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balanced account1) This is a beautifully balanced account; elegant and restrained.

2) How can we give a full and balanced account of that worldview?

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balanced approach1) A balanced approach is necessary for adequate health policies.

2) The district court took a balanced approach.

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balanced blend1) His creations are a balanced blend of spiritual knowledge and folk behavior.

2) A balanced blend of Eastern and Middle Belt Virginias aged in cakes to develop their natural sweetness.

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balanced budget1) A balanced budget amendment with a tax limitation provision.

2) He has also voted against the balanced budget amendment.

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balanced coverage1) Many courses try to provide a balanced coverage.

2) The culture of political journalism has long used the notion of balanced coverage.

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balanced curriculum1) The external force is the properly designed u0026 well balanced curriculum .

2) A balanced curriculum should include a variety of perspectives.

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balanced debate1) It is always in the interests of the Oxford Union to ensure a balanced debate with as wide-ranging views as possible represented.

2) After a balanced debate on the issue, with language based on that recently used by supporters of Congressional action, a two-to-one majority opposes Congressional action to stop the EPA.

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balanced diet1) A balanced diet is recommended to help improve digestion.

2) A healthy balanced diet needs to meet certain nutrition ideal.

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balanced ecosystem1) Natural pest control is rooted in a vigorous, balanced ecosystem.

2) This approach was an attempt to mimic a balanced ecosystem in nature.

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balanced fund1) For instance, MIPs and balanced funds have been assigned yellow colour, which signifies medium risk.

2) Recently, BLOM Invest has launched an investment fund, the BLOM Cedars balanced Fund.

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balanced growth1) This medium should provide the ideal base for complete and balanced growth.

2) Lewis seems to have ignored the balanced growth between agriculture and industry.

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balanced lifestyle1) Central to these is a balanced lifestyle.

2) Above all I believe in a balanced lifestyle.

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balanced line1) The ride position treads a similarly balanced line.

2) For more information on balanced line theory and benefits see this wikipedia article .

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balanced meal1) Along with balanced meals, breastfeeding mothers should increase fluids.

2) Information on balanced meals for the elderly.

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balanced mix1) The performances were a balanced mix between sexy and comical .

2) When doing so be sure to use a balanced mix.

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balanced perspective1) Nice to hear folks who have a balanced perspective here .

2) I believe they are trying to give a balanced perspective .

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balanced portfolio1) This means that balanced portfolios are generally vested.

2) One example is the classic balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds.

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balanced precariously1) She balanced precariously with one foot on each.

2) Bob had his trusty Wacom tablet balanced precariously on his knee.

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balanced reporting1) It established the principle of balanced reporting in high-quality writing.

2) The one 'crotch' shot is for balanced reporting.

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balanced representation1) In order to reflect the whole of the area we need a balanced representation.

2) EPHA calls for balanced representation of interests be guaranteed in the smart regulation process.

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balanced rudder1) Horizontal motion was controlled by the movement of a balanced rudder at the rear of an empennage on a long boom, mounted below the gas-bag and aft of the gondola (see lead image).

2) A balanced rudder at each end managed itself by pivoting 180° when its end was the "bow", and leeboards were used.

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balanced scorecard1) The balanced scorecard has attracted criticism from a variety of sources.

2) Many examples of balanced scorecards can be found via web searches.

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balanced ticket1) As party magnitude increases a more balanced ticket will be more successful encouraging parties to nominate women and minority candidates for election.

2) However, the informal plan for a balanced ticket of Littleton and Stanford ran into the enmity of Sir Walter Harcourt, an Essex supporter who had sat for the county twice.

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balanced view1) We wanted to provide a balanced view.

2) A balanced view should be offered to families.

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balanced1) The 1 2 4 2 series is better balanced.

2) The above example is called "balanced".

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