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airtime1) The trade of program for airtime is called barter .
2) These are charged at your voice call airtime rate.
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airtime hill1) The train then flies high into a soaring floater airtime hill .
2) After another airtime hill , the train flies to the right once again.
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buy airtime1) This largely eliminates the largest reason for U.S. campaign fund-raising - buying TV airtime .
2) You can also transfer money to other bank accounts and even buy mobile airtime for your device .
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free airtime1) The total financial accounting of this free airtime totals $6.9 million.
2) Cronkite was a vocal advocate for free airtime for political candidates.
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get airtime1) I guess they probably would'nt get airtime anyway.
2) It's just that garbage like this shouldn't even get airtime .
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give airtime1) A large amount of airtime was given over to tarot card readers and astrologers.
2) In March 2003 After Dark gave airtime to a self-confessed paedophile.
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more airtime1) Q. Can I purchase more airtime ?
2) Tariffs are still high but youngsters would go without food for more airtime .
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radio airtime1) He was also an early influence in making radio airtime available to political candidates and parties.
2) Celebrities and politicians vie for prime-time television and radio airtime in order to gain status.
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receive airtime1) A near-five minute video received airtime on music television programs.
2) The game sparked controversy, receiving short airtime on Fox News.
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sell airtime1) In addition to traditional radio advertising, some stations are selling airtime during their streaming broadcasts.
2) It can make a profit when it sells the airtime to its clients later .
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