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a little alarming1) Which she finds a little alarming .
2) It was incomprehensible, and, he thought, a little alarming .
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alarming1) The truck accident reports above are truly alarming .
2) This problem has emerged with alarming frequency.
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alarming amount of1) Modern agriculture has consumed an alarming amount of our native top soils.
2) In today's world, an alarming amount of girls are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome.
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alarming consequences1) Decisions can have alarming consequences and non-decisions can be fatal.
2) In the West we 're told that the border between fiction and non-fiction is breaking down, with alarming consequences .
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alarming decline1) The alarming decline of Spartan citizens was commented on by Aristotle.
2) Both houses have seen an alarming decline in female representatives in the most recent decades.
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alarming degree1) Our leaders are to an alarming degree a reflection of our own dysfunction .
2) Anti-Semitic acts are on the rise to an alarming degree throughout the world.
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alarming ease1) Hick was softened up with alarming ease by Merv Hughes.
2) Memories in government are often very short and mistakes can be repeated with alarming ease .
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alarming fact1) The most alarming fact for predicting excessive weight in children is the weight of parents .
2) This is an alarming fact .
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alarming figure1) Almost in spite of themselves, audience members must have found themselves guessing the cause of such alarming figures .
2) An even more alarming figure is that only three people in every hundred who should receive thrombolysis get it.
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alarming finding1) These and other alarming findings paint a disturbing picture : The race to embrace BYOD might be outpacing sound business practices.
2) Initial concerns regarding benzodiazepines in pregnancy began with alarming findings in animals but these do not necessarily cross over to humans.
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alarming frequency1) This problem has emerged with alarming frequency .
2) In fact, it happens with alarming frequency .
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alarming increase1) Diseases of lifestyle are on an alarming increase .
2) The alarming increase in health problems is undisputable evidence that food sources are inadequate.
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alarming lack of1) Amazon has the scale, but so far it is displaying an alarming lack of understanding.
2) They drove down the field, but there was an alarming lack of urgency and the clock kept ticking.
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alarming level1) The rate of inflation had increased to alarming levels .
2) They pointed to alarming levels of animal suffering.
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alarming news1) Meanwhile alarming news poured in from Syria.
2) The Nigerian media is awash with alarming news about our problems.
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alarming number1) They could stop reproducing at such alarming numbers .
2) These alarming numbers come from Navy itself!
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alarming number of1) Most common products contain an alarming number of chemicals in them .
2) Actually , an alarming number of these are this kind.
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alarming pace1) Aquifers are being drained at an alarming pace .
1) I was sucking down cigarettes and swigging beer at an alarming pace .
2) With the advent of modern machinery, food production (especially grain) moved forward at an alarming pace .
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alarming picture1) An alarming picture encapsulated a false belief.
2) She determinedly erased the alarming pictures from her mind.
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alarming proportion1) These deficits will quickly balloon to alarming proportions .
2) Counterfeiting had reached alarming proportions during 1842.
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alarming prospect1) This brings up the alarming prospect of soil erosion causing the graves to slip and become exposed.
2) It is certainly an alarming prospect , however, one which we should work strenuously to avoid.
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alarming rapidity1) Westerners live in a disposal society where possessions become obsolete with alarming rapidity .
2) His son was obsessive about music, mastering classical, folk and rock modes with alarming rapidity .
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alarming rate1) The polar ice is melting at alarming rates .
2) Disaster fraud occurs at an alarming rate .
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alarming regularity1) A number of players crop up with alarming regularity .
2) Pit crew workers were mowed down with alarming regularity last year.
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alarming report1) A pirate radio began broadcasting alarming reports about fictitious battles and poisoned wells.
2) This alarming report suggests gonorrhea may become an untreatable disease , warn public health experts.
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alarming rise1) The alarming rise in health care costs haunts our society.
2) That preference has been strengthened by an alarming rise in unemployment since last autumn.
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alarming sign1) It also bore alarming signs of the transportation future.
2) The re-implementation of Sharia comes along with other alarming signs of creeping Islamization.
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alarming situation1) We urgently need to reverse this alarming situation .
2) This alarming situation could not be tolerated.
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alarming speed1) These events are taking place at an alarming speed .
2) The prospects of success withered with alarming speed .
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alarming statistic1) Jeffrey Archer is fond of hurling alarming statistics at you.
2) The report also detailed alarming statistics regarding young people and their finances.
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alarming tendency1) The stairs had an alarming tendency to swim up to her.
2) The Romanian section's staff had an alarming tendency to die from cancer.
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alarming trend1) Anything er alarming in alarming trends in here?
2) Closer co-operation is needed to check an alarming trend .
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at an alarming rate1) Disaster fraud occurs at an alarming rate .
2) I too started shedding at an alarming rate .
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be alarming1) The bankruptcy statistics in america are alarming .
2) That tablespoon of caffeine info is alarming .
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become alarming1) The meeting of the incoming and outgoing wave trains was becoming alarming however.
2) Dr. Sakthivel , in his letter remarked, The situation now has become alarming and shocking to value-added garment export sector.
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extremely alarming1) The problems relating to capacity building in the justice system are extremely alarming to the NGOs.
2) The approach is extremely alarming to first-time passengers as the aircraft constantly swoops over ridges and precipices.
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find alarming1) For example, he makes statements about China that I find alarming .
2) The unions accused Motshekga of misrepresenting studies which found alarming rates of teacher absenteeism .
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particularly alarming1) Its section five is particularly alarming .
2) This relationship is particularly alarming because it is gradual and often relatively asymptomatic.
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quite alarming1) The situation is quite alarming indeed.
2) The rate at which this administration is arming federal agencies is quite alarming .
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rather alarming1) This might sound rather alarming and ominous.
2) The rich traditions fostered on a family farm are disappearing at a rather alarming rate .
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seem alarming1) A university community member submits written materials that contain wording that seems alarming or out of context.
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slightly alarming1) When you put it in those terms, the whole thing can feel slightly alarming .
2) So when she volunteers that this may be my last play, it's slightly alarming .
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so alarming1) so the context is just so alarming .
2) The fact it was cold is what is so alarming .
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truly alarming1) The truck accident reports above are truly alarming .
2) I tried it once and it was truly alarming .
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very alarming1) Their loose lifestyle was very alarming to me.
2) This situation is not only frightening; but actually very alarming .
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