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alchemical1) Even the word flock suggests alchemical symbolism.
2) This is the final stage of alchemical development.
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alchemical process1) Not depiction of alchemical process , but process itself.
2) F.I.R.E. is an alchemical process of personal transformation and empowerment.
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alchemical symbol1) The rose is also an important alchemical symbol .
2) One made up symbol layer, followed by the alchemical symbol for amalgamate .
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alchemical text1) The various sphere sigils are, in whole or in part, symbols taken from alchemical texts .
2) In addition to quoting early alchemical texts , the Inner Chapters describe Ge Hong's laboratory experiments.
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alchemical work1) The Latin alchemical works of Geber were standard texts for European alchemists.
2) Black, as we know, represents the nigredo , the first stage of the alchemical work .
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