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a little alarmed1) Robinson was surprised and a little alarmed at such an untypical gesture.
2) Now she's a little alarmed .
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alarmed1) But prominent psychologists and psychiatrists are alarmed .
2) Such talk has alarmed lawmakers of both parties.
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alarmed about1) Which is why I was alarmed about the financial reporting date .
2) The ASCB was immediately alarmed about the proposed travel restrictions.
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alarmed at1) The ecclesiastical authorities had become alarmed at the progress of reform.
2) The Lakota were alarmed at his expedition.
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alarmed by1) Neighbours were alarmed by the early morning gun attack.
2) Cohen is still alarmed by that graph.
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alarmed to hear1) M. R. Anand Mother rabbit was alarmed to hear this strange desire of her daughter .
2) She was alarmed to hear a very obvious lack of conviction in her voice, though.
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alarmed to see1) Burun was alarmed to see that his uncle was becoming agitated.
2) I was somewhat alarmed to see the prices of the CIS Cup Final.
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alarms1) Fully implemented access control systems include forced door monitoring alarms .
2) Most smoke alarms are just plain ugly.
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be alarmed1) But prominent psychologists and psychiatrists are alarmed .
2) The entire building is alarmed for unauthorized entry.
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become alarmed1) The city became alarmed with palpable anxiety.
2) The ecclesiastical authorities had become alarmed at the progress of reform.
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extremely alarmed1) Prussia was extremely alarmed by this development and lobbied hard for it to be reversed.
2) At the time the Maori chiefs Te Kooti and Titokowaru had the colonial government and settlers extremely alarmed with a series of military successes.
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fairly alarmed1) For various obvious reasons, journalists are fairly alarmed by this clear abuse of the law to view the private communications of journalists.
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feel alarmed1) That 's when they find something and she starts to feel alarmed .
2) He asked, Am I a racist to feel alarmed by that?
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get alarmed1) I didn't mean for people to get alarmed .
2) Don't get alarmed though because I'm really friendly.
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grow alarmed1) Some of her late enemies, indeed, were growing alarmed .
2) When law enforcement learned the gang members carried AK- 47s, it grew alarmed .
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increasingly alarmed1) Still, he became increasingly alarmed and despondent about his health.
2) During 1978 and 1979 the government became increasingly alarmed about the security situation.
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look alarmed1) Both sisters looked alarmed at the thought of possible further deterioration.
2) He meant it as a joke but Fiona looked alarmed .
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nothing to be alarmed about1) Of course, it is nothing to be alarmed about .
2) It's nothing to be alarmed about , it's perfectly normal.
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seem alarmed1) He seemed alarmed , his horse turning nervously.
2) In fact, no one seemed alarmed .
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seriously alarmed1) Jean-Paul began to feel seriously alarmed .
2) Then he opened them both so very wide that I became seriously alarmed for the consequences.
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slightly alarmed1) He was looking slightly alarmed .
2) As a cyclist, I am slightly alarmed by the hostility shown in the comments.
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sound alarmed1) For the first time, he sounded alarmed .
2) The Prince sounded alarmed .
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unduly alarmed1) You certainly don't write as if you are unduly alarmed .
2) He was not unduly alarmed .
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very alarmed1) So should firms be very alarmed by the figures now?
2) Turkey is now very alarmed by the awakening of the Syrian Kurds.
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