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airspace over1) I was transported to airspace over a battlefield, looking down at the bloody carnage.
2) While manoeuvring for the procedure turn the flight strayed outside protected airspace over mountainous terrain.
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airspace water1) The Oslo Accords ceded control of the airspace and territorial waters to Israel.
2) It still occupies Gaza's airspace and coastal waters and controls all entrances and exits.
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close airspace1) Yet they don't close the airspace .
2) In response, the government closed the airspace around the volcano, triggering fears of air chaos.
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control airspace1) They controlled airspace right up to outer space.
2) The Oslo Accord permits Israel to control the airspace and sea space.
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controlled airspace1) In addition there were also proposals for new service fees for flying through controlled airspace .
2) Protests due to infringement of controlled airspace will not be handled by the organisers.
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cross airspace1) In effect, the maps plot zones around the flight paths of aircraft that approach, depart, or cross airspace in the vicinity of, an airport.
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cross into the airspace1) These planes flew near the Pakistani border, but did not cross into the airspace of Pakistan,
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defend airspace1) Their task is to defend UK airspace .
2) Its primary task is to defend North Korean airspace .
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enemy airspace1) It was also sensible to keep OTUs as far away from enemy airspace as possible.
2) Air superiority would be attained and won over enemy airspace , safeguarding the homeland from attack.
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enter airspace1) The Chinese plane flew away before entering Japanese airspace .
2) It is a fact that today Russian jets entered Ukrainian airspace .
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international airspace1) The Russian craft were on a routine training sortie in international airspace .
2) Each side blamed the other; the US claimed the aircraft was in international airspace .
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leave airspace1) Management tries to get around it by moving shifts forward and leaving airspace vacant and uncontrolled.
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national airspace1) The national airspace system is itself designed to promote aircraft separation.
2) Used as the basis for navigation in the national airspace System.
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open airspace1) Additionally, the region's wide open airspace offers ease of operations for an extremely safe and delay free air traffic setting.
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restricted airspace1) The routes and training opportunities within the restricted airspace allowed training to be accomplished.
2) It́s on pilot́s responsibility to fly outside of restricted airspaces without appropriate permission.
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use airspace1) Unlike special use airspace , these areas may not be depicted on an aeronautical chart.
2) JO 7400.8, Special use airspace .
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violate airspace1) Cuba accused the planes of violating Cuban airspace .
2) In the night the Luftwaffe violated Dutch airspace .
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violation of airspace1) Foreign Ministry of Georgia made a protest in connection with violation of airspace of the country by these fighters.
2) South African violations of airspace
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water airspace1) Egypt does not control their waters , airspace or 90 percent of their borders.
2) Israel controls the Gaza Strip's northern borders, as well as its territorial waters and airspace .
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