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" alarmingly "Collocations - Expressions
alarmingly1) Drug abuse is spreading alarmingly fast according to recent government figures.
2) Water pollution levels are also alarmingly high.
2) The sex ratio is also changing alarmingly .
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alarmingly high1) Water pollution levels are also alarmingly high .
2) Some developments have an alarmingly high number of old repair requests .
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alarmingly low1) Fish stock levels in the Mediterranean Sea are alarmingly low .
2) As a result the employment rate for disabled people remains alarmingly low .
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increase alarmingly1) Drug trafficking increased alarmingly ; nowhere were the highways safe.
2) Claims resulting from thefts continue to increase alarmingly .
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rise alarmingly1) The numbers of sick rose alarmingly ....
2) The budget deficit is rising alarmingly as recession cuts revenues and drives up unemployment.
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