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album1) Our recent emotional power ballad album has seen great success.
2) The album received mainly positive critical feedback.
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album art1) Mouse also designed psychedelic rock concert posters and album cover art .
2) I was surprised at how nice the album cover art looked.
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album artwork1) All three albums artwork include lyrics and band photos.
2) The album also had different album cover artwork .
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album boasts1) The album boasts riveting original cover art by young Arizona artist Lucas Borncamp.
2) The album boasts world-class artistry from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Nicolae Moldoveanu and solo violinst Clio Gould.
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album chart1) It reached number 87 on British album charts .
2) The album eventually reached 46 on the US album charts .
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album come out1) His album comes out right after mine .
2) The first album came out in 1979.
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album cover1) The album cover has undergone several revisions.
2) This is a particularly bad album cover .
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album covers1) We designed album covers for our favorite song.
2) Their album covers really drew me in.
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album features1) The album features approximately 41 minutes of music across 17 tracks.
2) The album features 11 previously released tracks and three unreleased tracks.
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album graecum1) In the late autumn of 1979 Conrad Lant, from the bands Dwarf Star and album graecum , replaced Dave Rutherford.
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album highlight1) The album's highlights still tend to be songs about lost love.
2) Then comes the album highlight : ' Disposer '.
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album launch1) Music concerts, most times called album launches , are very popular.
2) The official track list featuring 6 songs was released before the soundtrack album's launch .
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album lead single1) The song was considered for promotion to become the album's lead single.
2) White Houses served as the album's lead , and only US single.
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album lyric1) The album's lyrics mostly deal with the theme of romance.
2) Waters is the sole author of the album's lyrics .
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album of songs1) He released an album of songs from the musical in 1998.
2) I recommend selecting just one album of songs at a time.
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album opener1) It is described as an electrifying album opener .
2) This is powerhouse Space Rock and a potent album opener .
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album oriented1) The second is a collection of album-oriented rock songs.
2) WCOL-FM 92.3 played album-oriented progressive rock music.
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album paper1) I recently bought Alison Krauss and Union Station's album paper Airplane.
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album release1) This music has inspired several album releases .
2) Both concerts were recorded for album release .
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album sale1) The publicity this controversy generated ultimately improved album sales .
2) This tables shows the album sales by country.
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album single1) The album's debut single was Innocent .
2) All of the album's singles received incredible air play.
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album sleeve1) Both album sleeves contain correct turntable pitch speed settings for each track.
2) He has also designed album sleeves for other artists.
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album song1) The album's songs feature contrasting musical elements.
2) The album's songs have been frequently covered.
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album sound1) This simple composition made the album sound lively and bright.
2) The album's sound was more metal than melodic.
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album title1) This information came and album title were huge.
2) The album's title was changed twice.
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album tour1) Being sick has also caused me to cancel my European album tour .
2) This was the new album tour to promote Off with Their Heads .
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album track1) The record included less commercial album tracks alongside radio hits.
2) The album's title track is particularly significant.
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albums1) He has released four solo studio albums .
2) She has published seven independent musical albums .
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autograph album1) Both wrote in Money's personal autograph album .
2) An autograph album containing numerous pre-war cricketers' and footballers' signatures sold for £290/
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band album1) The band's final album is incomplete and unreleased.
2) It remains the band's best selling album worldwide.
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benefit album1) The song was released on a benefit album for children living with AIDS (Sol En Si).
1) The original song Christmas was included on the benefit album A Very Special Christmas 3 .
2) In 1982 Copeland was involved in the production of a WOMAD benefit album called Music and Rhythm .
2) He also designed the cover for the benefit album A Very Special Christmas , on which Madonna was included.
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best selling album1) This was another best selling album of the band.
2) Blood World eventually became their best selling album .
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black album1) The, the black on black album .
2) The black album has 10 different producing teams for 14 songs.
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chenopodium album1) Comment on chenopodium album as a food plant in prehistory.
2) Lambsquarters ( chenopodium album ) is a fast-growing summer annual.
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compilation album1) This was followed by three compilation albums .
2) Not all available compilation albums are listed.
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concept album1) There have been many socially conscious concept albums .
2) It definitely is not a concept album .
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debut album1) Their debut album is expected by late 2014.
2) Their debut album was released in 1969.
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double album1) The name is thus analogous to double album .
2) A double album of the soundtrack was released.
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download album1) It's also available as a digital download album .
2) It features ten new songs plus a bonus track only available on the download album .
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family album1) A family album is a precious thing.
2) A family album preserves only carefully selected photographs.
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fifth album1) His fifth album Fortune was released in 2012.
2) His fifth album was released in March.
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first album1) Their first album received widespread acclaim from critics.
2) Old school fan since the first album .
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good album1) This album was the best album of 2013.
2) This is probably the best album I never had.
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great album1) I meant they stopped writing great albums .
2) He has many hot songs, no great albums . period!
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greatest hits album1) The greatest hits album sold over 5 million copies worldwide.
2) It is featured on their greatest hits album , .
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in the album1) This is uncredited in the album liner notes.
2) Both tracks were included in the album .
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lamium album1) Some bloom for most of the year regardless, such as white dead nettle lamium album .
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latest album1) But their latest album is solid collection of timeless listening.
2) A 3 lined symbol related to his latest album ?
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live album1) All four shows were released as live albums .
2) Two retrospective live albums appeared in 2006.
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make album1) She made albums and played leading roles in films, stage musicals and TV dramas.
2) Artists like The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd have made albums or tours carbon neutral.
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new album1) Their new album shows why they are dead.
2) Both run near identical pricing policy on new albums .
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online album1) Impressed, the band believed that the online album listening experience could be enhanced with moving imagery.
2) You can even upload photos to an online album to share with people on the Internet.
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photo album1) My grandmother has so many old photo albums .
2) The photo album is a perfect example.
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photograph album1) Under the paper rested a photograph album almost as old.
2) Another picture from the photograph album was matched up!
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produce album1) Musicians no longer produce albums in order to generate revenue.
2) The band's self-titled and independently produced album is technically superb.
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put out album1) You could totally just put out albums .
2) They still put out albums to this day, although none have equaled the success or quality of those first two.
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record album1) They still tour regularly and continue to record albums .
2) From 1957 onwards Evans recorded albums under his own name.
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release album1) New material is often stylistic variations of previously released albums .
2) They have been releasing albums consistently since 1996 .
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santalum album1) The colloquial name for sandalwood is chandan and its botanical name is santalum album .
2) The state tree and state flower are Sandalwood ( santalum album ) and lotus respectively.
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self album1) This song led off his self-titled debut album .
2) Her self-titled debut studio album was released in 1993.
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solo album1) He has released four solo studio albums .
2) Since 1987 he has released five solo albums .
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soundtrack album1) The soundtrack album consists of 7 tracks.
2) The soundtrack album received positive to mixed reviews.
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stamp album1) Yes it says it's on stamp albums .
2) His stamp album is held by the National Postal Museum.
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studio album1) He has released four solo studio albums .
2) The band had already released a studio album .
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tribute album1) The song was released on their 2011 tribute album .
2) In addition, members created an unofficial tribute album .
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upcoming album1) The cover story discusses her upcoming album .
2) The event showcased many tracks from the upcoming studio album .
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viscum album1) But when I came to France, I saw mistletoe ( viscum album ) everywhere.
2) Haustorial roots: roots of parasitic plants that can absorb water and nutrients from another plant, such as in mistletoe ( viscum album ) and dodder.
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wedding album1) Birthday party invitations, wedding albums and worried family poking you.
2) Or recreate your grandparents ' wedding album for the extended family?
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