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aisle1) The western aisle holds five mosaic inscriptions.
2) Or maybe wide aisles allowing easy wheelchair access is important.
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aisle seat1) It is often wise to choose an aisle seat .
2) I was in the aisle seat in row 11 .
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aisle window1) All north aisle windows are clear glazed.
2) The tall aisle windows illuminate this beautiful stellar vaulting.
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candy aisle1) Square of individually wrapped dark chocolate - Ghiradelli has a product that you can find in the candy aisle of your supermarket.
2) Skip the card store with its incredibly long line of procrastinators and the picked-over candy aisle at the drugstore and head to the grocery store instead.
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go down the aisle1) Only go down the aisles that contain items on your list.
2) the soup thing is how, in more civilized times, we used to be going down the aisle .
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grocery aisle1) Affinnova ran its audit by setting up two grocery aisles .
2) Manufacturer coupons dispensed by coupon machines found in grocery aisles next to products.
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rolling in the aisles1) That'll really have them rolling in the aisles .
2) Nah I think he won't go cause he realised everyone would be rolling in the aisles .
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supermarket aisle1) Ryan Huang Loves caption contests and leisurely strolls along supermarket aisles .
2) Stroll down any supermarket aisle today in America and the choice of products is overwhelming.
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walk down the aisle1) Sue walked down the aisle towards the restroom.
2) A gentleman in waiting was walking down the aisle .
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