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Airy disc1) The Airy disc was clearly seen and he made many critical observations and fine drawings.
2) The results below are based on mathematical models of Airy discs , which assumes an adequate level of contrast.
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airy1) The four rooms are exceptionally light and airy .
2) Deep side windows keep the rear cabin pleasantly airy .
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airy fairy1) A controversial area for Blunkett was civil liberties, which he famously described as airy fairy .
2) Cosmetics to Go - there's no airy fairy , phoney nonsense with this mail order company, just plenty of fun, fabulous toiletries.
2) Regardless of the rest, the condescending sexist crap, it is one of the most self indulgent, badly written, airy fairy , bullshit pieces I have ever read!
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airy feel1) Stepping inside you are greeted by a light and airy feel .
2) Limed oak dining furniture further enhances the room's bright and airy feel .
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airy interior1) Bright and airy interior design by French master builder Joseph Saint-Pierre is definitely worth seeing.
2) With a bright and airy interior , this really is a sociable yacht with the large glass doors sliding fully open bringing the outside in.
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airy kitchen1) Each apartment has an open, airy kitchen , a lounge and dining area and a bathroom.
2) The light and airy kitchen is over fourteen feet long and is lined on both sides with fully-fitted units.
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airy light1) The spacious interior has an airy and light feeling .
2) Paige's style is flowery, airy and light .
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airy place1) From this airy place , the whole garden can be surveyed.
1) Dense Sex airy place your bed on the coast!
2) Store in a dark, cool but frost-free, airy place .
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airy promises1) In response to Balbo's demands came airy promises from Marshal Pietro Badoglio, the Chief-of-Staff in Rome.
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airy room1) This bright and airy room also enjoys double aspect windows.
2) Each cottage contains eight airy pleasant rooms with bath and closet.
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airy space1) The result is a comfortable, airy space perfect for a private getaway.
2) Living room and dining area have a vaulted ceiling creating an airy space .
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airy speculation1) So say Rodrick Wallace and Roger G. Wallace, in a paper (pdf) full of daunting mathematics and airy speculations .
2) He goes on to deplore the abandonment of 'subjects that really matter', and the exchange of 'solid fact' for ' airy speculation '.
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airy texture1) Note: The sausage produced by this recipe has a soft, airy texture .
2) It has a light, airy texture , with a crisp 'eggshell' crust.
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airy wave1) airy wave theory is often used in ocean engineering and coastal engineering.
2) Only at fourth order contributions deviating from first-order theory - i.e. airy wave theory - appear.
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