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airtight1) Its fully airtight lid keeps food fresh.
2) I nailed airtight strips around doors and windows.
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airtight alibi1) It is important that you have an airtight alibi .
2) You'd think having a completely airtight alibi would result in charges being dismissed.
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airtight bag1) The victim should be sealed in an airtight body bag .
2) Contaminated clothing should be removed and placed in airtight bags to prevent secondary exposure.
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airtight container1) Seeds are best stored in airtight containers .
2) Afterwards the dried spice is preferably sealed in airtight glass containers .
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airtight jar1) Store seeds in airtight jars after complete drying.
2) Once dry, they are kept in an airtight jar .
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airtight lid1) Its fully airtight lid keeps food fresh.
2) The have airtight lids , store food in the fridge or freezer, and are microwave safe.
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airtight seal1) Make sure the package has an airtight seal .
2) By this method an airtight seal was made.
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airtightness1) One of the major factors in achieving top energy efficiency is airtightness .
2) A blower door is a machine used to measure the airtightness of buildings.
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