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airway1) Such objects may cause either partial or total airway blockage .
2) The airway became increasingly difficult to maintain.
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airway breathing1) This entails ensuring that airway , breathing , and circulation are adequate.
2) Checking a dog's airway , breathing , and circulation.
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airway cell1) Levels of this saccharide are markedly reduced in upper airway epithelial cells .
2) This photomicrograph depicts airway epithelial cells from lung tissue of a COPD patient .
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airway disease1) Dry air can help in some types of airway disease .
2) Some affected individuals also have obstructive airway disease and sleep apnea.
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airway inflammation1) They relieve airway inflammation and swelling.
2) Follow-up CT showed decrease of airway inflammation and tree-in-bud opacities.
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airway management1) Therapy is supportive and based on symptoms, with aggressive early airway management .
2) There are also many smaller instruments used in airway management and monitoring the patient.
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airway obstruction1) D: a foreign body airway obstruction .
2) Sleep related upper airway obstruction and hypoxaemia in sickle cell disease.
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airway open1) If she could just keep that swelling airway open !
2) Dilator (widening) muscles work against this collapse to keep the airway open .
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airway pressure1) Continuous positive airway pressure and mandibular advancement devices are often used.
2) The usual treatment of obstructive sleep apnea is continuous positive airway pressure .
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block airway1) With obstructive apnea, breathing stops because something is blocking the airway .
2) Eleanor's airway was completely blocked .
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low airway1) B: infection of the lower airways .
2) The larynx connects the upper and lower airways .
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lung airway1) The bacterium mostly affects the lungs and airways .
2) Second, her enlarged heart compresses her lungs and airways .
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maintain airway1) maintaining an open airway can reduce or even relieve snoring.
2) Sometimes, even a tracheostomy is necessary to maintain an adequate airway .
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obstruct airway1) Quite simply, snoring is caused by a partially obstructed airway .
2) If the airways are obstructed , these measurements will fall.
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open airway1) Many traditional treatments use cumbersome pressurization equipment to open the airway .
2) This is a pill that helps open the airways .
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small airway1) Further down are the bronchioles, or small airways .
2) This can trap bacteria in the small airways and lead to infection.
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upper airway1) C: inflammation of the upper airway .
2) Both are caused by viruses that invade the upper airways .
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