunk driving blood alcohol level is 0.0.
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bottle of alcohol1) The bottles of alcohol were displayed for the jury.
2) I went for a bottle of alcohol .
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caffeine alcohol1) Avoid drinks with caffeine , alcohol , and large amounts of sugar.
2) Examples include caffeine , alcohol , cocaine, LSD, and cannabis.
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cetearyl alcohol1) Common examples include emulsifying wax, cetearyl alcohol , polysorbate 20, and ceteareth 20.
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consume alcohol1) He thought they consumed very much alcohol .
2) But you had consumed far too much alcohol .
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consuming alcohol0) I already avoided consuming alcohol and pig meat.
1) Some bees become more aggressive after consuming alcohol .
2) Driving while consuming alcohol may be illegal within a jurisdiction.
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denature alcohol1) Another thing to try is denatured alcohol .
2) Products of this kind are called denatured alcohol .
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denatured alcohol1) Another thing to try is denatured alcohol .
2) Products of this kind are called denatured alcohol .
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diacetone alcohol1) These products arise via an initial aldol condensation to give diacetone alcohol .
2) Acetate sheets are soluble in methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, ethyl lactate, diacetone alcohol and tetrachloroethane.
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dihydric alcohol1) It is oxidized to produce a glycol monomer dihydric alcohol which is further combined with another monomer, terephthalic acid at a high temperature in a vacuum.
2) The fiber-forming substance in polyester is any longchain, synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester of dihydric alcohol and terephthalic acid.
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drink alcohol1) She was letting my 12 year old drink alcohol .
1) Don't assume every guest drinks alcohol or likes wine.
2) Don t drink alcohol before or after a match.
2) Consentual sex after a women drinks alcohol is rape.
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drinking alcohol1) drinking alcohol reduces sperm count in men.
2) Have something to eat before drinking alcohol .
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drop of alcohol1) The drop of alcohol will dissolve the shellac if the finish is shellac.
2) A FORKLIFT truck driver vowed never to touch another drop of alcohol yesterday after being caught drink driving.
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ethyl alcohol1) Also known as ethyl alcohol .
2) Simply put, alcoholic beverages are beverages that contain ethyl alcohol .
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excess alcohol1) Mr B had been convicted of driving with excess alcohol .
2) excess alcohol consumption, which can weaken the heart muscle.
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excessive alcohol1) excessive alcohol consumption has been associated with high blood pressure.
2) excessive alcohol intake is associated with impaired prospective memory.
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fatty alcohol1) Such processes give fatty alcohols , which are useful for detergents.
2) These substances show chemical structures based on esters, fatty alcohols , fatty acids and hydrocarbons.
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fetal alcohol1) Other fetal alcohol effects may occur at lower levels.
2) Prenatal alcohol exposure is the cause of fetal alcohol syndrome.
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fetal alcohol syndrome1) Prenatal alcohol exposure is the cause of fetal alcohol syndrome .
2) Additionally, in pregnant women, alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome .
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glass of alcohol1) One glass of alcohol e.g. is even considered healthy.
2) Comments: Where glasses of alcohol are being served, are they poured as a standard drink?
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grain alcohol1) Add 1 pint pure grain alcohol of 70-100 proof.
2) People were making their own or drinking grain alcohol and dying.
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industrial alcohol1) But what is used in sub-lingual therapy is industrial alcohol .
2) industrial Starch and industrial alcohol production.
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ingest alcohol1) alcohol absorption can be slowed by ingesting alcohol on a full stomach.
2) Once ingested , alcohol is quickly broken down by enzymes produced in the liver.
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isopropyl alcohol1) If necessary clean the connectors with isopropyl alcohol .
2) The common 70% isopropyl alcohol available in sotres is satisfactory.
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isopropyl rubbing alcohol1) I used wintergreen first aid antiseptic with 50 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol .
2) I used 70% and 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol since that's what I have in the house.
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level of alcohol1) Even low levels of alcohol consumption carry some risk.
2) The level of alcohol varies between 60% and 85%.
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low alcohol1) low alcohol presence with a very significant backing of sweetness.
1) It also results in a lower alcohol content beer.
2) This results in a beverage with very low alcohol content.
2) In the UK, a very sweet, low alcohol wine.
2) Ice wine usually has a slightly lower alcohol content than regular table wine.
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metabolize alcohol1) How fast is alcohol metabolized ? 6.
2) An older baby or toddler can metabolize the alcohol more quickly.
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methyl alcohol1) methyl alcohol will actually cause neurological damage even in small amounts.
2) Further dangers highlighted is that aspartame liberates free methyl alcohol .
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mix alcohol1) The alcohol was mixed with a soft drink .
2) He is said to have been mixing alcohol and sleeping pills.
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not touch alcohol1) not touching alcohol or mince pies this Xmas.
2) Throughout his life, Fred did n't touch alcohol after seeing what kind of person it turned his father into.
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phenethyl alcohol1) Aromatic alcohols (examples: Tryptophol, tyrosol, phenethyl alcohol (Phenylethanol), benzyl alcohol) are produced by the yeast Candida albicans .
2) Ethylene oxide enters into the Friedel-Crafts reaction with benzene to form phenethyl alcohol :
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polyvinyl alcohol1) Partial or complete hydrolysis of the polymer is used to prepare polyvinyl alcohol .
2) Mix Pour in 4% borax solution into the cup of polyvinyl alcohol solution.
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powdered alcohol1) Some are calling for a ban of powdered alcohol .
2) But how does one make powdered alcohol ?
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primary alcohol1) primary alcohol groups react faster than secondary alcohol groups.
2) primary alcohol groups Are reactive groups present in certain polyol molecules.
2) The primary alcohol in wine and most other alcoholic beverages.
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pure alcohol1) Add a sufficient amount of brandy or pure alcohol for a preservative.
2) Drinking pure alcohol from a beaker.
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rub alcohol1) I then spray the area with rubbing alcohol .
2) What is in rubbing alcohol that is so bad?
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rubbing alcohol1) This is most commonly done by using rubbing alcohol .
2) Mix a few drops of ammonia with 1 cup rubbing alcohol .
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sell alcohol1) Money was made by selling alcohol and hosting card games.
2) He also references businesses that sell alcohol .
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serve alcohol1) The house is licensed to serve alcohol .
2) It was 21+ because alcohol was served .
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smell alcohol1) You smell alcohol on an employee.
2) The cop smells the alcohol and you submit to a field sobriety check.
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smuggle alcohol1) alcohol is also smuggled in from neighbouring Assam.
2) A definition of moonshine is illicitly distilled or smuggled alcohol .
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stay away from alcohol1) stay away from alcohol , it can make matters worse.
2) If you are known to drink excessively, stay away from alcohol when meeting singles.
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stay off alcohol1) But the best advice is to stay off alcohol altogether until after your baby is born.
2) He managed to stay off alcohol because for the first time for a very long time he was truly afraid.
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stearyl alcohol1) Maghemite nanoparticles synthesized by boiling hematite spindles in stearyl alcohol .
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strong alcohol1) Should we simply outlaw drinks with strong alcohol content ?
2) Luis has no previous convictions to his name and is unused to strong alcohol .
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sugar alcohol1) Ingredients include 51% agave and 49% sugar alcohol .
2) Xylitol is a sugar alcohol extracted from corn.
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tertiary alcohol1) Grignard reagents react with carbonyl groups to secondary and tertiary alcohols .
2) tertiary alcohols (R1R2R3C-OH) are resistant to oxidation.
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under the influence of alcohol1) A girl under the influence of alcohol being abusive and disorderly.
2) Guests are advised not to swim under the influence of alcohol .
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unit of alcohol1) This is a slow process normally taking an hour per unit of alcohol .
2) Within this cohort 22 consumed more than 20 units of alcohol a week.
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vinyl alcohol1) Ethylene oxide is isomeric with acetaldehyde and with vinyl alcohol .
2) Direct routes to this same ester are not possible because vinyl alcohol is unstable.
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wood alcohol1) Another kind of poison is wood alcohol .
2) The factory produced wood alcohol and acetate.
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